Thursday, September 03, 2009

Dante was here!

Once again Richard' son Dante visited us from New York before his school starts. It was a fun and busy two weeks for all of us including our little Matthew who was all over him. Richard had Dante to watch and play with Matt while i was away in Chicago and at work. Time went by so fast and looking forward already for his next visit. Matthew is so fond of his Kuya Dante(as he call him that with gusto). He asked of him almost every day. Where is Kuya Mom, where is Kuya Dad??

left photo: Six flags with the boys
right photo: A wet day at Schlitterbahn waterpark

left photo: Dante and Hubby(baseball game)
right photo: first bowling for Dante

First time i met Dante, he was only 5yrs old. Now 11, almost as big as me. We miss you Kuya.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dual Citizenship in Chicago(almost a nightmare)


left photo:across the street of Michigan Ave(millenium park)
right photo: Philippine Embassy Chicago(michigan ave.)

Chicago skyscraper(michigan ave.)

Paperwork were approved last June 25th, i submitted via mail minus the 2x2 photos since they required a blue background photos. San Antonio didn't have one unless i go to the real studio. Now why blue? don't have a clue. Why can't they make it like the U.S. id photos??? i guess they wanted it to be different or just want to make it hard for applicants. They did offer it to do it there at the consulate for $10. They are really making money out of this. Anyway, back to the processing.

Fast forward:

According to the consulates jurisdiction, Texas(state i'm living) was under Los Angeles embassy. Therefore, i have to submit my paperwork and fly there for the oath. I decided to do my oath taking in Chicago if granted by the consulate in LA and Chicago. It's very convenient for me to fly to Chicago than LA plus i have dear friends i wanted to visit in Chicago. I got an approval from both consulates that it is ok for me to submit application in Chicago as long as i can provide local address in case they needed to send me something, which i did. Less than 4 weeks from initial application I got a phone call from a female(filipina)employee that i have been approved except for "Report of Birth"application for my son Matthew. It has to be reported in Los Angeles consulate, she said. With no further question, i asked her to schedule me for my oath taking. I have either Mondays and Fridays to appear there. I pick Monday a month later. I called 3weeks before the trip to reschedule the oath, i found out that i wasn't even on the list. No one has heard of me. I told the male that someone gave me a schedule already and i have paperwork filed and approved. Five minutes later a female employee verified that i have indeed an approved application. So i made another schedule confirmed by her, i even told her that i have to buy plane tickets and cannot afford for them to screw up. All is good and set for August 24th(monday)oath taking, she replied. Flew the day before and meet up with old and new friends. I was 10 minutes early, went to the photo office first before i end up at the window where you drop off applications. Little did i know that oath taking was on the other side. Thanks to the nice filipina in line for directing me properly. I sure didn't miss how poor the customer service in that consulate. Very poor that they couldn't care less if lines of people both Filipinos and Americans waiting to be processed by them. I can hear them talking about their weekends and sharing family photos. I'm glad i didn't have to continue in line to be at their mercy. Nevertheless, I was disappointed but not shock. Arrived at the oval office with few Filipinos mostly on their 60's and up all ready for the ceremony. Had a little chitchat with one nice lady from Arkansas, she said she spent her adult life here in the US that remembering the Panatang Makabayan(oath of allegiance) will be difficult to remember. Good thing we have print outs. Consul General administer the ceremony, we were asked about our respective states, of course i exclaimed Texas. Consul General and her secretary look very surpised and pulled me out of the group. I was later on interrogated, Consul General questioned me if i'm aware that Texas is under LA. Of course i'm aware of that, i replied. I explained to her about my application, that i prefer to have my oath in Chicago than LA. I was approved by LA and their Chicago location to have my application submitted in Chicago. Their permission was the only reason why i'm there otherwise i would have gone to LA. Annoyed and seem pissed when i explained the situation mostly in English. See no offense for speaking Tagalog, but i rambled a lot when talking in Tagalog than Bisaya. Consul General thought i'm taking the whole application as a game. For you it's "convenience" for us we take everything here seriously, she said. I'm like WTF. Did she really think applying for Dual Citizenship and buying plane tickets for the oath taking is a joke??? Oh that got me more irritated. I was about to walk out and forever denounce my country of birth.

