Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas To All


First photo on the left: christmas morning with Mattie and I(still on my winter robe) riding on his daddy's xmas gift an electric car.
Right photo: With Dante Richard's foster son who flew from New York to celebrate the holidays with us(picture taken at a filipino xmas party).

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Musical Play Treat


Very fortunate of me to recieve a pre-christmas treat from my inlaws to the "CATS" musical play last Tuesday.
Short History:
Cats was first shown in London's West End, at the New London Theatre, on May 11, 1981. It's the oldest/popular musical play running out there.

"Memory" was the main popular song of the production which is still to this very day recognized all over the world especially in karaoke's. I remember it was sang beautifully by Barbara Streisands' version when i was growing up. I thought she is the original but the song was actually compose for this musical show produced by Lloyd Webber(famous for the "phantom of the opera"). What do i know about musical plays at 3yrs old in a tropical island?

Anyway, it was a lovely night as my FIL described it. Started with a nice dining at his favorite place. Ended up with a decent show. There are some dull moments, truth is, MIL and I fell asleep in between acts(had a long day shopping). With one exception, everytime the melody of the song "memory" starts to play in the background i gather myself and listen closely to the singer. I can never get enough of this song i think.

I'm beginning to enjoy musical plays that next time's invitation i wouldn't think twice, as it is also another excuse to doll up, forget about the fine dining except the booze lol, coz i am really not a fan. I can indulge on occasions like this, but I can't do it too often. Too slow and formal for an island girl like me. I admit, I love the dressing up part the most lol.

Thanks Mom and Dad for tagging me along....

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Spirit and styling!

Ok i don't have the real pine tree freshening my entire house, instead i got the plastic one. Next year if i get extra moolah from my dear part time work i will put up one, even if it means breaking up my bargain habit on holidays. Richard's parents are home from abroad to celebrate it so i thought of decorating my house a little bit to feel the spirit of the holiday. Can you believe, i actually curse shopping this month. I did a lot of shopping for kids birthday and xmas gifts this past three weekends that i just wish for this occassion to end soon lol. Weekend turned out to be a date with the shopping mall/retail stores grrrr which i am not fond of. Worst part about it is, don't even know what to get for each one them especially kids. Thus makes the shopping even longer. What a nightmare for my poor feet.

Above left, is my christmas tree adorned by self pick ornaments. On the right, a decor i put up together for my works exchange ornament gift.
P.S. mattie already broke two gold balls.

I finally cut my hair two fridays ago. As in real short compare to 2006 haircut. This time it didn't cost me a lot, whew what a savings actually when my good friend E's mom offered to cut my hair for less. One color and a haircut is what i want to get from my regular salon that day as i waited for the appointment time until i got a phone call from her. She just arrived from Phil on a tourist visa and vacationing at her daughters for the holidays. She did a good job that i actually modeled it at her granddaughters birthday party the next day and made her in demand for other filipinas. They all wanted to get a haircut/trim from her for less too when we told them she is a pro in PI and she knows her job very well. Can you believe even my boss at work wanted to get a home service too.

Thanks Tita Irma!

With Anne at her son's bday party.

Hubby was giggling after he saw the first part of the process(home service po eto).

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Birthday Fun!


This year i decided to throw a late weekend party for our 2year old Matthew since we didn't really give him one on his first birthday last December, we had to pack and get ready for our one month Philippine trip the day after his birthday, i was still working full time then and besides that he doesn't have a lot of little friends to celebrate it with but "us". Just a half sheet cake and filipino food munch by some adult friends who came over to our friends house as it is also Brad's(golf instructor/family friend) belated birthday party so we thought of celebrating it both will be perfect before we fly for the holidays. This year it was celebrated typically like any other 2yr. old party. I wasn't up to hosting it here at home as i am not in the mood to do the preparation plus our house is too tiny for such event. Cleaning up of course is already unimaginable. Pump it up did all the work for me for a pricey fee of course but it's all worth it, because all kids and adults we invited enjoyed it. Some disadvantages with the place like for instance i cannot bring any food and what they offer inside is only pizza and juice. At least next time i can do better and it also helps when i plan it early unlike this year, i did not make reservations until a week before. What a procastinator! Never again.

To sum it up, it was fun hosting if for the first time, actually a little stressful too planning it for such a short period of time. Matthew recieved bunch of gifts and he all like it. To everyone who attended a big "Thank You".

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Monday, December 08, 2008

My two year old Mattie!


Ryan and Matthew trick or treating!!

Mattie's dalmatian costume.


There are so many, it will take me hours maybe to think about all of it. Well, i'll start with the recent ones to save time lol.

-He now sleeps on his new twin bed complete with a disney car character bedding set. We haven't purchased the rails yet but so far(almost a month) no accident yet, then again it's only a foot high. I made sure all the pillows are on both side just in case.

-Can put two to three words together like good mornin, tomorrow morning, goodnight, i love you, love you much, watch elmo, hi and bye buddy(our cat), all done.

-Says please, tata(thank you),wekum(welcome) most of time, if not we remind him to say the word when he ask something and he happily answers. Of course not counting bunch of one word like "some" when he sees us eating something, "mess" when he spills food/drink, "home" when arriving the driveway. "Pretty" for xmas lights.

-His favorite and only junk food is "pizaaaa(as he would say pizza)" he recognizes it in every billboard, picture in the newspaper, and a passing tv commercial.

-Can speak some visayan/tagalog words like kotse, sapatos, medyas, gatas, bola, pula for pula na kotse, isda, apante(elepante), tubig. My inlaws think it's cute and they are learning the words too, to relate with him lol.

-Understand a handful of tagalog/visayan words.

-Mastered the use of fork and spoon.

-Loves animals, books and now cars.

-Into potty training, so far he only went twice in one day and once few days after. Promising but still a long way ahead. We could have done better and exert more time and effort everyday but just not possilble on some days.

-Recognizes all railroads in san antonio lol. And utters "chocho train" everytime he sees the tracks.

-Takes his shoes in and out of the storage when we tell him to. Second task he learned actually. Later on, knows how to take off his shoes/sandals/socks when inside the house, putting away his toys back to the box and his sippy cup back to the kitchen top, throw dirty diapers in the trash without assistance.

