Sunday, December 24, 2006

Florida Trip

It's great to be around sunny humid florida again. I kinda missed the warm weather especially now with the erratic texas cold weather i can't help to look forward to it. Well, n0t a lot of activity to tell really from our trip, just visiting Richards kids and some good old friends. Besides that, it's mostly me and Matthew hanging out in our hotel and the malls.

It was Mattys first plane trip and everyone that seems to notice him thought his a month old, which made me think if his too big for his age of two weeks lol. He didn't really fuss the entire flight,we just make sure his got something to suck so the air pressure won't hurt his ears. Nonetheless, he was a happy camper, while Richard and I were'nt. Domestic planes really sucks (with the exception of few like american airlines), seats are plainly small there's not a lot of leg room for a tall guy like my husband(i felt so bad for him) and it seems like it was designed for your back to hunch lol. My poor back had to suffer though, considering that i already have problems, thanks for my dear advil btw.

Anyway, enough of me bitching. Don't you just love strangers comments about your baby? so refreshing to hear and thus reminds me how proud and happy we are to have him. Honestly, i still can't get over the fact that he came out from me. I'm a Thankful Mother is what it is.

I got few pictures of us and some filipina friends we visited.

matty at 2 weeks

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

1 week old Matthew

Wow! A week already since i gave birth to Matthew yet it seems like yesterday. I can still remember so clearly that one challenging Saturday filled with wonderful memories of me finally being a mother and my precious child entering into our world. I'm delighted and still overwhelmed till this day. It wasn't a 123 delivery, i even admit it was a painful and exhausting one, but i would never changed nor choose to do it the other way. Most important thing is I DID IT and he made it out safe. I can proudly say i had the best, exciting, memorable experience giving birth, not to mention my husband and in-laws being around supporting me makes the whole situation calm down a bit(thanks mom and dad for coming). Now i know how it's like to give life to a helpless tiny human being. I don't know how to describe it in details though. Heck of job? oh yes but it's priceless.

One thing i realized, "mothers are the BEST". Although i don't get to express my gratitude to my mother i do honor her always in my heart for bringing me into this world, all her sacrifices and patience deserves love and respect in return. Mama Vicky, this entry is dedicated to you and to all mothers out there. LOVE YOU MOM.

Off we go to florida this friday. Will post some new pictures when we get back.

Recent pics of Matthew:

More pics here.

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hospital Pictures


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The baby has an elevated bilirubin due to antibodies he develop that were foreign to his blood system causing his red blood cells to breakdown, thus a heme pigment develops that when it gets relatively high it will cause some conditions. They are treating him now to get rid of it. It's not serious, hopefully the phototherapy will fasten the process.

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Baby has arrived!!


December 2, 2006 7:10pm, Matthew Connor Pawly was born. 7.5 pounds healthy baby boy.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Patiently Waiting!

It's been 2 weeks since my last post. I just want to let everyone know that i haven't given birth yet..... The waiting is definitely killing me. It's not that i'm miserable like some of my relatives would think, i just can't wait to meet him/her. The thought of having an entirely new life ahead of me is way beyond words to describe it. I'm just one of those excited parent to be you know. This coming thursday is my due date, if i won't have it by then my doctor will schedule an induction. I heard it's more painful than the normal labor?

thanksgiving photos(38weeks)

My thanksgiving was spent with Richard's family. In-laws arrived from Kuwait for vacation(they're cruising in mexico right now) at same time to be here when i give birth this week. All of us went to my sister in laws husbands family for thanksgiving lunch, i feasted too much that i could barely walk, i thought i will go on labor lol. What a sumptuous meal they had prepared, everything in the table was so tasty. I'm not fond of desserts but i end up eating two kinds(pumpkin roll cake and coconut pie). How can i resist? besides i have a good reason to pig out. I felt guilty afterwards but what the heck i'm PREGNANT! Friday was shopping day, NO we're not one of the door busters that day. I'd hang myself first before i do that. Unless it's a big ticket item purchase maybe i'll consider waking up my butt up at 5am. We started at 9am- 8pm, not too bad since we went to few other places too. Though my feet were beat up that day, we did get almost everything in our list and some good bargains.

This week is nothing but chores for the babys arrival. Crib and stroller were up and ready for use, clothes and blankets are washed and neatly folded, hospital bag was packed, house is immaculately cleaned and partly decorated with christmas ornaments. Little projects here and there to kill time while playing the waiting game lol. Admittingly, both of us just don't want to get bored, especially me that i'm on my maternity leave already. Doing nothing is just not my cup of tea. I'll go crazy. Speaking of project, instead of buying a complete nursery furniture we decided to restain our old armoire and nightstand to match with the cherry/mahogany crib that i picked out from babies r' us. A white crib would have been a good match but dark wood attracted me most. It hasn't been put into use since we moved here from florida might as well redo it and save the money for something else. Besides, it keeps us more occupied. We stripped and sanded it yesterday, hopefully we'll get it done today.

