Friday, October 26, 2007

Walking at 10mnths

Finally had a shot of Mattie walking, were just too glued watching him learn it everyday that a camera doesn't come in handy anymore. Hubby is partly to blame since he is not into pictures, he would refer me as " worst than a japanese tourist"(stereotyping) before, thus made me less excited to grab a shot especially when i want multiple flashes to pick a good one lol. He's been walking at his own free will at 10mnths, now approaching 11mnths he gets too fired up that he wants to run already lol. More comfortable without the shoes of course, but he's trying to master it from time to time.

recent photo of Mattie.


6 Responses to "Walking at 10mnths"
  1. geri said...
    9:26 PM

    Congratulations Mattie! He's so cute in the video :) Banot, don't you just love the walking stage?

  2. ~Mheldz said...
    3:52 PM

    Way to go Mattie!!
    It's amazing to witness our kids milestone stages. Ako din medyo naiyak when Shinjo finally walked kc he was delayed .He was about 1 year and a half.

    Happy exploring Mattie:)

  3. Sarah said...
    9:59 AM

    Congrats kay Mattie ang cute naman nya mag walk hehehe kisses to him

  4. Rhebs said...
    7:20 PM

    ~wow~ how time flies.... Vanz, before you know it mangulitawo na na imong Mattie ba ;-)

  5. Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...
    8:55 AM

    Ger, oh definitely fun to watched him walk. Melts my heart actually.

    Mel, i had a feeling that he would walk pretty soon when he starts to climb up the stairs all the way up at seven months. Now he can make turns and stop he even moves his butt to dance with the music playing.

    Sarah,in laws we're very excited everytime we send them videos like this, they think he is the cutest haah considering they already have 3grandboys. Seems like mattie is the fav of all.

    Rhebs, lagi oi i won't be surprise kung manguyab na ni siya, karon gani mo kiss na with an open mouth, unya flying kiss pud to his girlfriends at the daycare.

  6. Bless said...
    4:00 AM

    Very good Mattie! Way to go. Can't wait my girl do the walking too :-)


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