-Counts from 1-5. Up to ten is still a struggle hehe. Knows his primary colors and i think his favorite is reed for "red". Got to do with red elmo and red lightning mcqueen disney car character.

-Two days ago he climb up to the sofa where i was watchin some serious tv and told me "i luv yu". Oh melt my heart, how can i not smile with this sweet angel.

In general, i love and enjoy when i ask him to do something. He seem to understand easily what i was talking about. Love my little helper coz it makes things easier at home.

That's all i can think of right now, more updates to come!!!

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Thursday, December 04, 2008



Current messy hair(no blow dry)

short hair two years ago(while pregnant with mattie)

Who needs a haircut?? hubby thinks i need a bad haircut very soon, oh well his been bugging me for the last two months to get rid of my messy long hair, i just kept ignoring him coz i am still satisfied with my hairstyle plus it cost money to get a new hairdo(colors/highlights etc.) Until suddenly it became way too long than the usual length allowed and management is almost impossible knowing that i have only 30mins max to spare in the vanity mirror before heading out for work or on special occasions. Right now the thick and long layers of hair will take even longer lol. Past month and a half i didn't even bother drying/ironing it. And i was a bit lazy lately too, with the cold weather, who doesn't. I can only keep up with too much hair you know. Especially with this thick wavy hair of mine ,who wants to spend all that time on a regular basis(2-3x a week) under the mercy of a hot dryer/iron? I have this habit that blow drying is a must after shower to constantly carry a relaxed straight hair like the ones pictured in glamour magazines. Yes, one of the girly things that makes me feel good. Very shallow but what can i do. Also, i'm one of those women that will not compromise when it comes to hair lol.

Anyway, i was thinking of getting it chopped before the year ends or early next year. Can't really decide but for sure hubby is already expecting me to get it done next weekend. He likes it better when it's short(he thinks it's sexy) Do i really want to have a short hair this winter season?

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Friday, November 14, 2008

I turned 30!


Two beloved people in my life. next photo: Schlitterbahn waterpark(fun birthday weekend)

September is the month when i get to be another year older!!! I remember when i was in highschool i couldn't wait to be old and mature, i thought there is so much freedom and so many things i can do without anyones permission, which very holds true. Ever since i was a teenager i always have a mindset to be independent. As i wished and hoped for, "I became one" independently minded person today. I am proud and content of what i have turned into. Gratitude to my supportive parents who let me spread my wings and cross an island for college. I recalled it was a tough decision for them since i am the youngest and their most loved babygirl(wink). I held responsible for myself for four years and luckily i accomplished the only thing that my parents ever wanted for me to have which is a good EDUCATION. Wealth they can only provide as an average income couple.

As i look back, i'm still amazed with the years i've been through, not a lot of tough times, yet somehow the bad experiences overshadows the positive ones. More on personal family matters that seem to get me eventhough i'm not directly affected. But it's more hurtful when someone in your family is struggling emotionally. I am the type of person who likes to make people happy in every way i can possibly can. I would rather be the one hurting than seeing others(family)in sorrow and pain.

I can say my colllege years are the most memorable and meaningful time of my adult life. Now that i am here in a foriegn land, married and a mother to my son Matthew i couldn't help but feel blessed. Not with material wealth but with things that matters most to me. That is, "GENUINE LOVE", and emotional security. I know i can carry another bumpy ride for the next 20 years to come knowing that i am satisfied and very happy, shielded by boundless affection from my loved ones. Some moments i think about death, i cannot say if i wholeheartedly accepted the harsh reality that someday we are all gonna vanish from this world we live in. No one is ready. Yes i'm afraid, but who does'nt right? But when i look back again, i know i have done my mission and experiencing it right now. So what else can i ask?

Who knows? in my own simple world, i have EVERYTHING at 30.

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Another Overdue post!

I'm off today and thought it's the best time to update this page as i have no interruptions. Mattie is in daycare and hubby is in Ohio again for 4 days. I can willingly blog until it's time to pick up my little boy.
Some interesting events happened since my last post, some of it i would rather leave unspoken.

First up: Michigan trip last August(in details)

from left: Lanie, Kim, Geri, Gilda, Judy and Me

I was honored to be invited to join a filipina support group online, all are married to an American and most if not all i haven't meet in person yet. A get together was schedule in Michigan at Lanie's house. We are all warmly invited to stay at her nice abode over the weekend for her daughters birthday along with Ate Gilda's birthday celebration. Me and Mattie during the time being we're home alone as hubby is still working in Ohio, we're lucky if he gets to stay more than 2 days for a visit. So i didn't hesitate to plan a trip to join the ladies for a change and relaxation. I decided to leave Mattie with his daddy during his visiting weekend in Texas while i'm away. That was the first time i left town without either one of my men. I missed both of them terribly. Canada sidetrip came before i eventually meet with my online girlfriends in Clarkston, Michigan. A college friend of mine is only 20 minutes away from Detroit Airport crossing the canada-detroit borded so i thought of paying her a visit as well. (check my previous blog about my canada trip).

Anyway, it was a lovely meeting, nonstop eating and chitchats. You imagine being in one room with friends on your first meeting? yes pretty pretty loud and overflowing fun and smiles you can't resist. I felt like i've known them forever. Ate Gilda(ohio), Ate Kim(michigan), Geri and her wonderful son Evan(chicago), Ate Judy(chicago), most of all Lanie and her welcoming family, thank you for inviting me. You've made my weekend worth travelling. An experience that unfolds new friendship which I am truly honored to be part of. My Ate's. Other ladies that didn't come is no exception, Rhebs in florida and I already met when we were still leaving in Florida, she's the most honest and straighforward woman i've ever met online. No BS, my kind of friend btw lol. I will see you again soon.Darling(dallas), met her last September here in San Antonio. You are so much fun in person. Melody and Sandy(both from Oregon). I can't wait for our next get together so i can finally see your lovely faces. And our karaoke duo Melody is long overdue lol!

Till our next get together.........

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still recovering!

