Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas To All


First photo on the left: christmas morning with Mattie and I(still on my winter robe) riding on his daddy's xmas gift an electric car.
Right photo: With Dante Richard's foster son who flew from New York to celebrate the holidays with us(picture taken at a filipino xmas party).

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Musical Play Treat


Very fortunate of me to recieve a pre-christmas treat from my inlaws to the "CATS" musical play last Tuesday.
Short History:
Cats was first shown in London's West End, at the New London Theatre, on May 11, 1981. It's the oldest/popular musical play running out there.

"Memory" was the main popular song of the production which is still to this very day recognized all over the world especially in karaoke's. I remember it was sang beautifully by Barbara Streisands' version when i was growing up. I thought she is the original but the song was actually compose for this musical show produced by Lloyd Webber(famous for the "phantom of the opera"). What do i know about musical plays at 3yrs old in a tropical island?

Anyway, it was a lovely night as my FIL described it. Started with a nice dining at his favorite place. Ended up with a decent show. There are some dull moments, truth is, MIL and I fell asleep in between acts(had a long day shopping). With one exception, everytime the melody of the song "memory" starts to play in the background i gather myself and listen closely to the singer. I can never get enough of this song i think.

I'm beginning to enjoy musical plays that next time's invitation i wouldn't think twice, as it is also another excuse to doll up, forget about the fine dining except the booze lol, coz i am really not a fan. I can indulge on occasions like this, but I can't do it too often. Too slow and formal for an island girl like me. I admit, I love the dressing up part the most lol.

Thanks Mom and Dad for tagging me along....

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Spirit and styling!

Ok i don't have the real pine tree freshening my entire house, instead i got the plastic one. Next year if i get extra moolah from my dear part time work i will put up one, even if it means breaking up my bargain habit on holidays. Richard's parents are home from abroad to celebrate it so i thought of decorating my house a little bit to feel the spirit of the holiday. Can you believe, i actually curse shopping this month. I did a lot of shopping for kids birthday and xmas gifts this past three weekends that i just wish for this occassion to end soon lol. Weekend turned out to be a date with the shopping mall/retail stores grrrr which i am not fond of. Worst part about it is, don't even know what to get for each one them especially kids. Thus makes the shopping even longer. What a nightmare for my poor feet.

Above left, is my christmas tree adorned by self pick ornaments. On the right, a decor i put up together for my works exchange ornament gift.
P.S. mattie already broke two gold balls.

I finally cut my hair two fridays ago. As in real short compare to 2006 haircut. This time it didn't cost me a lot, whew what a savings actually when my good friend E's mom offered to cut my hair for less. One color and a haircut is what i want to get from my regular salon that day as i waited for the appointment time until i got a phone call from her. She just arrived from Phil on a tourist visa and vacationing at her daughters for the holidays. She did a good job that i actually modeled it at her granddaughters birthday party the next day and made her in demand for other filipinas. They all wanted to get a haircut/trim from her for less too when we told them she is a pro in PI and she knows her job very well. Can you believe even my boss at work wanted to get a home service too.

Thanks Tita Irma!

With Anne at her son's bday party.

Hubby was giggling after he saw the first part of the process(home service po eto).

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Birthday Fun!


This year i decided to throw a late weekend party for our 2year old Matthew since we didn't really give him one on his first birthday last December, we had to pack and get ready for our one month Philippine trip the day after his birthday, i was still working full time then and besides that he doesn't have a lot of little friends to celebrate it with but "us". Just a half sheet cake and filipino food munch by some adult friends who came over to our friends house as it is also Brad's(golf instructor/family friend) belated birthday party so we thought of celebrating it both will be perfect before we fly for the holidays. This year it was celebrated typically like any other 2yr. old party. I wasn't up to hosting it here at home as i am not in the mood to do the preparation plus our house is too tiny for such event. Cleaning up of course is already unimaginable. Pump it up did all the work for me for a pricey fee of course but it's all worth it, because all kids and adults we invited enjoyed it. Some disadvantages with the place like for instance i cannot bring any food and what they offer inside is only pizza and juice. At least next time i can do better and it also helps when i plan it early unlike this year, i did not make reservations until a week before. What a procastinator! Never again.

