Friday, January 23, 2009

Not that shy anymore


Cheese mommy, him referring to the camera! He now loves to take pictures of him.

Little update on our little boy:

He just turned two last December, wheeww what a party that is.
Ms. B(his teacher) told me this morning when i drop him off that he is a "baby genius". Not that i'm very surprised of the remark, i ask her why anyway with much interest. She said, while the rest of the kids are playing, he on the other hand stays in the corner where the book shelves are stash and willingly browse with much gusto all the books and really stare at it like he was thinking or something. I told the teacher "he is indeed obsessed with books". He won't sleep till you read one or two stories. She also added that Mattie is a sweet child who loves to give hugs and kisses, he even calls all mothers "mommy" everytime he sees one dropping off and picking up their children. Never cease to smile, she said. Indeed a happy baby ha was my reply. She brought her camera and will take a picture of him later she said. Btw, Ms. B is Mattie's favorite teacher and friend coz every time i ask him who his friends are, Ms. B are among the names he utters and one of the two adult names he likes. I can tell Ms. B is a very affectionate and patient lady compare to the rest of the teachers.
Much improvement with his speaking skills. Now talking in sentences pretty clearly. One night when he and his Daddy were watching the golf channel update, he came upstairs to check me out and i asked him what his daddy is doing, he said "daddy plee golf" as he is showing me his golf swing as well. Daddy playing golf referring to Daddy watching golf. Pretty close recognition for a two year old.
He knows how to be cute and get his way when it comes to his toys and food. He literally just say "peeease(please) with a sad tone" whenever he wants something...
Still adores elmo, disney cars and animals(pictures, books and videos).
He eats on his booster chair now with us on the big table. He calls it "bee boy" coz we told him it's a big boys chair and gets excited everytime.
He knows his 1-10 numbers when we pop his cardboard with numbers on it. He can count 1-10 in tagalog too. A little awkward but really it's cute to hear it.

More updates and hopefully videos of him goofing.....

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Domain!!

Add me up ladies Hubby decided to take this domain for me, it's tricky for my little brain as i don't like html codes. I'm used to website hosting's format, i don't have to do anything but copy and paste. Oh well, i better get used to it. Still miss blogspot though.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

4 minute excercise???


Yes you read it right.

Rom Exercise Machine – Fast Exercise = $14,615

Rom exercise machine was first introduced in California in 1990. The Rom exercise machine covers a complete non-impact cardio, resistance and flexibility workout and that too in just four minutes’ workout.Why does a luxury, high-end piece of exercise equipment bear the name Time Machine? It certainly isn't for time travel but with a price tag of $14,615 USD you might have wondered. The ROM is not only the exercise equipment of the stars it is also a machine that promises a full-body workout in "four minutes".

Too good to be true?? Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone and Tom Robbins are among the celebrities who owned this humungus machine. Of course they also have the mega house to park this sucker so yah why not. The actual dimensions are 5 x 11 feet (152cm x 325cm) that it requires $-500-$600 shipping fees. It seems designed for high society professionals too busy to work out more than 4 minutes at a time. This is the self-described “BMW of exercise machines!” COME ON! Experts on this even claims as the "leonardo da vinci" design like of all time when it comes to excercise equipment. If i have the money like Tom Cruise? this sure is peanuts. Will i buy one for myself, "yes" just for the heck of it. Since i'm among the people who can't afford it, i'll just settle with the stairs and save my money for something really worth it.

I came across this information because a friend is interested. So intriguing not to write about it. For the price tag?? it's even crazy that i end up doing a lot of research online. There's a 30 day trial btw or you can go to selected fitness area(around 30 places nationwide) to try it for yourself. Unfortunately, no fitness gym has it here in San Antonio.

Friends, if you ever buy one let me know. I'm curious and wants to try it lol of course with your permission. Don't worry it's suppose to be only four minutes workout, i won't take a lot of your time.......

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Celebration and Go Spurs Go!!!!

Our 10 year old visitor(Dante) from New York happens to be a big fan of NBA, as much as we can we made sure he had a great experience here in Texas that he will remember for the rest of his life. There maybe more visits to come in the future, this one definitely will be a memorable trip for him as it is full of first time experiences.

First, he get to see the big fireworks right from our front yard last night. He stayed up until midnight just for that. He helped entertain Grandpa outside while grilling early in the evening with some neighbors who enjoyed the food we prepare(pansit, lumpia, barbeque meat). Lots of champagne too. FIL and I probably bought 7 different kind of bottles to toast not including the beers lol. He surely knows how to have a good time. It's Dante's first fireworks viewing and as expected he had fun watching it eventhough he was all wrapped up like a tamale(little chilly last night). MIL, Richard and I watched movie to keep us up after we put Mattie to bed. Definitely not my kind of New Year Party. Oh how i miss to be in the Philippines this time of the year.

San Antonio Spurs!!!!

San Antonio Spurs four nba trophies

With Brad our close family friend and his girlfriend T; next left:Dante and Grandpa

FIl is a season ticket holder, i got a lot invites from him this season that i somehow ignore, now that Dante is here we don't want to miss the opportunity. FIl secured 4 tickets for us but ended up with 6, his sister shared some of her tickets too. We invited some of our friends to join the loudest fun ever.

#21 tim duncan, the only spurs player Dante knows

It was my first NBA games as well, i used to be a big fan since high school but later on didn't really pay a lot of attention even the games played on the free big screen except the playoffs and finals. I never missed such event. Not a big fan of Spurs before we moved here in SA almost four years ago from Florida, I am now. . What an exhilirating sport eventhough they lost by one point playing Milwaukee Bucks.

One of my childhood wish just came true. I am so dearly blessed.

Happy 2009 to all, may God Bless us all!!!!!

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