I have been sick so badly these past week. This is the worst cold i had in years. So terrible that it lasted a week of nose blowing, weakness, headache, cough. Purely congestion so to speak. It didn't help that i'm allergic to anything in the air too once the count is heavy, you name it from pollen to weeds. It made me more miserable by the uncontrollable sneezing that is almost defeaning. Sounded like i'm exaggerating, but it did all happen whether i'm cooped here in the house or at work, honestly, i'm more sick at work as expected. Hope they can do something with the vents in my working area, i doubt if it has been cleaned recently. The air flow is definitely not working properly as i complained to my supervisor.

Anyway, i'm AlMOST better. Thank goodness, Mattie only endure 4 days of fever, cough and stuffiness while I on the other hand is still congested to this day(7th). As long as my son is doing ok i don't care if i continue to get sick, as i can handle this more than i can handle seeing him helpless and weak. It's emotionally unbearable to see as a mother.

Hopefully, i get back to write more of our recent happenings. Still catching up with much needed sleep lately. Meanwhile, let me leave you with a photo i took of my son this past week. First one, he fell asleep for the first time on his sofa. Can't handle the illness i guess. 2nd and 3rd photos, you can see he is all smiles, happy that his daddy is home for the weekend with us.

Fell asleep while watching elmo( was very sick during this time)

P.S. he woke up with his hair all brushed up(weekend and all better)

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Picture update of Mattie


Taken during our first trip to ohio.
Notice the white background in the window?
grrrr very cold.

(Mattie at 19months)
taken at the san antonio zoo

(mattie at 21months with jessa)
at a chines resto for lunch

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Yet another travel.... but a fun one!

So i did fly again afterall the mishaps last July. This time, it's nothing but a first getaway by myself. See and meet old and new friends.

First off, Windsor City in Ontario, Canada where my college buddies is now residing. It's a 25minute drive from Detroit Metropolitan airport crossing detroit-windsor border. They literally live close to the exchange tunnel.

Windsor wasn't on my original plan, i'm suppose to go directly to Clarkston, Michigan when i remember what Donna and Steve had told me about how close they live from detroit. I quickly sent them a message, telling them i'm flying to detroit, if they like i can go visit them even for just a day. Without hesitation, they invited me to stay at their humble house for the night. Filipino hospitality at it's best plus these guys are just wonderful hosts as Steve picked me up from the airport and welcomed me with lunch by his beloved wife Donna(they're both my college classmates), table packed with filipino dish. Oh what a great meal to begin the day. I'm absolutely stuffed with fish paksiw, bam-i, chicken liver adobo and chicken soup. Later on, we started the karaoke marathon. We must have sang almost 50 songs total. I hope i didn't broke their landlord's eardrum to pieces that bright nappy afternoon. Dinner came and steve's relatives came and we all chatted to our hearts delight. Tagalog and bisaya dialect all mixed up. Shortly after, we headed to the corn festival for an evening stroll. We had corn on the cob, strawberry crepe and beef and chicken kebab sandwich shared at one of the parks picnic table as we listen to the country music band featured for the night. Next stop, is the famous caesar palace and casino downtown windsor. Along the way the sights are beautiful as we can see across the lake is downtown detroit skycrapers beaming with lights from every angle. These two cities are just a lake and a border apart.

I spent maximun of $20 dollars at the casino, all five of us(all ladies) lost of course. For a change, it was indeed a fun and quick adventure, i did planned to drink alcohol(couple of shots) but my stomach is not stable and was calling for my maalox so badly that we only stayed there for less than 2hours. In bed at 2am, missing my son and hubby so badly. Biko(rice pudding) and coffee for breakfast as my last meal in canada before our trip to michigan to meet my great online friends for the first time. We stopped at a nearby mall first to check out some merchandise, some are cheap compare to U.S. price but the tax is way too high. 13%? i bought some clothes but we all agreed to shop some more in michigan coz it's only 6% tax. I shopped and again i felt guilty afterwards as i gave in to that jessica parker shoes at steve and barry's retail store. It was unneccessary that's why. Forgetful as i am, i don't have pictures to share, camera and light sweater are among the stuff i forgot to bring, but this photo below taken from my mobile phone. It's Levin buckled up and ready for our trip.

I had the best one day stop in Ontario and i'm thankful to my good ole friends for the hospitality. And to my dear godson Levin, i will miss you and your quietness. See you guys next time when you come visit, i will meet you halfway if i have to. Although i didn't mind crossing the border once again. It was a smooth pass in and out, thanks to the blue passort lol.

Michigan trip is coming up!

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Recent events and travel nightmares.....

Warning this post is long.......

First off, i've been travelling on and off to Toledo, Ohio to visit hubby for the weekend(he is working there for the last six months), on some occassions my son was with me but most of the trips i was alone. Nothing really colorful i can write about the suburb name Holland. We were greeted by a horrible blizzard during our first trip last March, too scared that i swear i will never live there even if i were given a house lol. Coming from a tropical island like me it was nerve breaking enough as i watch my husband drive slowly into the slippery ice highway. What a first experience to remember ha? Anyhow, we arrived an hour late than expected to the company house safe and chilled. You can tell, i'm not really a big fan of winter and snow. They said Lake Erie and the zoo is the main attraction, entrance located in between toledo and detroit but the lake is too big that it runs all the way to ontario,canada . We have such a short weekend trip all the time that we didn't even think about going there at all.

I am a Northwest airlines frequent flyer to detroit whenever i come visit and i make sure it's a direct flight. I got lucky since detroit is their main hub and and there are more than two direct flights a day from San Antonio. I choose detroit to avoid connecting flight to toledo since Richard's office is just 45mins. drive from detroit airport. Besides, I have no patience when it comes to long and horror stories of connecting flights. Unfortunately, one of my trips there last july(on a short notice) had me fly to atlanta first then detroit with AirTran airlines. Departed on time from SA but arrived an hour late in Atlanta due to thunderstorm, the pilot had to divert to Alabama for refueling coz we didn't have enough to stay on air while waiting for landing clearance. So i missed my flight even after the pilot assured us that mostly all connecting flight are delayed too in their departure for the same reason, so i was positive enough that i will make it to the next one. It made me upset that the plane left almost an hour earlier when i arrived, false hopes as it turned out to be. My original flight to detroit was scheduled at 4:30pm(friday), i was given an 11pm departure confirmed seat as my next iterenary. There was one at 8pm but they put me on standby because it was fully booked. There i was, sitting on the floor of a busy airport hoping that i will make it to 8pm sched but at no luck my name didn't get called. Off to detroit passed 11pm and arrived there at 1;30am(saturday)it didn't end there yet, we have to drive to toledo as my final destination lol. Alright, i admit it was my first bad experience and i was upset, i moved on and savor the day(one day and half) left with hubby.

