Thursday, August 30, 2007

Night with the Legend

It was a night worth to remember a spectacle i shall never forget. Mr. Tony Bennet was in town for a 2hr concert, it was my first live solo performance experience here in the states so i just feel like sharing it to everyone. I'm a music lover mostly oldies coz i grew up listening to it, this was really a treat if you know what i mean. Plus his not getting any younger, this could be first and last glimpse of the him. That's why Richard did not hesitate to get tickets for us when i saw the promotion from our local grocery store. So concern to miss the event we held them(tickets) hostage for a month. I told him that i can watch it alone if he choose to stay home but he happen to like him, surprisingly he even have some of his songs loaded on his ipod so I figured he'll tag along and even bought another ticket for his dad. Another bonus is that he got the best seat the closest i can get to take a decent picture of him. Can you imagine my excitement? really it's tremendous.

The night started with dinner at the same building, fine dinning which i'm not really fond of, food and service was excellent for the price we paid ,it better be good, right folks? The place was packed with people of all ages, mostly on their 40's and above lol. It's a solo night but he brought along a surprise for us, his daughter singing one of my favorite of all time standard song "The Nearness of You". I could not help whisper the lyrics in the air lol. I know i'm not supposed to do that, i just missed performing a lot that's all. Some favorites like The way you look tonight, Shadow of your smile, For once in my life, Boulevard of broken dreams, I left my heart in san fransisco, and the popular "Fly me to the moon by Frank sinatra as he pay tribute to his bestfriend was among the selection. It's so wonderful and refreshing to hear these songs live from a legend. I couldn't ask for a better pre-birthday treat than this. He was magnificent, little dance steps here and there, short chats in between made me feel like i've known his life a little bit. I didn't know Bob Hope gave him his name tony bennet, his original name was quite long so the comedian thought it's best for him to get an american short name, that's how it all started. What a memorable wonderful 50 years career he had he said and still wishes to continue to sing for everyone. Him saying that really inspired me. I will truly be a big fan of yours Mr. Tony Bennet. More years to come for you and your music.....


8 Responses to "Night with the Legend"
  1. ~Mheldz said...
    12:07 PM

    Oh my gosh !!! You've seen Tony Bennet in live concert!!! ( screams!!)

    I've always told Grant that if any of my idols have a concert here that I will definitely going to see them! Last month Diana Krall was here but I couldn't go coz both kids were sick :(.

    Inggit ako sobra! Did he sing "It had to be you"? It's one of our theme song.

    BTW, you look amazing in that blue number :)


  2. Rhebs said...
    8:28 PM

    Vanz, is that more of a formal, semi-private type concert? I've only been to Tim Mcgraw, Faith Hill and Shania Twain's live concerts and you know the audience are more rugged than casual pang country gyud ;-)

    Bagay ka sa new hairstyle look like a celebrity ;-) pag ako siguro nag pa-color ng blond siguradong magmukhang badyaw ako hehehe

  3. Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...
    9:41 PM

    Mel, i don't remember him singing that song. I like Diana Krall too, even though i only know few songs of her. Check your local listings or even sign for newsletter from the venue places, they normally send you information and calendar of events.
    I was gonna see earth wind and fire and gladys knights last year pero i was still working evenings at that time then buntis pa lol. Don't worry dear dami pang next time, pag medyo matanda na ang artist na gusto mong panoorin try not to miss it malay mo it's only your chance.... kaya ako pag may favorite artist ako intown na medyo old hirit kaagad..

    Rhebs, it was held at majestic theater, usually puro broadway and symphony shows ang featured, i assume pag medyo oldie na ang artist they don't really put the event in an astrodome like those young ones. Besides, i don't think he would sell a lot of tickets if it's in a big place. Less marketing sa mga new generation i think. 80percent in the audience are 40yr old and above,kung naa may teenager they were either with their parents or grannies lol, maybe 5percent are my age. To match the architechural theater in laws suggested that i wear something semiformal, it's actually knee length(ako photographer doesn't care to take full body shot lol). MIL picked the dress and color for me, i would have never pick royal blue in a million years,but she nicely asked me to try it on and i was stunned. It does look alright with my skintone. I guess that explains a lot why i only have four or five colors in my closet. I need to explore some more.

  4. Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...
    9:54 PM

    rhebs, i forgot to answer your question about dress code. It wasn't required but locals know the venue so they probably just did it for the sake of it and the event. Alam muna old people(such as my FIL wearing coat and tie) likes to dress up. I actually feel like going to a big broadway show in new york(i remember last time we went i did dress up a little bit). But i did see some people on their casual/sunday dress.

  5. Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...
    10:04 PM

    P.S ladies, my new hair makeover had a story. It's not supposed to be that bright of a highlight, i guess he overcooked it unintentionally. But I do like my haircut though, so all in all it was an ok makeover, there's always another makeover in five months time lol. Miss blondy is my new nickname now..... darn i didn't mean to have a bright highlights....

  6. Sarah said...
    5:19 PM

    Ate Van,

    bagay nmn sayo new look mo eh! kc may ibang pinay pag nag blonde d nagbabagay pero sayo in all honesty bagay ha.

  7. ~Mheldz said...
    11:15 AM

    Hi Van,
    Lagay ka naman ng tagboard para di na mag sign in .Saves extra steps on sending message .

    TC & have a great weekend

  8. Lanie said...
    8:37 AM

    Vanz, Happy Happy Birthday! ^_^ You look stunning on your blue dress! Enjoy your big day, have a great weekends. ~_^


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