Thursday, August 30, 2007

Night with the Legend


It was a night worth to remember a spectacle i shall never forget. Mr. Tony Bennet was in town for a 2hr concert, it was my first live solo performance experience here in the states so i just feel like sharing it to everyone. I'm a music lover mostly oldies coz i grew up listening to it, this was really a treat if you know what i mean. Plus his not getting any younger, this could be first and last glimpse of the him. That's why Richard did not hesitate to get tickets for us when i saw the promotion from our local grocery store. So concern to miss the event we held them(tickets) hostage for a month. I told him that i can watch it alone if he choose to stay home but he happen to like him, surprisingly he even have some of his songs loaded on his ipod so I figured he'll tag along and even bought another ticket for his dad. Another bonus is that he got the best seat the closest i can get to take a decent picture of him. Can you imagine my excitement? really it's tremendous.

The night started with dinner at the same building, fine dinning which i'm not really fond of, food and service was excellent for the price we paid ,it better be good, right folks? The place was packed with people of all ages, mostly on their 40's and above lol. It's a solo night but he brought along a surprise for us, his daughter singing one of my favorite of all time standard song "The Nearness of You". I could not help whisper the lyrics in the air lol. I know i'm not supposed to do that, i just missed performing a lot that's all. Some favorites like The way you look tonight, Shadow of your smile, For once in my life, Boulevard of broken dreams, I left my heart in san fransisco, and the popular "Fly me to the moon by Frank sinatra as he pay tribute to his bestfriend was among the selection. It's so wonderful and refreshing to hear these songs live from a legend. I couldn't ask for a better pre-birthday treat than this. He was magnificent, little dance steps here and there, short chats in between made me feel like i've known his life a little bit. I didn't know Bob Hope gave him his name tony bennet, his original name was quite long so the comedian thought it's best for him to get an american short name, that's how it all started. What a memorable wonderful 50 years career he had he said and still wishes to continue to sing for everyone. Him saying that really inspired me. I will truly be a big fan of yours Mr. Tony Bennet. More years to come for you and your music.....

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Eight months and home alone again


7and a half monnths photos of mattie

It's challenging to be left alone with a hyperenergetic infant in tow, though i dislike it a lot before the baby when hubby travel out of country, now i must admit i'm not as bored and irritated as i used to. Because at least i get to play and do more chores with the little one if i don't feel like going out thus requires moving around doing something to be entertained. Just perfect for my personality, coz it makes me feel productive and useful. I think i know where my son got all his energy lol. Hubby coudn't agree more either lol. Mother son bonding definitely fill in the hours of my mundane day to day existence. Honestly, it's more of like my favorite hobby now. Fun and interesting, also a learning exploration of my childs growth and development. Each day is like another day of newfound skills ready to be unfold to the world, it's amazing. It's like a sequence in the movie only i get to watch it live all the time lol. Truthfully, this is the stage that i'm so looking forward to, we interact and me on the other hand playing foolishly like a clown to match up with him. I couldn't ask for a better playmate.

So what's new with my 8month old hyper boy lol? He crawls and scoots(combat crawl)half and half, ends up with the latter most of the time. He can climb up to the sixth stairway now unsupported while me watching him at the near side below. He can manned his walker back and forth easily, sometimes he couldn't figure out how to get out when stuck on the edges of the kitchen cabinets, besides that he is cruising fine when there's no obstruction. So far these are the major ones. Other minor silliness like pulling the stopper cap behind each doors and eat it, he have a fetish with anything that has tags exposed on it(clothes, rags, toys,cables). More fascinated with our cat buddy that he wants to go after her when he sees her coming. He recognizes her meows too that he would stop instantly in whatever he does to find the object that's making the sound. Attentive and curious, i wouldn't be surprise if he becomes an investigator in the future. I got a daily report from the daycare people saying he has been a bully lately, stealing other babies toys. There are times too that some female babies left with him in the afternoon pulling his foot backward so he couldn't crawl. They said he hated it so much that he end up screaming furiously loud enough to get their attention lol.

Video my mattie on his walker:

affair with my belly folds......

Now that im back to my pre pregnancy weight i coudn't help to get annoyed with my little flabs. I am now wearing my old clothes but could not enjoy the looks of it. I know i shouldn't be whining right considering that it only took me 8mnths to shed it? But heck i don't have the guts to flaunt the extra piece of skin when i wear lowrise bottoms. Grrrrr, i can't let this stay for long, it has to go away otherwise it's very unlikely for my skin to get back to normal according to some doctors. Speaking of cocobutter, since early in my pregnancy i've never stop using it. I really hope it holds true to it's purpose of reducing stretch marks.... i do have a few on my left lower side only that needs help lol. I'm so vain when it comes to this(tsk tsk shame). My hair and body is what makes me feel good and confident, forget about materials stuff that covers it..... those weighs less to nothing to my whole being. Alright, time to hit the floor for some crunches i mean serious 15-25minutes of sit ups/crunches starting this week.

Meanwhile, i decided to play golf today with mattie riding along, we'll see if i survive without daddy's company to switch him around. Some fresh air and sun is much needed booze today to prepare me for this second week of being home alone with my shortie. We were suppposed to go spend our weekend at the lake 2hrs outside of Houston with my inlaws, but too short of a time and a lot of moving around with the little one to be worth a road trip going there and flying over to get back here in SA. So i decided for us to stay home, i'm a little sad. But it's ok we'll survive.

P.S. he finally got some teeth, two sharp ones lol.

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