Thursday, April 24, 2008

Not a winner afterall

Today, i found out i got a voicemail from yesterday that says i won something from American Laser Center an entry i submitted when i went to the spa few weeks ago for a massage. That's right, i do remember putting in my entry for the raffle. I won third prize which includes 300 dollar coupon plus 200 dollar when i come in for consultation and another 25% off when i chose any laser treatment package the same day(skin,hair,cellulite laser reduction). Sounds like i won a lot isn't it?. However, as i browsed their website i had a gut feeling that this prize would only mean thousands of money to splurge even with the discounts. Hey i watch a lot of makeover shows on tv and i know it don't come cheap. It's for the rich and famous kind of thing or if you get lucky winning a makeover on tv for free. So i made an appointment for the consultation to see how ridiculously they would charge me for such luxury. None of the packages are less than two thousand dollars hmm. I knew it hahha. Otherwise they would have put approximates on their website. Yah for a cheap person like me, i need to know upfront what i'm into, hey when i become rich like Oprah i'll just walk in and hand them my debit card. No fuss. At the end of the visit, i realized i really like the three procedure done on me, do i "need it", heck "NO". Maybe when i audition for playboy magazine i will rob a bank or do something to get it lol. The hair laser removal i would somehow prefer, not for vanity but for hygiene purposes, it just feel comfy, clean and light when you don't have hair growing like weeds every 2 weeks or so. For me, i tend to itch as it starts to grow back. And I like the idea of underarm and bikini area to be hairless forever lol. Good thing about it is that it's guarantee program that if it starts growing again you can avail the package for FREE until it's totally gone.

As our conversation progresses, it turned out i'm not a qualified candidate for any laser treatment as i am kelloidal. Her fault, she could have check my health history first of and not waste her time explaining each package. She said, I will need a doctors consent if i insist to go on with the procedure. Now it's getting complicated. Skin rejuvenation and hair removal off the list thus leaves me with the celllulite reduction therapy. So fancy for my filipina ear lol. I always have the impression that mostly hollywood residents tend to get this kind of cosmetic procedure. When you live there it's almost like a lifestyle. I told myself if the cost is reasonable after discount it's probably worth it since i've been thinking about slimming my thigh area. It has been a problem of mine since high school, don't know if it's hereditary or just plain fat. That's the only thing i want to get rid off if ever i want something done on my body. Not surgically done of course. But this procedure is my least favorite. I believe, I can still try the exercise path, focus more on toning down coz right now i really don't have to lose weight. I just need that area to be a little proportion with the rest of my body. Now that i'm out of the workforce(temporarily) i can definitely put some time and attention on that. As i am a body conscious person, it will definitely gives me more pleasure knowing that i'm not only healthy but perfectly in shape as well. That's not too much to ask.

Anyhow, you want to know how much fortune will it cost me? only a whopping $2,200. Yes, that much to heat massage with infrared my chubby thighs lol. As for the laser packages that needed consent? its pricing was somewhere around $1700-$1900 with 6 sessions. All mentioned were after the discounts lol. Now did i really win something? as my dear husband would say it, another effective advertisement to lure people into spending money or at least get their foot into the door. Very wise. They did gave away 1500 dollars as first prize. With that, I won't mind adding few hundred bucks to "correct something" as the consultant describe the whole process. I wasn't not lucky enough, perhaps next time. As a matter of fact, i sent my entry form for the free hair removal promotion. Peeps, not just a coupon, it's free. If you're interested check thier web for fun.

Overall, it was an interesting one hour. I did learn something about cosmetic treatments and procedure. Too bad for them i'm not too bold and also cheap to even sign up, i could've. She even offer me 24hrs to avail all the discounts added to the prize. But wasn't too crazy about it. Besides, it's not a neccessity. I still feel confident about myself, ask me again 5-10yrs from now, my whole perception and frugality may deter as i slowly age. Who knows, i may consider breast enhancement. Really. Who wants to join me?lol.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Off to a good start!

