Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Plain boring

I'm talking about shoes and color favorites when it comes to wardrobe in general. I just cleaned up my shoe closet and packed our balikbayan boxes to be shipped out before our September trip and realized i'm all but boring in the color department. What's up with me hoarding mostly black and brown??? I did have a white sandal and dark purple stilletto that i seldom wear.... The white pair i'm actually giving away, some red heels i already boxed previously... I made a promise to myself to explore bold and fun colors especially now that spring and summer is approaching.... In the clothing department i'm actually more adventurous, but i still have more black and brown colors populating my hangers...

Maybe because you can't go wrong with dark browns and black, it goes with just about anything. Easy to pair it too, no confusion..

Same goes with belts, i have 15 pairs of belts from leather to fabric material. Yah mostly black and browns too.

Here are the shoes already in the balikbayan box, mostly brand new. Either i bought it one size smaller and some are just not comfortable for my poor feet after an hour wearing it. Can you tell?? more blacks..


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