Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sick Again!!!

This is not the typical flu bug, whatever it is it's physically exhausting. I felt like i've ran a whole day marathon though i haven't run any marathon but just imagine your energy get suck out every minute of it. Started yesterday at work, came in the morning feeling giddy, by lunch time i started to have sore throat, very painful that i can't even swallow my own saliva, i started to feel cold, whole muscles and joints are aching from head to toe. Then shivering kicks in even with my laboratory coat on the temperature is lowering down like i'm standing naked somewhere in Alaska. I had this illness before but not even my family doctor can diagnos what the cause is. No runny nose, maybe a little congestion, i felt warm inside but if you check the thermometer it's only a mild fever just like last time. The only remedy i had before is a good massage. Pain and cold medicine doesn't seem to help the tiredness and body pains. My coworker have a daughter that has fibromyalgia, it's a sickness that cannot be rule out through testing. Doctor only prescribe once a week massage with the chiropractor, somehow alleviates the pain they said. No cure either...

So now, off i go to the spa and see if i get better with one hour wellness massage. I really hate when i get sick with an unknown illness......


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