To sum it up, it was fun hosting if for the first time, actually a little stressful too planning it for such a short period of time. Matthew recieved bunch of gifts and he all like it. To everyone who attended a big "Thank You".

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Monday, December 08, 2008

My two year old Mattie!


Ryan and Matthew trick or treating!!

Mattie's dalmatian costume.


There are so many, it will take me hours maybe to think about all of it. Well, i'll start with the recent ones to save time lol.

-He now sleeps on his new twin bed complete with a disney car character bedding set. We haven't purchased the rails yet but so far(almost a month) no accident yet, then again it's only a foot high. I made sure all the pillows are on both side just in case.

-Can put two to three words together like good mornin, tomorrow morning, goodnight, i love you, love you much, watch elmo, hi and bye buddy(our cat), all done.

-Says please, tata(thank you),wekum(welcome) most of time, if not we remind him to say the word when he ask something and he happily answers. Of course not counting bunch of one word like "some" when he sees us eating something, "mess" when he spills food/drink, "home" when arriving the driveway. "Pretty" for xmas lights.

-His favorite and only junk food is "pizaaaa(as he would say pizza)" he recognizes it in every billboard, picture in the newspaper, and a passing tv commercial.

-Can speak some visayan/tagalog words like kotse, sapatos, medyas, gatas, bola, pula for pula na kotse, isda, apante(elepante), tubig. My inlaws think it's cute and they are learning the words too, to relate with him lol.

-Understand a handful of tagalog/visayan words.

-Mastered the use of fork and spoon.

-Loves animals, books and now cars.

-Into potty training, so far he only went twice in one day and once few days after. Promising but still a long way ahead. We could have done better and exert more time and effort everyday but just not possilble on some days.

-Recognizes all railroads in san antonio lol. And utters "chocho train" everytime he sees the tracks.

-Takes his shoes in and out of the storage when we tell him to. Second task he learned actually. Later on, knows how to take off his shoes/sandals/socks when inside the house, putting away his toys back to the box and his sippy cup back to the kitchen top, throw dirty diapers in the trash without assistance.

-Counts from 1-5. Up to ten is still a struggle hehe. Knows his primary colors and i think his favorite is reed for "red". Got to do with red elmo and red lightning mcqueen disney car character.

-Two days ago he climb up to the sofa where i was watchin some serious tv and told me "i luv yu". Oh melt my heart, how can i not smile with this sweet angel.

In general, i love and enjoy when i ask him to do something. He seem to understand easily what i was talking about. Love my little helper coz it makes things easier at home.

That's all i can think of right now, more updates to come!!!

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Thursday, December 04, 2008



Current messy hair(no blow dry)

short hair two years ago(while pregnant with mattie)

Who needs a haircut?? hubby thinks i need a bad haircut very soon, oh well his been bugging me for the last two months to get rid of my messy long hair, i just kept ignoring him coz i am still satisfied with my hairstyle plus it cost money to get a new hairdo(colors/highlights etc.) Until suddenly it became way too long than the usual length allowed and management is almost impossible knowing that i have only 30mins max to spare in the vanity mirror before heading out for work or on special occasions. Right now the thick and long layers of hair will take even longer lol. Past month and a half i didn't even bother drying/ironing it. And i was a bit lazy lately too, with the cold weather, who doesn't. I can only keep up with too much hair you know. Especially with this thick wavy hair of mine ,who wants to spend all that time on a regular basis(2-3x a week) under the mercy of a hot dryer/iron? I have this habit that blow drying is a must after shower to constantly carry a relaxed straight hair like the ones pictured in glamour magazines. Yes, one of the girly things that makes me feel good. Very shallow but what can i do. Also, i'm one of those women that will not compromise when it comes to hair lol.

Anyway, i was thinking of getting it chopped before the year ends or early next year. Can't really decide but for sure hubby is already expecting me to get it done next weekend. He likes it better when it's short(he thinks it's sexy) Do i really want to have a short hair this winter season?

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