Saturday, May 19, 2007

New found fun


He turned five months and getting heavier everyday lol. I realized i got a lot things to write about our little one but my memory and interest to put it into words here in my blog have been restricted lately. Perhaps my laziness creeping in.... hey that's one thing i could not deny coz most of the time i just want to sit my butt on the couch and play with my boy after 8hrs of work. So what's been happening in our household recently? Richard and I just excitingly watch our boy every moment as he explore so many different things that his body can do. We bought a jumper/entertainer when he was four months since his neck and back are strong enough already for standing. Now at 5mnths he can pretty much turn around, kick his legs, and grasp for hanging toys all over it. His hand/eye coordination is definitely improving quickly. He seem to love the hide and seek game and gets excited when i make silly noises like "eat bulaga". Sometimes skittish but at the end he responds with uproarious giggles.I've noticed that he gets frustrated when he can't put his mouth to each of the toys, i could tell we have a little impatient fella(in the making) added in our family tree lol. I've learned also that banging, shaking, mouthing are ways to experiment his own miniature world. What i'm amazed at his age is that he can pretty much amuse himself when were out. Very sociable and likes to watch everything around him instead of fuss. He can go for hours staring/smiling at the trees ,people and moving objects like cars without whining. To be outdoor is what gives this little boy lots of adrenaline lol. He loves to be in the car too with mikey and frankie keeping him company in the backseat(i've heard not a lot of babies likes to be confined in their car seats). Soon as the engine starts he'll snooze right away. Definitely an indoor baby no more.

Also, the endless babbles can be annoying at times that i end up babbling too. Seriously, he can go on and on for 20mins without interrruption. I thought he's just trying to relay a message to his toys/us or if not a sign for poop pushing time or he could be testing his vocal pipes. We've noticed Matthew is a lefty coz he tends to move/grab objects using his left hand all the time. Putting things on his right hand side doesn't work either coz a body turn(he's good at it now) to get to it is all he needs to maneuver his left arm back again. We'll see in a few months if i can make him switch. He start to bend his knees and lift his upper body for about 10 seconds now, a good sign that he might be crawling pretty soon. I don't know what he weighs recently, he was almost 17lbs then at 4mnths old, i bet his almost 20 lbs approaching 6mnths. I'm struggling to carry him in my arms for a long period, i't won't be long i will have to use stroller most of the time otherwise i will endure lots of shoulder/arm stress everyday. For my size he is just too ponderous lol. A master in seating and spinning but not quite in rolling, he can but laboriously or when his mad trying to reach onto something. I don't fret about it, i just let him explore and learn his way as time passes by. I know he'll get there..... Finally, i was able to meet for the second time since birth Melissa's(my coworker) baby Brianna, teasingly Matthew's supposed future girlfriend(wink).

In another matter, i will be swearing in MIL will be coming over from Kuwait to witness the ceremony. I feel special and loved.

On a late note belated happy mother's day to all. To my mom, thank you for the life, sacrifice, patience in raising me, what i am today is all because of you.... all praises to you and papa... I hope i'll raise and mold your apo the way you guys did to us.......

Meanwhile, i'll leave you with a video of mattie eating lunch...

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