Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Daycare Fun


getting ready to go to see his teachers, but mommy i'm still very sleepy.

this picture is hanged on his crib at the daycare

Don't i look sharp in my first pair of shoes? Mommy loves it when i smile.

Well, "it wasn't that bad" was my first week impression towards Matthew's caregivers. I felt guilty on the first day thinking that he may not be taken good care of a hundred percent the way i wanted to. My heart sink as he watched me walked away. He didn't cry but something about his stare tells me to come back. I couldn't help it and eventually broke in tears as soon as i get into the car. I thought i'm a toughie, never would i imagine it is going to be this hard, i didn't mind leaving him alone with daddy coz i know he will be safe but to a complete stranger is a different story, mother's prejudice to daycare is what it is. I know i'm not alone to this paranoia, but can you blame me? After a few days everything came easy and relaxed as i have developed trust and security that he is going to be fine added to that i managed to make friends with the caregivers, they seem to be nice and knows their job well. Now it's so much fun getting so excited picking him up at the place that i have to rush to clock out from work so i can see him, i know it sounds silly but i bet every first time mothers out there feels the same way.

His daddy drop him off early morning and most of the time it is me who picks him up straight from work in the afternoon (since i work first shift now). This week's weather has been wonderful which means a day for an outdoor ride for the kids at the daycare. Richard took a picture of him when he stopped by to check. Babies strap on their kiddie mini van and looking so happy while pushed by their teacher. Their eyes got wide and wandering looking around the bright sunny day is how Richard described it. I thought it's cute and fun activity. It definitely made my day recieving the picture through my phone at work.

Matthew turned two months last friday(feb.2) and also the day when he got his first sets of immunization. He cried a bit but instantly came back to his happy mood as soon as the lady finished. He gained another 3lbs and two and a half taller. Weighs 13lbs and 23 and a half in height total. I guess it's average since his pedia didn't really tell us anything significant about the gain except that he is a healthy lovely boy. His development seems pretty normal. He can easily follow objects from left to right and up and down very well. Very sensitive to sounds(light sleeper unless his exhausted) like me, very skittish to loud noise. He can now lift his head during tummy time and loves to kick and jump when he's on his feet. Nothing makes him happy hearing the swing lullaby music as he watch the switching colorful lights on it. It's like the best toy ever lol. I love it when he talks back to me with a smile, priceless moments indeed.
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