Came sunday, i headed back to detroit for my 7pm flight to Atlanta. Got there on time so i was feeling very optomistic that this one is a hassle free trip. Arrived in atlanta very early for my next flight going home to San Antonio that i even managed to eat dinner across the boarding gate, then an announcement came that my flight time of 9:30 is a bit delayed. So i said "no big deal", coz i'm already here there's no way for me to miss it right? I checked the gate to make sure it's the same gate since i noticed airtran changes gate every two minutes during my stay there last friday. As soon as the new orleans flight departed we will board you shortly, as the service lady informed me. 10pm had gone by and still didn't hear the boarding alert until i saw the monitor changed to maryland, i told the guy sitting next to me(also bound for SA), what happened to SA flight? it got lost. He checked the gate and what do you know, they already had left four minutes ago. WTF??? how did i/we missed it. We were sitting across the gate and we missed it? how possible is that? didn't hear any paging for boarding and last boarding, didn't even callled our names? i was furious that i actually was cursing in anger. I could not recall one moment in my life being that upset, and trembling. Both of us cannot be defecient in hearing. Nobody can help us at the gate, so they directed us of course to the customer service that has 50 passengers in line at 10:20 in the evening that has the same if not exact problem as ours.

That was the last flight maam and the earliest flight we can get you in confirmed is 1:30pm the next day(monday) is what the guy told me. I can put you standby for 10am if you want. I'm like whatever then. I explained what happened with a mean tone of voice, next to me was the guy who missed it too. He gave me a discounted hotel room that i endep up paying most of it and a toothbrush. I was about to cry while richard is consoling me over the phone. We discuss options for me to get home that night but it will cost me more money and still i have to stay for a night somewhere since it was too late and there is no other airlines that will fly to SA direct. No choice but to take the hotel room since it wasn't an early flight the next day to hang out at the airport. Nothing with me but my purse that has make up on it. My baggage was on the way home before it's exhausted owner that night lol. How ridiculous is that?

Checked-in pass midnight, called my coworker in the laboratory and left a note to my boss that i will miss work tomorrow, called grandpa asking him to sleep in again tonight with matthew. Set the AC down to 60 degrees as i was burning hot in anger. I'm not a person that calms down easily, 4am then 5am i am still awake and sweating under the comforter. What is going on? can't help it eventhough i tried. Then at 7:30 i decided to go to the airport and take my chances with the 10am standby. What's the point of staying in bed if i could not even sleep. Washed my hair and totally freshened up, you won't even notice that i was wearing the same clothes lol.

Finally a sign of good luck, my name was called from the standby list. So relieved that i didn't have to wait 4 more hours to depart that bloody airport. I was the only one out of 10 that were on standby from last nights mess. I went looking for them but they were not around. I guess they rather sleep and make the hotel stay worth their money. Certainly not me, i was so anxious to get home and be with my son.

It sounded like i'm over reacting, but come to think of it, this was my first terrible experience, first time with this airlines, i didn't feel like flying that weekend in the first place , and the attitude of the airtran employees in atlanta is the worst ever. Unacceptable. None of them are courteous and polite to help me out. I have never encountered such unprofessional behavior in all my travels until now. And it didn't happen once, it happened twice on one trip and during those times none of them were nice enough. Never again will i fly with airtran airlines and if i can avoid atlanta airport i will do so tremendously.

Sadly after the nightmare, i told hubby that i'm not flying to toledo anymore to see him. Especially now that we don't have a babysitter and i definitely will not take matthew on any trips by myself if it's just for two days. It's more convenient if he fly to SA to spend time with us coz he only got himself to carry. I love and miss him so much but it's rather smart to stay home with matthew. And after what had happened to me in atlanta, no more connecting flight going to detroit. I don't care how cheap their tickets are.

Next post is a fun one, i promise.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Friendship tag from Darl!

We need friends for many reasons,
all throughout the season
We need friends to comfort us,
when we are sad
and to have fun with us when we are glad.

We need friends to give us good advice,
We need someone we can count on,
and treat us nice.

We need friends to remember us when we have passsed
sharing memories that will always last.
Spread the poem of friendship.

Thanks Darl, for including me in your circle of friends.

P.s. can't wait to meet you in person this weekend!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I was in third year college in Cebu doing the usual young and budding woman supposed to do in a city full of life and parties. Budding woman because i didn't get to be one and refuted to do so years prior to including high school. I was once a boyish and a toughie when it comes to men and life in general. I found a band group that is lookin for a front female singer that plays music in mabolo name hodgy podgy(excuse me for the spelling). We played mostly oldies, some jazz and folk songs. It made me a woman and get to play mature songs which also influence some personalties that made me who i am today. Bubbly, outgoing and fun. I shifted from physical therapy to medical technology course at the same university after i found out that nutrition program means more than 4yrs. of college i have to endure or suffer. Since i never liked school at all. Due to the department not crediting my medical sciences subjects it devastated me that not only i didn't graduate with all A's in my report card in medical technology but basically lost my enthusiasm of going to school. I was more active in extra curricular than academically.

Finish this entry
Cook or find something that Mattie and I can eat like sandwich.
Bathe, play, read some animal magazines to matt and put him to bed(i consider this as one routine).
Watch my netflix dvds, i've been holding it hostage now for a week since i was out of town this past weekend.
Fold all clothes i washed yesterday and put it away.
Try to go to bed early and catch some more sleep since i had a nightmare of experiences during my travel to and from detroit(which will be the topic on my next entry).

