Friday, October 26, 2007

Walking at 10mnths


Finally had a shot of Mattie walking, were just too glued watching him learn it everyday that a camera doesn't come in handy anymore. Hubby is partly to blame since he is not into pictures, he would refer me as " worst than a japanese tourist"(stereotyping) before, thus made me less excited to grab a shot especially when i want multiple flashes to pick a good one lol. He's been walking at his own free will at 10mnths, now approaching 11mnths he gets too fired up that he wants to run already lol. More comfortable without the shoes of course, but he's trying to master it from time to time.

recent photo of Mattie.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Afternoon Fun


left: Me w/ host Effy ,right: With Joy and Matthew

Mommy and son first outing together to meet a group of filipinas here in San antonio. It's also my first time to drive farther out of downtown, at first it was a breath clasping adventure the fact that i only have a printed direction in hand and not much familiar with the area we are about to explore but we managed to get there easy despite the wrong mapquest information. We didn't get lost but i end up calling the host to meet us up somewhere close to her area rather than driving around. It was a surprise baby shower for a newcomer filipina Joy. Host Effy was generous enough to prepare and cook for the party and even had her husband chef baked a fancy cake. I won two baby shower games, one is the the baby food guessing and the other is the belly measurement. I had fun meeting them all. Matthie was astounded with the new faces and voices but he eventually learned to mingle with them mommies and big kids later on. His first taste of bihon was pretty funny though lol. I thought he'll spit the tiny noodles out but didn't. Perhaps suggesting that i should cook some at home for he is ready for more.

left: With Joy the future mama right: All ladies photo
Effy thanks for the wonderful party.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Seven Random Facts of Banot's Past

Tag from Geri

1. Dislikes weekend during childhood years coz it would mean spending the entire two days doing household chores.
2. Had a boy cut hairstyle for 3years(2nd yr.highschool-1st year college). To complement my boyish attitude i thought it would be cooler to have a short hair too.
3. At 5th grade mother sent me to the city for a summer class which happened to be an english speaking class. I would have taken my second piano lesson if i knew it before hand. Hated the twice a week tongue twister audio class and the gay teacher but enjoyed the extra curricular dance class. We get to showcase the steps during recital, it was fun.
4. Was chosen to represent our school divisions volleyball team for the SMRAA(southern mindanao regional athletic association). Back then i could only wish to be tall so i could hit and spike the ball hard...
5. Wanted to become a policewoman after highschool, i even applied for the entrance exam for the military academy(PMA) but my height failed me to break through. It was one of the saddest moment of my life.
6. I'm terrorized with big ocean waves, i know i'm an island girl but i'm really scared of it eventhough i know how to swim. I almost drown when i was 8yrs old, i guess that would explain it. It haunts me even in my dreams so i would settle down in the sandy rocky side of the water everytime we go to the beach and watch my family waving, calling my name to come join them. Very sad.
7. Choir group member since 4th grade till college. Back then i don't know how to use my vocal chord properly so i always strain my throat and end up hurting the next day even loosing my voice and miss a big presentation because of it.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It's Official!


i find it so cute that i can't help scanning it.
After two weeks from our initial application via our county courthouse, 16days to be exact we finally got it. We thought it will take longer than that like 6-12weeks based on the information we got from their website. On the other hand it also says under the current news that processing are now back to normal but we could not help and wonder what if it doesn't come early before our trip. I guess no room for worries now huh.....
I'm officially uncle's sam adopted child while Matthew have now his own legal identity aside from the birth certificate. What a previlege. It's been a long journey and it has concluded stress free except for the tremendous fees we have to shed lol. So what's next? Our upcoming Philippine trip in two months. We are so looking forward to it.

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