Anyway, i held my temper and continue listening to her sermon. I thought she is going to send me to Dallas for the oath since they do mobile services every now and then. Was just waiting for it and thought of asking for my plane ticket refund if she deny me considering that i flew there for that reason. After 30 minutes of scolding her secretaries about their inconsistencies she let me get away with it, we cannot undo what has been approved, she said. I guess a sign of taking responsibilities for their mistakes? later on we found out that the secretary who handled my paperwork was reassigned, new person didn't have a clue about my application since it was already stamped "APPROVED", she assume everything is good and didn't even notice the dates i put in as 2010 instead of 2009 in one of my document lol. Consul General saw it and got even more mad. Are we even checking documents here in this office? she asked. Only proves to me how incompetent and obviously employees not having enough knowledge with their policies. Then again, i'm not SURPRISED! Typical Filipino public service attitude. Not saying all, just speaking from my own experiences both here in the U.S. and Philippines. That should teach them a lesson and hopefully navigates to employees knowing their jobs and policies to good customer service. After all, it wasn't my FAULT. I mean come on, what's the big deal of doing my oath there?? I know it's a rule, obviously under any other circumstance you can do favors. I bought plane tickets to appear there for goodness sake.

On a happy note:

I had a very nice dimsum lunch at Chicago's Chinatown to forget the bad morning and just laugh it out. Not to mention the awesome company with me(geri, cielito, and evan) to brighten up my day. I'm glad it's over. I got both US and Philippine identity taken good care of.

Meeting Geri again and Cielito for the first time

left photo:Me, Geri, Cielito and baby boy Evan(Geri's son).
right photo: Me and Cielito

Three days was filled with fun and loads of food. Guilty for binging but didn't regret a bit of it. Delicious, salamat girls for taking me to those places. The never ending pinay talks was both interesting and fun. I never met any pinays(real meeting)that i didn't connect with. I feel so lucky to have friends like them. Chicago, what can i say. I'm in love with this place. Beautiful and green, houses and buildings are art itself. As a big foodie and cook, i wish i had enough days to explore their culinary expertise. From watching food shows i heard it's one of the melting pot for food and new chefs. Oh well, there is always next time.......

Chicago, i heart you, one of my favorite destination to visit again.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MATI the Beautiful!

FYI readers i am not paid to post this, as a Matinian i felt like i wanted the world to know that this little city called "Mati" is worth visiting. Just recently became a city, a place where i was born and raised. The mountains are wonderful and the water is even better. Blue water and white sand comprises a magnificent picturesque you can ever ask for.

KANAKBAI is a fairly new resort we are going to stay for a week next month while vacationing in the Philippines. Doesn't have a lot of reviews about the place yet but the beach is the same beach(dahican beach) i grew up visiting with my family early in the morning to catch the calm waves and fresh seafood. Simple things i miss about this place.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Finally a motif!


After long procastination and browsing online and through bridal catalogs i finally got my head lock into this shade of green color. "Clover green"(is what it's called) accented with brown/white pins and sashes.

I put up this combination and style for the maid of honor by the help of the David's Bridal "dress your wedding" online tool. Not 100% satisfied but good enough for my imagination. Final touch for the accents will be done when i get to Davao.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

I remit at Jolibee???

MANILA - Bukod sa pinaghirapang kita sa abroad, puwede na ring magpadala ng mga pagkain ng isang sikat na food chain ang mga overseas Filipino worker (OFW) para sa kanilang mahal sa buhay na nasa Pilipinas.

Naging posible ito dahil sa kasunduang nilagdaan ng I-Remit at Jollibee Foods Corp.

Kahit nasa abroad ang OFW, maaari niyang ilibre o padalhan ng pagkaing produkto ng Jollibee ang kanyang pamilyang nasa Pilipinas sa pamamagitan ng pagpunta sa tanggapan ng I-Remit sa bansa na kanyang kinaroroonan.