Wheat cinnamon bread with raisins, oranges, apple, grapes and prunes. If i get to make some filipino snack delicacy like bico(sticky rice pudding on coconut milk) and buchi(sticky rice sesame ball filled with red bean paste) i can eat it twice everyday until it's gone. I always make sure i cook a lot to last for awhile(lol).

Mati, Cebu City, Beijing, Fort Lauderdale and San Antonio.

Of course like Geri, retire
Travel the world
Create/sponsor a charity foundation
Start a recording company
Build a recreation center for kids in Africa and my parents hometown of Mati.
Lastly, build a culinary school

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Melissa and Brianna's post pregnancy visit


Going away drinks courtesy of Abel(only guy in the photo). Still in scrubs.

Mattie and Brianna getting ready to eat fruits

Melissa is one of my closest friend at work although she's no longer working in the laboratory area when i quit my full time job, now that i'm back to casual part time she is covering the oncology clinic up in the 8th floor. We're basically a phone extension away or quick visits and lunch dates to the cafeteria to catch up motherhood. She and I got pregnant the same year, she's few months pregnant after mine. But baby Brianna decided to pop few weeks before Mattie. I had a lot of first experiences with her since our move here in San Antonio, that's why her friendship is special.

As i recall(sorry i have bad memory), it was her wedding i attended first here in the states, i was with her on my first night out too. We had fun even for just one night.

Yesterday, she and baby B pay a visit. Oh how excited i was to see the little girl. My future daughter in law hehehhe. Isn't she adorable?

Thanks for the visit girlfriend!

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Photo of the Day!


Not too recent snapshot of my Matthew but i thought of posting it anyway. Love the innocent smile of these children. Along with my son is Diana and her puppy name Brownie. They are Matthews afternoon playmates in our neighborhood.

mattie at 16months.

P.S. i'm back to work, same job and hospital but as a casual part time employee(18hrs/week). It works perfectly great, afterall, it's what i always wanted since post pregnancy. I had to quit first to get this part time position lol. Anyhow, i didn't mind the month and a half rest, i get to relax and laze out whenever i want to and still have energy to play rough with my toddler while hubby is away. Life is wonderful.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

First Treat


cedar park
As pictured above, my 17months old Mattie happily salivating his first lollipop treat. Yes, his first. We were invited to a kid friendly picnic 3weekends ago by a nice filipina friend here in SA. Of course i didn't hesitate to go and take Mattie out since we are home alone and got no agenda for that weekend except do housechores like usual lol. After stopping him countlessly going to the volleyball area(sandy court) he finally settled in with me at the table with a candy bribe. My son loves to be with big kids than children of his age. That's what i noticed since the Philippine trip last december and he was only a year old at that time. Anyway, he didn't finished his sugar treat as he was too busy watching the children coloring books and could not wait to check them out. A very good sign that his not into sweet stuff like me or maybe because i wasn't giving him any before. Even vanilla flavored cakes and ice cream are too much for him.
This past weekend we went to a ballet recital, i made him lick a chocolate cake, he instantly spit it out and throw up big time a minute after. I should have known better that my son is not into this kind of food. Although the vomitting surprised me, normally he would just spit and gives me a sour look. I was just curious if he ever develop a taste for chocolate, that's all. Now i got the answer. He still happy with his fruits as his desert. Grapes, prunes, banana, pears, peaches, oranges are among his favorites. I seldom give him apples(fresh) since his not very good in chewing it. Unless it's mushy or sauced already he rather take the whole grape and banana uncut. Perhaps, apple is too crunchy and hard enough that it requires too much work for his little mouth.

Mattie and Mommy from left: Effy, matt and me with buster.
Will write more on mattie's development later.....

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Not a winner afterall

Today, i found out i got a voicemail from yesterday that says i won something from American Laser Center an entry i submitted when i went to the spa few weeks ago for a massage. That's right, i do remember putting in my entry for the raffle. I won third prize which includes 300 dollar coupon plus 200 dollar when i come in for consultation and another 25% off when i chose any laser treatment package the same day(skin,hair,cellulite laser reduction). Sounds like i won a lot isn't it?. However, as i browsed their website i had a gut feeling that this prize would only mean thousands of money to splurge even with the discounts. Hey i watch a lot of makeover shows on tv and i know it don't come cheap. It's for the rich and famous kind of thing or if you get lucky winning a makeover on tv for free. So i made an appointment for the consultation to see how ridiculously they would charge me for such luxury. None of the packages are less than two thousand dollars hmm. I knew it hahha. Otherwise they would have put approximates on their website. Yah for a cheap person like me, i need to know upfront what i'm into, hey when i become rich like Oprah i'll just walk in and hand them my debit card. No fuss. At the end of the visit, i realized i really like the three procedure done on me, do i "need it", heck "NO". Maybe when i audition for playboy magazine i will rob a bank or do something to get it lol. The hair laser removal i would somehow prefer, not for vanity but for hygiene purposes, it just feel comfy, clean and light when you don't have hair growing like weeds every 2 weeks or so. For me, i tend to itch as it starts to grow back. And I like the idea of underarm and bikini area to be hairless forever lol. Good thing about it is that it's guarantee program that if it starts growing again you can avail the package for FREE until it's totally gone.

As our conversation progresses, it turned out i'm not a qualified candidate for any laser treatment as i am kelloidal. Her fault, she could have check my health history first of and not waste her time explaining each package. She said, I will need a doctors consent if i insist to go on with the procedure. Now it's getting complicated. Skin rejuvenation and hair removal off the list thus leaves me with the celllulite reduction therapy. So fancy for my filipina ear lol. I always have the impression that mostly hollywood residents tend to get this kind of cosmetic procedure. When you live there it's almost like a lifestyle. I told myself if the cost is reasonable after discount it's probably worth it since i've been thinking about slimming my thigh area. It has been a problem of mine since high school, don't know if it's hereditary or just plain fat. That's the only thing i want to get rid off if ever i want something done on my body. Not surgically done of course. But this procedure is my least favorite. I believe, I can still try the exercise path, focus more on toning down coz right now i really don't have to lose weight. I just need that area to be a little proportion with the rest of my body. Now that i'm out of the workforce(temporarily) i can definitely put some time and attention on that. As i am a body conscious person, it will definitely gives me more pleasure knowing that i'm not only healthy but perfectly in shape as well. That's not too much to ask.

