Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mother's Day Present


A cardboard decorated with Mattie's two little hands. Insert is a picture taken from the daycare's garden. Boy, my son is getting big. Eventhough i still think of him as an infant and could not resist staring at his pictures on our digital frame, all pics in there are when he was still a little peanut. Now, he corrects me with his toy character's name when i say it wrong lol... Love you Son!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting Hitch.... Again!


Husband and I are getting married again during our trip to the Philippines. In-laws are coming for the wedding and to finally meet my family back home. I bet it will be an exciting and intimate church wedding. My mother's only wish before i came her to U.S. 7yrs. ago to marry Richard is now coming true.....

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Friday, May 08, 2009

New Awareness

I've been watching(more than usual)television shows lately about missing people, kids/adult abducted for whatever reason. It inspired me more than ever to write this post and who knows will somehow make a difference to someones lives. What bothers me most are the children that i could not even get the tragic reality out of my head when i see throbbing, helpless parents begging for their child's safe return. It stabbed my heart hearing their accounts and honestly couldn't help myself from tearing up. I'm angered and bitter for what is happening to our world. How can you hurt an innocent child? More so, forced into child pornographic activity as young as 4 year old having sex with an adult. How sickening is that? Some videos recovered by cybercrime detectives were to graphic to hear but i have to listen and accept human cruelty, it's out there happening everyday all over the world. Are these kids still out there? Are they still alive? It's one of my nagging questions inside. I am deeply sad at the same time traumatized that it hunts me even in my dreams.

One positive outcome of this new awareness is that it made me more aware of my environment. As a mother, not to take life for granted because someone can snatch it before your very eyes. What if, if something happen like this to me and my family, love ones and friends. Can i ever handle it? Before all these, my life has been partly painted with rose colored glass wall which only cares about my own being and my family. Now it's different, i see my life as meaningful as it is now if i can do something for someone. Whatever situation may be. Each life has a purpose, i know i got one because i can feel the calling i just have to channel that into doing something positive. Starting now with this POST. Join a volunteer team(any group)in your community, support programs online, teach your kids about safety are some helpful ideas i wanted to do after.

I hope i inspire some people out there to do the same.

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