Whewww, i'm really getting excited to explore the kitchen world. So, wednesday afternoon i decided to take a stroll with a friend of mine at the famous riverwalk, went straight to Rainforest Cafe which is my one and only pick because one of my filipina friend here in SA happened to be married to the executive chef, yes it helps when you know people. Taking advantage, sure, if that's what you want to call it. I came as a walk in applicant and immediately got interviewed, i forgot i'm in a different industry where there is no such thing as calling you for an interview unless it's a management job or "we'll let you know in a few days if your hired or not kind of thing" right there i get to meet the kitchen manager who at first got confused as he browse into my application form. He asked me if i really want to do this, coz based on my education and previous job he thinks this is not going to work. His referring to the salary which i'm not surprised. I told him look i wouldn't be here if that's what i'm after, he just smiled and moved on to the next question. Chef "A" came and made the decision to hire me after he spoke to the big boss(executive chef john).

Just like that quick and simple, they took my days and hours i'm available to work and start date with lots of consideration from their part. Wow am i that special? A little conflict with the training coz it has to be on the evenings approaching weekend of course when its busy. It makes sense since not a lot of things to show me during lunch time right? But i will have to wait till father in law or Richard be back in town to watch Matthew which is around second week of May. Nonetheless, i'm so energize to begin this new journey....

Looking forward to get some good training and experience from this place which i hope will eventually help me carry through to the culinary program.

Got a new haircut and color. I went mocha brown this time, hair is taking time out from highlights.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Moving On

After so many serious talks of me quitting my job and go casual part time in the medical field, Richard and I finally come up with a decision. I'm MOVING ON and will eventually venture a new career in culinary. I'm very ecstatic till today eventhough i put in my two weeks notice last week. Can't believe i'm letting go these decent job i had acquire over the years. It's a bittersweet transition since i made a lot of good friends, though i'm not passionate about it but it's a 123 no brainer job, not so challenging but on the other hand it's routinely procedural.Of course when you've been working for years it becomes a repetition. Risk free unless you miss patients tests results. Having said that, i detest the years i invested including the education knowing that i'll be someday abandoning the knowledge i build up and in danger of being forgotten. I'm excited and sad. Little apprehensions for my future in cooking, it may or may not work for me, but who knows. I am willing to try and explore the kitchen industry and see what awaits me. At least i try right? There will be no regrets later on in life.......

One of the driving force to our decision is that i'm really discouraged with the way our management mishandle my department. Disappointed, that even my presence there is somewhat uncomfy. I miss working evenings where i'm not bothered by anyone since i'm working alone. When i had Matthew working the same schedule is quite selfish i think. I realized my son and husband needs me. Love the fact of being home at dinnertime and bedtime. Although i hated waking up early but I cannot trade that with anything. No regress of doing it again for myself. Thus, the idea of a morning shift. It's been a year then and i don't recall being happy at work except the breaks where i get to talk to the people from other department. The whole situation drove me to pursue other avenues that i'm passionate about and this is definitely not one of them. I tried to not be so dramatic and get personal but everyday just gotten worst. Something is not working between me and this job. The work hours, co-workers, and short staffing gradually becomes a torment. It's affecting me and my family..... Some said i'm overly spoiled and whiney. If thriving to spend more quality time with my loved ones is a childish thing so be it. They know i have given my best to the group. But i can only do so much to help out with the short staffing and when you decline you become a bad teamplayer. WHAT? hello i have a 16months old and my husband is not in town all the time! Give me a break! Are my uttering words behind my upset face. As this issue comes along very often now that it creates a grudge between us, it's best for me to leave. Besides, after giving a lot of considerations about financial matters, luckily this time we got a big break in our favor. So, I am moving on.

I'm very grateful for the opportunity, not to mention my husband's undying love and support to this predicament, i'm tremendously blessed. Without you, this would be a distant reach and nearly impossible. When i went up to Ohio two weekends ago, it all came to place. He said, life is too short to be unhappy, go back to work on monday and put in your resignation. And so i did. I thank you for those words of courage my dear husband.........

Leaving you with a grabbed happy picture of me and my newfound San Antonio pinay girlfriends.

Friends, say hello to your new "Miss little kitchen peeler and chopper" lol. I wonder what i would look like wearing a chef's humunguos hat.

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