Anyhow, you want to know how much fortune will it cost me? only a whopping $2,200. Yes, that much to heat massage with infrared my chubby thighs lol. As for the laser packages that needed consent? its pricing was somewhere around $1700-$1900 with 6 sessions. All mentioned were after the discounts lol. Now did i really win something? as my dear husband would say it, another effective advertisement to lure people into spending money or at least get their foot into the door. Very wise. They did gave away 1500 dollars as first prize. With that, I won't mind adding few hundred bucks to "correct something" as the consultant describe the whole process. I wasn't not lucky enough, perhaps next time. As a matter of fact, i sent my entry form for the free hair removal promotion. Peeps, not just a coupon, it's free. If you're interested check thier web for fun.

Overall, it was an interesting one hour. I did learn something about cosmetic treatments and procedure. Too bad for them i'm not too bold and also cheap to even sign up, i could've. She even offer me 24hrs to avail all the discounts added to the prize. But wasn't too crazy about it. Besides, it's not a neccessity. I still feel confident about myself, ask me again 5-10yrs from now, my whole perception and frugality may deter as i slowly age. Who knows, i may consider breast enhancement. Really. Who wants to join me?lol.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Off to a good start!

Whewww, i'm really getting excited to explore the kitchen world. So, wednesday afternoon i decided to take a stroll with a friend of mine at the famous riverwalk, went straight to Rainforest Cafe which is my one and only pick because one of my filipina friend here in SA happened to be married to the executive chef, yes it helps when you know people. Taking advantage, sure, if that's what you want to call it. I came as a walk in applicant and immediately got interviewed, i forgot i'm in a different industry where there is no such thing as calling you for an interview unless it's a management job or "we'll let you know in a few days if your hired or not kind of thing" right there i get to meet the kitchen manager who at first got confused as he browse into my application form. He asked me if i really want to do this, coz based on my education and previous job he thinks this is not going to work. His referring to the salary which i'm not surprised. I told him look i wouldn't be here if that's what i'm after, he just smiled and moved on to the next question. Chef "A" came and made the decision to hire me after he spoke to the big boss(executive chef john).

Just like that quick and simple, they took my days and hours i'm available to work and start date with lots of consideration from their part. Wow am i that special? A little conflict with the training coz it has to be on the evenings approaching weekend of course when its busy. It makes sense since not a lot of things to show me during lunch time right? But i will have to wait till father in law or Richard be back in town to watch Matthew which is around second week of May. Nonetheless, i'm so energize to begin this new journey....

Looking forward to get some good training and experience from this place which i hope will eventually help me carry through to the culinary program.

Got a new haircut and color. I went mocha brown this time, hair is taking time out from highlights.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Moving On

After so many serious talks of me quitting my job and go casual part time in the medical field, Richard and I finally come up with a decision. I'm MOVING ON and will eventually venture a new career in culinary. I'm very ecstatic till today eventhough i put in my two weeks notice last week. Can't believe i'm letting go these decent job i had acquire over the years. It's a bittersweet transition since i made a lot of good friends, though i'm not passionate about it but it's a 123 no brainer job, not so challenging but on the other hand it's routinely procedural.Of course when you've been working for years it becomes a repetition. Risk free unless you miss patients tests results. Having said that, i detest the years i invested including the education knowing that i'll be someday abandoning the knowledge i build up and in danger of being forgotten. I'm excited and sad. Little apprehensions for my future in cooking, it may or may not work for me, but who knows. I am willing to try and explore the kitchen industry and see what awaits me. At least i try right? There will be no regrets later on in life.......

One of the driving force to our decision is that i'm really discouraged with the way our management mishandle my department. Disappointed, that even my presence there is somewhat uncomfy. I miss working evenings where i'm not bothered by anyone since i'm working alone. When i had Matthew working the same schedule is quite selfish i think. I realized my son and husband needs me. Love the fact of being home at dinnertime and bedtime. Although i hated waking up early but I cannot trade that with anything. No regress of doing it again for myself. Thus, the idea of a morning shift. It's been a year then and i don't recall being happy at work except the breaks where i get to talk to the people from other department. The whole situation drove me to pursue other avenues that i'm passionate about and this is definitely not one of them. I tried to not be so dramatic and get personal but everyday just gotten worst. Something is not working between me and this job. The work hours, co-workers, and short staffing gradually becomes a torment. It's affecting me and my family..... Some said i'm overly spoiled and whiney. If thriving to spend more quality time with my loved ones is a childish thing so be it. They know i have given my best to the group. But i can only do so much to help out with the short staffing and when you decline you become a bad teamplayer. WHAT? hello i have a 16months old and my husband is not in town all the time! Give me a break! Are my uttering words behind my upset face. As this issue comes along very often now that it creates a grudge between us, it's best for me to leave. Besides, after giving a lot of considerations about financial matters, luckily this time we got a big break in our favor. So, I am moving on.

I'm very grateful for the opportunity, not to mention my husband's undying love and support to this predicament, i'm tremendously blessed. Without you, this would be a distant reach and nearly impossible. When i went up to Ohio two weekends ago, it all came to place. He said, life is too short to be unhappy, go back to work on monday and put in your resignation. And so i did. I thank you for those words of courage my dear husband.........

Leaving you with a grabbed happy picture of me and my newfound San Antonio pinay girlfriends.

Friends, say hello to your new "Miss little kitchen peeler and chopper" lol. I wonder what i would look like wearing a chef's humunguos hat.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Feline Invasion


Buddy our little grouchy cat took over Mattie's brand new sofa. Richard thought it's funny how this cat invade this new colorful seat before anyone else lol. That's what she is "spoiled". She only likes it when it's new after a few days she is done with it, left in the corner till it ends up in the dump eventually. She's still adorable though. Besides, she is matthews moving toy and nemesis.