Sa foreign office ng I-Remit pipili ng produkto ng Jolibee ang OFW na nais niyang ipadala sa kanyang pamilya sa Pilipinas. Puwede na ring sagutin ng OFW at siya mismo ang pipili ng pagkain na nais niyang ihanda sa birthday party ng kanyang kapamilya.

“The tie-up would break the barrier of distance by preserving family tradition," ayon kay Bansan C. Choa, chairman ng I-Remit Inc.

What can i say, Filipino will do anything to get all dollar transaction in every way possible. Well, this comes handy on ocassions for my nieces and nephews i think. But i can always send money and they can cook bags of chicken at home lol.

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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy Birthday America!(late post)


Don't you just love the star glassses?? very patriotic indeed! Taken at his daycare, i bet those teachers got nothing to do but to take photos of the little ones hahaha. Very cute nevertheless.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Goodbye my Idol!

I made a post not too long ago about him touring Europe wishing that he would do a U.S tour as well. Too bad i will never get to see him perform live ever. I'm saddened by the death of my idol Michael Jackson. I am a big fan of him since i was in elementary dancing to the tunes of his popular music. Rest in peace Michael. I will remember you through your music and one of a kind talent.

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Sunday, June 07, 2009



1st photo

2nd photo

Recent photos of 2 and a half years old Mattie taken at his request. First one was his signature pose second pose was coached by his daddy. "Put your head down a little bit Matthew" his daddy told him. He happily comply. Obviously the second photo is better than the all neck view lol. Do you think he is ready for a modelling career?

P.s. he is sporting a new haircut courtesy of grandpa and his daddy. I wasn't around when they successfully trim his hair. The last two attempts has been a battle, we need two people to hold him down. He was so scared of both the clipper and scissors that i have given up hope. I could care less if he looks like a girl lol. I'm glad grandpa and hubby was able to get it done.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Rustom Padilla is GAY


I was doing my regular blog round ups this morning when i stumble into one of the pinoy blog i frequent. First i saw a picture of a he/she named Bebe Gandanghari. She was beautiful and tall. Looks like a supermodel until i read the comments. Bebe Gandanghari formerly known as Rustom Padilla was a total shocked. During my early college i remember having a little crush on him. He have this angelic face on tv that i always like. I don't know what to say, i'm still in complete shock and denial. What happened to the handsome Rustom???

click on this video

I was out of the pinoy showbiz circulation headlines after i graduated college. Never heard any rumors of him being gay ever since. What a loss. But if he is happy to come out i wish him all the best......

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mother's Day Present


A cardboard decorated with Mattie's two little hands. Insert is a picture taken from the daycare's garden. Boy, my son is getting big. Eventhough i still think of him as an infant and could not resist staring at his pictures on our digital frame, all pics in there are when he was still a little peanut. Now, he corrects me with his toy character's name when i say it wrong lol... Love you Son!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting Hitch.... Again!


Husband and I are getting married again during our trip to the Philippines. In-laws are coming for the wedding and to finally meet my family back home. I bet it will be an exciting and intimate church wedding. My mother's only wish before i came her to U.S. 7yrs. ago to marry Richard is now coming true.....

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Friday, May 08, 2009

New Awareness

I've been watching(more than usual)television shows lately about missing people, kids/adult abducted for whatever reason. It inspired me more than ever to write this post and who knows will somehow make a difference to someones lives. What bothers me most are the children that i could not even get the tragic reality out of my head when i see throbbing, helpless parents begging for their child's safe return. It stabbed my heart hearing their accounts and honestly couldn't help myself from tearing up. I'm angered and bitter for what is happening to our world. How can you hurt an innocent child? More so, forced into child pornographic activity as young as 4 year old having sex with an adult. How sickening is that? Some videos recovered by cybercrime detectives were to graphic to hear but i have to listen and accept human cruelty, it's out there happening everyday all over the world. Are these kids still out there? Are they still alive? It's one of my nagging questions inside. I am deeply sad at the same time traumatized that it hunts me even in my dreams.

