Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Plain boring


I'm talking about shoes and color favorites when it comes to wardrobe in general. I just cleaned up my shoe closet and packed our balikbayan boxes to be shipped out before our September trip and realized i'm all but boring in the color department. What's up with me hoarding mostly black and brown??? I did have a white sandal and dark purple stilletto that i seldom wear.... The white pair i'm actually giving away, some red heels i already boxed previously... I made a promise to myself to explore bold and fun colors especially now that spring and summer is approaching.... In the clothing department i'm actually more adventurous, but i still have more black and brown colors populating my hangers...

Maybe because you can't go wrong with dark browns and black, it goes with just about anything. Easy to pair it too, no confusion..

Same goes with belts, i have 15 pairs of belts from leather to fabric material. Yah mostly black and browns too.

Here are the shoes already in the balikbayan box, mostly brand new. Either i bought it one size smaller and some are just not comfortable for my poor feet after an hour wearing it. Can you tell?? more blacks..

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Birthday Dinner

Ok i feel the itch to write today, might as well take advantage right??? This post is very late but i'll post it anyway for my family back home to see....

Richard's 30 something birthday that is last February(pisces). I decided to have a quiet dinner at home since going out is rather hardwork and intense babysitting with Matthew in tow plus it saves us money lol. I know i'm supposed to treat him out but hey it's the effort that matter. And hubby couldn't agree more as he thank me for the preparation after. We did go out two days before, had dinner with friends and few drinks at the new Hyatt hotel downtown(3mins from my house). Wasn't impress with their latin restaurant though, considering how pricey it was. The ambience is great and updated of course. It's definitely a good place to hang out and drink. We had a babysitter then, a very good friend of ours and our golf buddy. Lucky us.

Below are the pictures i took of my two boys...
P.s. i made pork roast, baked for eight hours, next time i will shorten it, the temperature and time is suppose to be for a big cut of meat, it was a little dry. Wish i pick the one with skin and some fat on it, as it blocks the moisture, plus a little fat like our popular lechon back home doesn't hurt on occassions. All in all, it was "OKAY". Oh my cake tasted yummy.

I can definitely do better next time...

Happy birthday Daddy and many more to come, love you!

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Day at the Rodeo


at the petting zoo

Mattie with Scooby

Llama shy si Mattie.

We took Matthew to the Rodeo Festivities, it's an annual fun held at the famous ATT center(the home of Spurs), time of the year when the basketball team goes on the road for long weeks. He had fun watching the animals especially the horses, although we didnt' get to see the horse racing but we went to the barn to check them out while they were tended. Boy they were huge, not like the horses back home in the Philippines. Matthew got scared everytime it makes sounds lol. He keep saying "mommy scared". All in all a fun afternoon for our little one as he gets to go on a ride at the carnival too......

I can't wait for our Philippine trip this September. The fun he will enjoy with his cousins at my parents hometown is going to be unforgettable, especially now that he is a little bit big....

Pardon the photos, they were taken from Richard's blackberry.

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

King of Pop Returns!!!!!


LONDON – Michael Jackson's legions of fans awaited the star's announcement Thursday of a series of comeback shows in London after a long absence from the concert circuit.

The BBC published pictures of bright orange posters adorned with Jackson's profile advertising 10 shows in July. Jackson himself was due to appear at London's O2 concert arena at 4 p.m. (1600GMT) to confirm the dates, although organizers said he would not be taking questions.

Tickets are expected to sell quickly despite concerns the 50-year-old star may not be up for a return to the spotlight.

The King of Pop has been plagued by financial, legal, and medical woes for years and has not performed a major concert since 2001. His last studio album was released the same year.

Saw the article this morning online and i can't help but celebrate, i'm such a big fan until today, inspite the bad rumors/reputation he has gone through over the last several years..... If he ever stops here in Texas i will definitely watch the concert even if it means buying a plane ticket to other Texas cities(coz i'm not into driving long hours) just to see him perform live....

I hope they'll include Texas
in the tour. Organizers please hear my plea lol.

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