Wednesday, December 13, 2006

1 week old Matthew

Wow! A week already since i gave birth to Matthew yet it seems like yesterday. I can still remember so clearly that one challenging Saturday filled with wonderful memories of me finally being a mother and my precious child entering into our world. I'm delighted and still overwhelmed till this day. It wasn't a 123 delivery, i even admit it was a painful and exhausting one, but i would never changed nor choose to do it the other way. Most important thing is I DID IT and he made it out safe. I can proudly say i had the best, exciting, memorable experience giving birth, not to mention my husband and in-laws being around supporting me makes the whole situation calm down a bit(thanks mom and dad for coming). Now i know how it's like to give life to a helpless tiny human being. I don't know how to describe it in details though. Heck of job? oh yes but it's priceless.

One thing i realized, "mothers are the BEST". Although i don't get to express my gratitude to my mother i do honor her always in my heart for bringing me into this world, all her sacrifices and patience deserves love and respect in return. Mama Vicky, this entry is dedicated to you and to all mothers out there. LOVE YOU MOM.

Off we go to florida this friday. Will post some new pictures when we get back.

Recent pics of Matthew:

More pics here.


2 Responses to "1 week old Matthew"
  1. Sarah said...
    10:45 PM

    Ate Van,

    Musta na? kamukha tlg ni Rich si Matt. Cute ng baby mo ah ingat and have a safe trip.

  2. Himig( Mel) said...
    12:35 AM

    When u have time , pls email me ur home address , ok.

    Kisses to ur sweet little Matthew!


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