One positive outcome of this new awareness is that it made me more aware of my environment. As a mother, not to take life for granted because someone can snatch it before your very eyes. What if, if something happen like this to me and my family, love ones and friends. Can i ever handle it? Before all these, my life has been partly painted with rose colored glass wall which only cares about my own being and my family. Now it's different, i see my life as meaningful as it is now if i can do something for someone. Whatever situation may be. Each life has a purpose, i know i got one because i can feel the calling i just have to channel that into doing something positive. Starting now with this POST. Join a volunteer team(any group)in your community, support programs online, teach your kids about safety are some helpful ideas i wanted to do after.

I hope i inspire some people out there to do the same.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swine Flu!

I work in the medical field and this outbreak news were all over our industry since late last week. Pork as the source of the virus transmitted to human, now it spreads from human to human which carries a rare strain/subtypes that can or cannot be treated by the common influenza antiviral medicine(like the human influenza vaccines).So folks, refrain from eating pork for now until the outbreak is contained. Husband of my direct supervisor is a military doctor working here in San Antonio military hospital informed our laboratory that CDC(Center for Disease Control)sent a jet here in SA to pick up sample from one of the patients who got infected with the disease.

Here's an excerpt from yahoo news:

Mexico closed schools, museums, libraries and theaters in a bid to contain the outbreak after hundreds were sickened there. In the U.S., there have been at least 11 confirmed cases of swine flu in California, Texas and Kansas. Patients have ranged in age from 9 to over 50. At least two were hospitalized.

Believed to originate from Mexico. Tourists and local exhibiting the symptoms are now quarantined. We have at 3 cases here in SA, and for sure more in the state of Texas and statewide including New York. It could be potentially a "pandemic flu" where number of countries around the world banned meat/pork import for the time being. For you people at home, avoid contacts with sick people and avoid any public places(like hospitals) as a good precaution for you and your family.

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Money transfer for free

Yes, i can't believe it either. I sent a wire transfer to my mother in the Philippines via for free. Never done this before as i never get any promotion code from them. I figured, why not search for codes online and see if there's such thing. I noticed at the end of my transaction, a box that asks enter coupon codes, so maybe they are giving occasional codes for customers. Off i googled and browsee each web forums containing xoom codes and viola it came out service charged as free. Whohooo. Now i don't feel so bad sending money online instead of bank to bank transfer. Not only that it takes awhile but also it's expensive. Xoom is the only cheapest money transfer i found that will cash out in an instant for less fee. I tried westernunion and moneygram, bank to bank and they were all expensive. I'm sure there is an expiration for the codes but there is always a new one that comes out often to keep customers keep coming back.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Plain boring


I'm talking about shoes and color favorites when it comes to wardrobe in general. I just cleaned up my shoe closet and packed our balikbayan boxes to be shipped out before our September trip and realized i'm all but boring in the color department. What's up with me hoarding mostly black and brown??? I did have a white sandal and dark purple stilletto that i seldom wear.... The white pair i'm actually giving away, some red heels i already boxed previously... I made a promise to myself to explore bold and fun colors especially now that spring and summer is approaching.... In the clothing department i'm actually more adventurous, but i still have more black and brown colors populating my hangers...

Maybe because you can't go wrong with dark browns and black, it goes with just about anything. Easy to pair it too, no confusion..

Same goes with belts, i have 15 pairs of belts from leather to fabric material. Yah mostly black and browns too.

Here are the shoes already in the balikbayan box, mostly brand new. Either i bought it one size smaller and some are just not comfortable for my poor feet after an hour wearing it. Can you tell?? more blacks..

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Birthday Dinner

Ok i feel the itch to write today, might as well take advantage right??? This post is very late but i'll post it anyway for my family back home to see....

