Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sick Again!!!

This is not the typical flu bug, whatever it is it's physically exhausting. I felt like i've ran a whole day marathon though i haven't run any marathon but just imagine your energy get suck out every minute of it. Started yesterday at work, came in the morning feeling giddy, by lunch time i started to have sore throat, very painful that i can't even swallow my own saliva, i started to feel cold, whole muscles and joints are aching from head to toe. Then shivering kicks in even with my laboratory coat on the temperature is lowering down like i'm standing naked somewhere in Alaska. I had this illness before but not even my family doctor can diagnos what the cause is. No runny nose, maybe a little congestion, i felt warm inside but if you check the thermometer it's only a mild fever just like last time. The only remedy i had before is a good massage. Pain and cold medicine doesn't seem to help the tiredness and body pains. My coworker have a daughter that has fibromyalgia, it's a sickness that cannot be rule out through testing. Doctor only prescribe once a week massage with the chiropractor, somehow alleviates the pain they said. No cure either...

So now, off i go to the spa and see if i get better with one hour wellness massage. I really hate when i get sick with an unknown illness......

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Food blog!


First dish: Pork Dumpling with tofu. Recipe from food network tv episode with Bobby Flay and Chef Kim(chinese). Very easy. Just a matter of getting the right ingredients and measurements according to your taste. My first try, hubby thought it was close to the restaurant one. He didn't like that i put too much ginger. It's a funky taste he said. Finish product is not too pretty for picture, i still have to master the wrapping/sealing technique later on.

Second dish: Loma Saltado(puerto rican dish)
courtesy of hubby's ex mother in laws recipe. Stir fried beef strips with tomatoes, diced or sauce. Side dish is boiled potato topped with blended spanish mozarella, chili pepper and milk. I don't know the name, hubby said it's a staple food. All i did was watched and help him with the prep. Good job my love. Not bad at all for your first try.
P.s. can you tell it's my plate?? it has broccolli on it.

From now on, i am going to posts pictures and recipes(if anyone want it) of food dishes my husband and I make. More on exploring varieties of food we oh so love to eat and "try" to master it to our satisfaction. I've been meaning to put food entries here before but always forget. I'm terrible in snatching photos while cooking and attending other chores in the kitchen too. I will be home more on the weekdays(since my job cut my hours). Another good reason to play with my kitchen utensils and make mess like i used to when i was growing up.

Cooking has always been my hobby if not singing. I've been cooking for my family since i was 10yrs old. Can you believe, I started to cook rice and start wood fire in our dirty kitchen at 8yrs old. One heck of a training it was. Now married to "puti" that has a weird limited taste buds for veggies i cannot seem to diversified my menus as i'm always trained with filipino type of cooking that requires lots of veggies. But i quickly learn how to adapt to a new twisted filipino style of cooking to suit my husbands palate. So any filipino dish that comes with meat and veggies ended up with no or less veggies now. Plain and simple. My american version of pansit, apritada, caldereta, giniling, lumpia minus the colorful veggies lol. I learned a lot of other dishes too when i migrated here in the US. As long as i have the recipe or even from watching tv i can easily catch it with my eyes. Of course it doesn't mean i will perfect it on my first try but few more tries are no big deal to me. One important thing is the whole idea of the recipe. Before retiring to the Philippines hubby ask me if i can learn how to make all of our favorite food from enchiladas to jamaican patty and puerto rican food. You name it he got it all listed. If it takes me to go to a cooking class he will send me.

It's time to get this learning started. I have few friends that can teach me how to make mexican dishes, i will work on it soon.

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