Saturday, October 28, 2006

Baby Update!

After several sonogram attempts to find the sex of our baby our doctor still couldn't give us a confirmation whether it's a boy or a girl. She thinks it's a boy though, duh like it's going to help us prepare. What's bothersome is that i couldn't even shop for the stuff that i really like or not as excited as it's supppose to be for first time mommies. Oh well, i guess i will just have to learn the virtue of patience and wait till this baby is ready to unveil herself/himself. Anyhow, my next appointment is on the 6th of next month, it's been 2weeks since the last time they check on my status, unfortunately she cancelled the schedule for this coming Monday the 30th. I'm somewhat sad coz i've been anticipating for this visit since this baby has been moving like nuts that i want to see how she/he's positioned now. Hopefully, my health problem free pregnancy will continue between now and my next appointment. Until then, babys sex will remain a mystery.......


10 Responses to "Baby Update!"
  1. Himig said...
    1:51 PM

    Soo glad to see ur blog!

    When I was pregnant w/ princess , she was in a breech(sp?) position & we also coundn't see her sex .The doc tried to massage my belly (w/c was one of the most painful experience of my life, litteraly ) to invert her but she was too stuburn even then & so I ended up going C section.

    I guess the most important thing is that the baby is healthy & that hopefully it wont be too hard on you to deliver him/her.

    Take care & thank you for stopping by my blog.

  2. Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...
    2:58 PM

    Hi Mel!thanks for visiting. Can't help myself but dread the whole C-section experience. I hope i won't be under the scalpel when my time comes.However, the control is beyond me so i'll just leave it to mother natures way to decide. On my last appointment the babys head had started to move down, i guess that's a very positive sign.

    P.S. can i link you here?

  3. geri said...
    7:19 PM


    sure you can link me. how far along are you na? got to go, mommy duties calling... btw, welcome to the addictive blogworld :)

  4. Himig said...
    11:59 PM

    I would love to be on your friends' list....I'll add you too ok?!!


  5. in-in said...
    11:17 AM

    Manang nasapkan na jud nako imong blog. I-add tika ha. I don't know if you've read, I am staying home now and very happy. We will hopefully try to know the gender a month from now. Hopefully our baby will cooperate. Sige ayo-ayo diha and have a safe pregnancy and congratulations again.

  6. Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...
    11:24 AM


    Thanks for finding your way here, i was gonna leave a msg in your tagboard today. Good thing you're already here. I just had this site up last saturday. Who would have thought i would gave into Richards request of making one. Here i am a blogger na kuno. Yes link mine to yours. I'll do the same as well. I'm glad you decided to stay home. I know it's for you and your babys safety. Take care of yourself diha nang.

  7. May said...
    4:38 PM

    Vans, wala man 'ata na-save ang akong comment. Hehehe. I'll make a new one na lang. Happy blogging and thanks for adding a link to my site. Ingatz, buntit!

  8. Sarah said...
    10:39 PM

    Ate Van,

    I cant wait to see your baby. I hope it's a boy para may barkada si Caleb pag napunta kami dyan sa San Antonio. ingat and miss you regards to Richard.

  9. Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...
    8:45 PM

    I'm 36 weeks na, i'm almost there. Thanks for stopping by.

    Richard thought Eowyns eating ice cream picture is soo cute.

    Sige na punta na ulit dito SA. Para kita kits na naman tayo.

  10. Anonymous said...
    3:22 AM

    Congrats for the baby! how exciting! nice posts nga pala:) naetertained ako ng husto kababsa ng posts mo:)oh yeah by the way I saw your link @ pinoy info:)


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