Richard's 30 something birthday that is last February(pisces). I decided to have a quiet dinner at home since going out is rather hardwork and intense babysitting with Matthew in tow plus it saves us money lol. I know i'm supposed to treat him out but hey it's the effort that matter. And hubby couldn't agree more as he thank me for the preparation after. We did go out two days before, had dinner with friends and few drinks at the new Hyatt hotel downtown(3mins from my house). Wasn't impress with their latin restaurant though, considering how pricey it was. The ambience is great and updated of course. It's definitely a good place to hang out and drink. We had a babysitter then, a very good friend of ours and our golf buddy. Lucky us.

Below are the pictures i took of my two boys...
P.s. i made pork roast, baked for eight hours, next time i will shorten it, the temperature and time is suppose to be for a big cut of meat, it was a little dry. Wish i pick the one with skin and some fat on it, as it blocks the moisture, plus a little fat like our popular lechon back home doesn't hurt on occassions. All in all, it was "OKAY". Oh my cake tasted yummy.

I can definitely do better next time...

Happy birthday Daddy and many more to come, love you!

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Day at the Rodeo


at the petting zoo

Mattie with Scooby

Llama shy si Mattie.

We took Matthew to the Rodeo Festivities, it's an annual fun held at the famous ATT center(the home of Spurs), time of the year when the basketball team goes on the road for long weeks. He had fun watching the animals especially the horses, although we didnt' get to see the horse racing but we went to the barn to check them out while they were tended. Boy they were huge, not like the horses back home in the Philippines. Matthew got scared everytime it makes sounds lol. He keep saying "mommy scared". All in all a fun afternoon for our little one as he gets to go on a ride at the carnival too......

I can't wait for our Philippine trip this September. The fun he will enjoy with his cousins at my parents hometown is going to be unforgettable, especially now that he is a little bit big....

Pardon the photos, they were taken from Richard's blackberry.

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

King of Pop Returns!!!!!


LONDON – Michael Jackson's legions of fans awaited the star's announcement Thursday of a series of comeback shows in London after a long absence from the concert circuit.

The BBC published pictures of bright orange posters adorned with Jackson's profile advertising 10 shows in July. Jackson himself was due to appear at London's O2 concert arena at 4 p.m. (1600GMT) to confirm the dates, although organizers said he would not be taking questions.

Tickets are expected to sell quickly despite concerns the 50-year-old star may not be up for a return to the spotlight.

The King of Pop has been plagued by financial, legal, and medical woes for years and has not performed a major concert since 2001. His last studio album was released the same year.

Saw the article this morning online and i can't help but celebrate, i'm such a big fan until today, inspite the bad rumors/reputation he has gone through over the last several years..... If he ever stops here in Texas i will definitely watch the concert even if it means buying a plane ticket to other Texas cities(coz i'm not into driving long hours) just to see him perform live....

I hope they'll include Texas
in the tour. Organizers please hear my plea lol.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sick Again!!!

This is not the typical flu bug, whatever it is it's physically exhausting. I felt like i've ran a whole day marathon though i haven't run any marathon but just imagine your energy get suck out every minute of it. Started yesterday at work, came in the morning feeling giddy, by lunch time i started to have sore throat, very painful that i can't even swallow my own saliva, i started to feel cold, whole muscles and joints are aching from head to toe. Then shivering kicks in even with my laboratory coat on the temperature is lowering down like i'm standing naked somewhere in Alaska. I had this illness before but not even my family doctor can diagnos what the cause is. No runny nose, maybe a little congestion, i felt warm inside but if you check the thermometer it's only a mild fever just like last time. The only remedy i had before is a good massage. Pain and cold medicine doesn't seem to help the tiredness and body pains. My coworker have a daughter that has fibromyalgia, it's a sickness that cannot be rule out through testing. Doctor only prescribe once a week massage with the chiropractor, somehow alleviates the pain they said. No cure either...

So now, off i go to the spa and see if i get better with one hour wellness massage. I really hate when i get sick with an unknown illness......

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Food blog!