Matthew at 15months happily eating pieces of pancakes for breakfast.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

New season of AI

As i have been a big fan of this show every season, starting from the top 12 i love to pick favorites and critiquing every performances for fun. I have love music since i was 4yrs. old and will always be till i lose hearing and voice lol. Based on last weeks top 12 showcasing each of their unique style i'm convinced that Carly Smithson's should be on the top four along with David Cook, Jason Castro and Michael Johns. I would like to see Carly and David Cook in the finals. They just got the package of becoming a new artist(not really talking about looks). They just got it all, style, voice, personality and brilliant performer without even trying hard. Definitely not a newbie, they're out there performing for years this time they deserve to get a big break.

Other favorites:
David Archuleta
David Hernandez(got booted out early)i knew he wouldn't go far due to the stripping job rumors about him. After the news broke i don't think teenies would like to be his fan anymore. So i wasn't very surprise plus the show needed a country style singer to spice it up and make every country song fanatic enjoy as well.

Our very own Ramiele Malubay needs to pull out some personality, don't get me wrong she's got the voice that carried her up to the top 12. If she could only pick songs that rocks she can do great in the show. I thought she can do better than Brooks when it comes to voice potential. She's definitely capable of belting out to her hearts content. But Brooks can always play instruments and she doesn't. Popularity category will probably help her hang around for awhile knowing that filipinos will always be behind her back. I don't vote so none of them wi ll get any. Sorry Ramiele.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Tag from Melody!

4Jobs I Have Had:
-Ralph lauren sales associate(4months)
-medical technologist
-medical technologist

4 Movies Watched Over and Over:
- None(except when richard watch his favorites twice).

4 Places I have Lived:
- Mati
-Cebu City

4 Shows I Watch:
-American Idol
-Hgtv channel
-Clean house(style channel)
-What not to Wear(tlc channel)

4 Places I Have Been To:
- Bohol
- Palawan
-Carribean Islands

4 People Who E-mail Me:
- This week? nobody but junk emails lol.

4 Favorite Things To Eat:
- Jamaican jerk chicken
-Indian curry
-Puerto Rican pernil(pot roast),
-Korean bulgogi(grill beef)

4 Places I Would Rather Be Living:
-Carribean Islands
-Philippines(once inflation is better)

4 Things I Look Forward To This Year:-
-new job
-two week vacation outside Texas
-bedroom makeover
-new sedan car(our suv is way too big for me). Hopefully by the end the year.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Milestones of my 14months old


telling me to get out of his way, busy watching elmo.

He is now 14months and as always very full of energy that sometimes i wonder where he got it from lol. Definitely not from dad, he is more laid back and mellow. Perhaps from me? So what's my little toddler's up to these days?

Vocabularies, milestones and silly personalities of Mattie:

-"Dada/dadee" seem to be his favorite word(for his daddy),"papa" for grandpa.
-Refers to his bottle as "data" for gatas(i'm trying to talk in bisaya as much as possible)
-Saying "Adada" as he pointed his finger to the monitor(tv/pc) to play elmo dvds.(grandma got him a dvd player and elmo learning discs for valentines day). He's glued to it when it's playing.
-"Meme/mama" as he learn to call grandma and "Ma/mum-mee" for mommy(me). Very often that he calls my name unless he needs something(sad).
-Calls his banana as "Manamana".
-Mastered the word "tat" for our cat buddy. His no longer scared of her when she hiss and more comfortable petting her. On a good day he would just smile as she passes by with a mean look.
- "Ssssh" sound when he sees the snake picture.
-"Argggghh" for bears, tiger, alligator, still trying to create a different sound for each animal though.
"Aw-aw-aw" for puppy sound. Glances to our backdoor window to watch the next door neighbors barking dogs. He is fascinated with these creatures.
-says "hi" with gladness
-says "bye" with hands waving to everyone that leaves
-gives blow kisses when you tell him so
-says "nye nye" for bedtime
-very stingy with kisses but when his in the mood he smother us with wet kisses on our face.
-knows how to say "up" when climbing the stairs, even when he wants to go down he would say it too.
-recognizes the birds and their sound when he sees it and points his finger to tell mom.
-says "bloon" for balloon at the grocery store and books. We have to ask the friendly grocery associate to blow one for him otherwise he'll throw a fit and say the word nonstop.
-Knows how to turn the tv remote tv on, and at the daycare they told me that he now knows how to turn on the dvd player as well.
-He can get in and out of this kiddie car although he is still trying to figure out how to drive learning to push the beep beep button is enough for an exciting day
-Learning how to putt his golf ball is a lot of fun when his grandpa babysits

-says "at" when the food is hot and blows it at the same time

At the school they moved him last monday to the toddler II section with two of his classmates(2 blonde girls lol) . Teacher said that he's way advanced and now ready to learn new fun activities. I'm proud to be told that he is advancing. Not so surprise since he already starts walking at 10mnths. Thus all other developments came pretty early as well. Also, his school had them participate into activities from drawing to scribble and reading which i'm sure enhances their skill potential at that age. You can say i'm bias but i have nothing but support to daycares as long as i know they are watched and taken good care of i'm all for it. Anyway, he loves to give hugs and kisses to stuff toys and pictures than us. He seem to be born with fins, he loves to be in the water for hours. Whether in the tub, backyard with the water hose on or the beach his fearless and never gets tired of it. Loves grapes and banana the most for snacks, he still eats applesauce but less of the chunky fresh one. Basically eats any table food i served as long as it's soft. Not very fond of meats unless it's cut very small and again soft. Sleeping pattern, oh what a treat for me and Richard. Our boy can sleep. He averages from 9-11hrs at night and naps for two hours at the daycare. On the weekend he'll sleep an hour in the morning and another 30mins-1hr in the afternoon. Since our december trip i don't have any problems putting him to sleep. Lights dim and mobile songs playing and he is out in 10mins. For this i can't complain. He knows how to outsmart our staircase gate now that he simply stick his head underneath and on his way up climbing. We have to lower it or put pillows as stoppers on the first stair as blockage. On telephone rings he would respond by putting his hands on his ears and says "looo" for hello. He gets mad when you take away any phones out of his tiny fingers.

