Monday, October 30, 2006

Baby Shower


mix goodies

cake courtesy of sister in law
P.S. this is a late entry but i will still post it anyway as a gratitude to all relatives and friends who came by.

Party was set two Saturdays ago(October 21st) by Susan my sister in law, she drove from Houston to San Antonio with her youngest Morgan to host the event. What a lovely gesture to spare me her hectic time to do the whole thing(from sending invitations/calling all the peeps), bless her heart. Susie i owe you one. It was nothing but a fun filled afternoon with games and laughs, not to mention the mix american/filipino food preparation. Yes, i got this mad look from Richards Aunt when she saw me in the kitchen cooking coz they literally reminded me not to cook at all but my hard headed personality cannot seem to have the day without lumpia and pancit(all time family favorite)in the table lol. Can you blame me? Aunt Anne now realize how stubborn i am hehe. She even commented " oh my dear vanessa you just fit perfectly to the family". Next gathering, you better keep your hands off the kitchen ok? she really meant it this time so i better listen lol.

I got bunch of neat stuff for the baby from our golf buddies(doug, britney and brad), Nieva(filipina friend) and her hubby Shaun, and of course from relatives. Thank you all from the bottom of our heart. Btw, my most favorite is the handmade blanket from Aunt Anne. See photo below...

multicolor blanket
It's awesome when you get free gifts. Thanks again Susie for hosting the party for us! For more pictures view my photo collection under my links section or click on this album.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Baby Update!

After several sonogram attempts to find the sex of our baby our doctor still couldn't give us a confirmation whether it's a boy or a girl. She thinks it's a boy though, duh like it's going to help us prepare. What's bothersome is that i couldn't even shop for the stuff that i really like or not as excited as it's supppose to be for first time mommies. Oh well, i guess i will just have to learn the virtue of patience and wait till this baby is ready to unveil herself/himself. Anyhow, my next appointment is on the 6th of next month, it's been 2weeks since the last time they check on my status, unfortunately she cancelled the schedule for this coming Monday the 30th. I'm somewhat sad coz i've been anticipating for this visit since this baby has been moving like nuts that i want to see how she/he's positioned now. Hopefully, my health problem free pregnancy will continue between now and my next appointment. Until then, babys sex will remain a mystery.......

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