First dish: Pork Dumpling with tofu. Recipe from food network tv episode with Bobby Flay and Chef Kim(chinese). Very easy. Just a matter of getting the right ingredients and measurements according to your taste. My first try, hubby thought it was close to the restaurant one. He didn't like that i put too much ginger. It's a funky taste he said. Finish product is not too pretty for picture, i still have to master the wrapping/sealing technique later on.

Second dish: Loma Saltado(puerto rican dish)
courtesy of hubby's ex mother in laws recipe. Stir fried beef strips with tomatoes, diced or sauce. Side dish is boiled potato topped with blended spanish mozarella, chili pepper and milk. I don't know the name, hubby said it's a staple food. All i did was watched and help him with the prep. Good job my love. Not bad at all for your first try.
P.s. can you tell it's my plate?? it has broccolli on it.

From now on, i am going to posts pictures and recipes(if anyone want it) of food dishes my husband and I make. More on exploring varieties of food we oh so love to eat and "try" to master it to our satisfaction. I've been meaning to put food entries here before but always forget. I'm terrible in snatching photos while cooking and attending other chores in the kitchen too. I will be home more on the weekdays(since my job cut my hours). Another good reason to play with my kitchen utensils and make mess like i used to when i was growing up.

Cooking has always been my hobby if not singing. I've been cooking for my family since i was 10yrs old. Can you believe, I started to cook rice and start wood fire in our dirty kitchen at 8yrs old. One heck of a training it was. Now married to "puti" that has a weird limited taste buds for veggies i cannot seem to diversified my menus as i'm always trained with filipino type of cooking that requires lots of veggies. But i quickly learn how to adapt to a new twisted filipino style of cooking to suit my husbands palate. So any filipino dish that comes with meat and veggies ended up with no or less veggies now. Plain and simple. My american version of pansit, apritada, caldereta, giniling, lumpia minus the colorful veggies lol. I learned a lot of other dishes too when i migrated here in the US. As long as i have the recipe or even from watching tv i can easily catch it with my eyes. Of course it doesn't mean i will perfect it on my first try but few more tries are no big deal to me. One important thing is the whole idea of the recipe. Before retiring to the Philippines hubby ask me if i can learn how to make all of our favorite food from enchiladas to jamaican patty and puerto rican food. You name it he got it all listed. If it takes me to go to a cooking class he will send me.

It's time to get this learning started. I have few friends that can teach me how to make mexican dishes, i will work on it soon.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Not that shy anymore


Cheese mommy, him referring to the camera! He now loves to take pictures of him.

Little update on our little boy:

He just turned two last December, wheeww what a party that is.
Ms. B(his teacher) told me this morning when i drop him off that he is a "baby genius". Not that i'm very surprised of the remark, i ask her why anyway with much interest. She said, while the rest of the kids are playing, he on the other hand stays in the corner where the book shelves are stash and willingly browse with much gusto all the books and really stare at it like he was thinking or something. I told the teacher "he is indeed obsessed with books". He won't sleep till you read one or two stories. She also added that Mattie is a sweet child who loves to give hugs and kisses, he even calls all mothers "mommy" everytime he sees one dropping off and picking up their children. Never cease to smile, she said. Indeed a happy baby ha was my reply. She brought her camera and will take a picture of him later she said. Btw, Ms. B is Mattie's favorite teacher and friend coz every time i ask him who his friends are, Ms. B are among the names he utters and one of the two adult names he likes. I can tell Ms. B is a very affectionate and patient lady compare to the rest of the teachers.
Much improvement with his speaking skills. Now talking in sentences pretty clearly. One night when he and his Daddy were watching the golf channel update, he came upstairs to check me out and i asked him what his daddy is doing, he said "daddy plee golf" as he is showing me his golf swing as well. Daddy playing golf referring to Daddy watching golf. Pretty close recognition for a two year old.
He knows how to be cute and get his way when it comes to his toys and food. He literally just say "peeease(please) with a sad tone" whenever he wants something...
Still adores elmo, disney cars and animals(pictures, books and videos).
He eats on his booster chair now with us on the big table. He calls it "bee boy" coz we told him it's a big boys chair and gets excited everytime.
He knows his 1-10 numbers when we pop his cardboard with numbers on it. He can count 1-10 in tagalog too. A little awkward but really it's cute to hear it.