He recognizes the number words as you say it. On his elmo movies that has a counting scene he would stomp his feet to each of the number spoken . I guess he is counting too. The part that i love the most is when he gives kisses and hugs with a smile. I am going to cherish and remember these sweet tricks forever. Knowing that when he becomes an adult i won't be getting it a lot so enjoy it while it lasts.

Lovin mommyhood....

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm Back!

Since our December trip to the Philippines i have been neglecting this blog for quite some time. You know what it means when your a fulltime working mother. Some hobbies can always take a back seat when needed. Actually, I can make time to sit and type if i wanted to but life got hectic the day we came back which is the very next morning(i have to go to work). Poor sleepy me. I regret i didn't put an extra day off to at least relax and sleep normal. Not so smart of me. Not even a room for jetlag excuse. And one year old Mattie moving now like a maniac lol which pretty much sums up my entire exhausted day. Who said life is easy when your hands are way too full? But isn't it amazing how your body can accomodate all of it. It's innate. We're born to be flexible i think, at least i claim to be one. So no more slacking and it's time to update this dormant website..

First of, our trip to PI.

Initial stop to Manila for 3 days to shop for diaper since we didn't bring tons of it with us on the plane. Nothing exciting really, just a day of golf and dinner with Richard's business friend. Richard and I were trying to fast forward manila everytime we talk about our trip. It's because we lost our brand new sanyo HD camcorder there. Bought just for the trip. Went to glorietta on our first day in manila to get some food and some peso bills. On our way back to the hotel we forgot to take the camera out from the taxi's trunk. It wasn't in one of our SM bags so we figure it was left alone there without the drivers knowledge. Lot of things happened while at the mall that we rushed back to the hotel. Both of our concentration diverted to something else and not to our belongings. No blames pointed out but it did sure broke our heart that day. I even patiently waited outside the taxi stand hoping that the driver make his rounds again but no luck. I guess it was meant to be on someones hands on holidays. A freebie. Whoever got it must had a wonderful christmas. they could sell it for a thousand bucks easy with the brand new accessories like lenses, heck yah. Anyway, we proceeded to our next destination with less excitement because of the incident. We never recover the item after so many attempts of calling the taxi company and the drivers cell number. Hubby even promised the manila traffic enforcers stationed at SM some money if they find it. They did try though. Luckily, we have an old 5yr old digicam were supposed to give to my brother as a gift. But then again we didn't take lots of pictures from it coz everytime we do it reminds us of the other one we tossed away in a blink of an eye. At least that's how i feel. Hubby probably felt worst than i do. It's one of his precious toy btw. Anyhow, with our camera phones handy all the time we end up using it more often. Even though we still have our 2yr old sony digicam left here at home, Richard insisted of buying another one, same brand and model camcorder. Thanks to the insurance coverage, oh yes for times like this it's all worth insuring valuables. Otherwise i wont' let him spend a dime ever again for that piece of cool technology. He thinks it's the best one out there for it's size, functionality and features(sigh). What do i know about gadgets anyway?

Manila? yah not so exciting to recap......

Dinner with college friends at Cafe laguna. 2nd photo: Plantation bay resort.

Next stop was Cebu for 5 days to see my college friends and a little bit of sunny and sweaty golfing again.Wow how glad i was to visit this friendly city one more time. An overnight stay at Plantation Bay with friends was not in our iterinary but you can only do so much in the city of smiles. Definitely drain our wallet lol. Nevertheless, a great fun place for family to enjoy. Of course a night of exclusive karaoke was the night's theme, minus Mattie btw. For your FYI, hotel provides babysitter services for a reasonable price. A short visit but a good one. I'm reminiscing my college days while in cebu, indeed it was all great experiences i shall never forget. Cebu remains close to my heart for many many reasons that i consider retiring there in the future. Definitely one of my favorite city. Looking forward to the sinulog festival in '09 or 2010. To my awesome buddies there, watch out!

In Davao, Richard and Mattie was able to meet some of my mom and dad's relatives. It is near the holidays and off we are to SM mall to buy gifts for everyone in the family in Mati. I'm glad davao malls aren't as crowded as the ones in manila. Almost a week of fun and pleasure in the city of durian. Of course i didn't pass eating the famous stinky fruit. It wasn't season so i have to shed more money for 2 huge spikey durian. For me i didn't see a lot of big changes in Davao. It's still the same orderly clean city as far as i remember. They do have nice golf courses and housing development in the suburbs were tremendously increasing. We get the chance to talk to the real estate out of curiousity about few properties we were interested. Too pricey to afford if you want to live around the golf course area. What a ridiculous price they offer to my kano husband lol, it's like almost the same as buying it here in america. Pathetic.

Oh the overrated Marco Polo Hotel? it wasn't all that. I'm not too impressed, it was on ok hotel not the best in the city for sure. Just my opinion. I did have a night for clubbing. Sang a few songs with the band who also worked in beijing. They were from the same agency as me. Click the band photo and me here.

above photos: Pujada bay island of Mati

Left photo:cold spring with uncle. Right photo: hot spring with cousins.(mati springs)

Off we drive to our final destination. Mati City where i was born and raised. Just recently became a city of Davao Oriental. Lots of exquisite white sand beaches and small uninhabited islands to explore. Besides the mountains the beach is the most popular destination on the weekends and holidays for families to get together. We visited the popular hot and cold spring in Maragusan 2hrs drive away from the city. So refreshing travelling with the car window open. Pure fresh breeze of cold air. Loops of green vegetation was magnificent. It's like in the painting and storybooks. Although it was a bumpy terrain ride we manage to entertain the kids especially matthew the entire trip. How matthew loved to be in the water all day long was astounding. He had so much fun considering philippine water was his first dipped. He had both the fresh hot and cold mountain water pool and the salty sandy one. What a treat for our little boy.

Mattie on his baptismal outfit. Very uncomfortable wearing the itchy barong lol.
On christmas day was also Mattie's baptismal. The parish priest where my mother do some volunteer work was kind enough to squeeze in the ceremony to his already booked holiday schedule. A quickie one so to speak. I didn't mind, afterall, all we care was for him to recieve the sacrament... no big entourage just us immediate family. More swimming that i could care less getting lots of tan. I'm lovin it!

Then an icecream night with grandma and cousin angelo. Photo below.

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