Monday, March 10, 2008

Tag from Melody!

4Jobs I Have Had:
-Ralph lauren sales associate(4months)
-medical technologist
-medical technologist

4 Movies Watched Over and Over:
- None(except when richard watch his favorites twice).

4 Places I have Lived:
- Mati
-Cebu City

4 Shows I Watch:
-American Idol
-Hgtv channel
-Clean house(style channel)
-What not to Wear(tlc channel)

4 Places I Have Been To:
- Bohol
- Palawan
-Carribean Islands

4 People Who E-mail Me:
- This week? nobody but junk emails lol.

4 Favorite Things To Eat:
- Jamaican jerk chicken
-Indian curry
-Puerto Rican pernil(pot roast),
-Korean bulgogi(grill beef)

4 Places I Would Rather Be Living:
-Carribean Islands
-Philippines(once inflation is better)

4 Things I Look Forward To This Year:-
-new job
-two week vacation outside Texas
-bedroom makeover
-new sedan car(our suv is way too big for me). Hopefully by the end the year.


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  1. ~Mheldz said...
    12:14 AM
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  2. ~Mheldz said...
    12:15 AM

    I want a new car too (waaa).
    Mine is an old car of grant .A ten year old 2door sports car that got rear-ended 3 years ago and up till now we have not gotten it fix. So many time's like at a gas station , the attendant will offer to close my trunk coz it looks like its open , but its not. Its actually tied underneath with a strong rope lols.

    I have a clean driving record so far so I guess I deserve an upgrade.

    Cute lalo ni Matty habang lumalaki.
    I could tell he is going to be a smart boy when he gets older.

    TC :)


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