Unfortunately, Richard and i catched some bug. Cold or cold allergy of some sort . Mine started couple of days ago and his is just starting. How ironic is that, hopefully it will go away when i give birth.

That's all for now folks. On my next entry expect some baby photos/updates. Coz whether he/she decided to stay in my belly, this baby is coming out regardless. See more photos.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Weekend at 36 weeks

Not much going on lately, as usual the same work-house routine and vice versa kind of life here in the lone star state lol. Work is definitely keeping me active physically, which is a good thing. Because for some reason my body tend to crash or just plain butt lazy when i'm home although i still do regular chores except that my mobility is not that quick or should i say deprive to move more/do more than what i can. I know i still could but prefer not to for the sake of my unborn child. Stubborness kicks in every now and then, but i make sure i'm grounded and learn to refuse to do heavy stuff . Fighting hard with myself here folks. So yes, thanks for my job huh, otherwise i'll be dead bored.

Last Saturday i was invited to a birthday party. I decided to come since nothing's really planned for me and Richard that day. That's right this pregnant lady can still rock hehe. I went with some friends from work Jovita and Cruz with their friends along. Party was set in the farmland 16 miles away downtown. It's an interesting place to be for a change. You know the house in the middle of nowhere where you can run naked and fire guns all day long and no one would even care coz your next door neighbor is a mile away lol. A little chilly afternoon but a fun one. Lot's of drink too bad i can only drown myself with virgin margaritas, not my favorite drink but it has been since i got pregnant. Since we arrived early at 4pm and other invited guests were assumingly snobs to enjoy with we decided to leave before 8pm. Too bad for Jovita she only get to be there less than 2hrs. Don't you worry Jovy, next time around we'll party and do karaoke till morning(i know i owe you one). All in all it was a short exciting getaway for this pregnant lady of yours.

me in the woods

left to right; ruben, rey, jovita, me, greg and zeff the bday boy.

Anticipation for the coming of our baby is very overwhelming now as it gets closer. Mommy and Daddy is really getting excited for this little monkey.

Belly pics at 36 weeks.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Baby Shower


mix goodies

cake courtesy of sister in law
P.S. this is a late entry but i will still post it anyway as a gratitude to all relatives and friends who came by.

Party was set two Saturdays ago(October 21st) by Susan my sister in law, she drove from Houston to San Antonio with her youngest Morgan to host the event. What a lovely gesture to spare me her hectic time to do the whole thing(from sending invitations/calling all the peeps), bless her heart. Susie i owe you one. It was nothing but a fun filled afternoon with games and laughs, not to mention the mix american/filipino food preparation. Yes, i got this mad look from Richards Aunt when she saw me in the kitchen cooking coz they literally reminded me not to cook at all but my hard headed personality cannot seem to have the day without lumpia and pancit(all time family favorite)in the table lol. Can you blame me? Aunt Anne now realize how stubborn i am hehe. She even commented " oh my dear vanessa you just fit perfectly to the family". Next gathering, you better keep your hands off the kitchen ok? she really meant it this time so i better listen lol.

I got bunch of neat stuff for the baby from our golf buddies(doug, britney and brad), Nieva(filipina friend) and her hubby Shaun, and of course from relatives. Thank you all from the bottom of our heart. Btw, my most favorite is the handmade blanket from Aunt Anne. See photo below...

multicolor blanket
It's awesome when you get free gifts. Thanks again Susie for hosting the party for us! For more pictures view my photo collection under my links section or click on this album.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Baby Update!

After several sonogram attempts to find the sex of our baby our doctor still couldn't give us a confirmation whether it's a boy or a girl. She thinks it's a boy though, duh like it's going to help us prepare. What's bothersome is that i couldn't even shop for the stuff that i really like or not as excited as it's supppose to be for first time mommies. Oh well, i guess i will just have to learn the virtue of patience and wait till this baby is ready to unveil herself/himself. Anyhow, my next appointment is on the 6th of next month, it's been 2weeks since the last time they check on my status, unfortunately she cancelled the schedule for this coming Monday the 30th. I'm somewhat sad coz i've been anticipating for this visit since this baby has been moving like nuts that i want to see how she/he's positioned now. Hopefully, my health problem free pregnancy will continue between now and my next appointment. Until then, babys sex will remain a mystery.......

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