More updates and hopefully videos of him goofing.....

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Domain!!

Add me up ladies Hubby decided to take this domain for me, it's tricky for my little brain as i don't like html codes. I'm used to website hosting's format, i don't have to do anything but copy and paste. Oh well, i better get used to it. Still miss blogspot though.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

4 minute excercise???


Yes you read it right.

Rom Exercise Machine – Fast Exercise = $14,615

Rom exercise machine was first introduced in California in 1990. The Rom exercise machine covers a complete non-impact cardio, resistance and flexibility workout and that too in just four minutes’ workout.Why does a luxury, high-end piece of exercise equipment bear the name Time Machine? It certainly isn't for time travel but with a price tag of $14,615 USD you might have wondered. The ROM is not only the exercise equipment of the stars it is also a machine that promises a full-body workout in "four minutes".

Too good to be true?? Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone and Tom Robbins are among the celebrities who owned this humungus machine. Of course they also have the mega house to park this sucker so yah why not. The actual dimensions are 5 x 11 feet (152cm x 325cm) that it requires $-500-$600 shipping fees. It seems designed for high society professionals too busy to work out more than 4 minutes at a time. This is the self-described “BMW of exercise machines!” COME ON! Experts on this even claims as the "leonardo da vinci" design like of all time when it comes to excercise equipment. If i have the money like Tom Cruise? this sure is peanuts. Will i buy one for myself, "yes" just for the heck of it. Since i'm among the people who can't afford it, i'll just settle with the stairs and save my money for something really worth it.

I came across this information because a friend is interested. So intriguing not to write about it. For the price tag?? it's even crazy that i end up doing a lot of research online. There's a 30 day trial btw or you can go to selected fitness area(around 30 places nationwide) to try it for yourself. Unfortunately, no fitness gym has it here in San Antonio.

Friends, if you ever buy one let me know. I'm curious and wants to try it lol of course with your permission. Don't worry it's suppose to be only four minutes workout, i won't take a lot of your time.......

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Celebration and Go Spurs Go!!!!

Our 10 year old visitor(Dante) from New York happens to be a big fan of NBA, as much as we can we made sure he had a great experience here in Texas that he will remember for the rest of his life. There maybe more visits to come in the future, this one definitely will be a memorable trip for him as it is full of first time experiences.

First, he get to see the big fireworks right from our front yard last night. He stayed up until midnight just for that. He helped entertain Grandpa outside while grilling early in the evening with some neighbors who enjoyed the food we prepare(pansit, lumpia, barbeque meat). Lots of champagne too. FIL and I probably bought 7 different kind of bottles to toast not including the beers lol. He surely knows how to have a good time. It's Dante's first fireworks viewing and as expected he had fun watching it eventhough he was all wrapped up like a tamale(little chilly last night). MIL, Richard and I watched movie to keep us up after we put Mattie to bed. Definitely not my kind of New Year Party. Oh how i miss to be in the Philippines this time of the year.

San Antonio Spurs!!!!

San Antonio Spurs four nba trophies

With Brad our close family friend and his girlfriend T; next left:Dante and Grandpa

FIl is a season ticket holder, i got a lot invites from him this season that i somehow ignore, now that Dante is here we don't want to miss the opportunity. FIl secured 4 tickets for us but ended up with 6, his sister shared some of her tickets too. We invited some of our friends to join the loudest fun ever.

#21 tim duncan, the only spurs player Dante knows

It was my first NBA games as well, i used to be a big fan since high school but later on didn't really pay a lot of attention even the games played on the free big screen except the playoffs and finals. I never missed such event. Not a big fan of Spurs before we moved here in SA almost four years ago from Florida, I am now. . What an exhilirating sport eventhough they lost by one point playing Milwaukee Bucks.

One of my childhood wish just came true. I am so dearly blessed.

Happy 2009 to all, may God Bless us all!!!!!

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