Sunday, June 07, 2009


1st photo

2nd photo

Recent photos of 2 and a half years old Mattie taken at his request. First one was his signature pose second pose was coached by his daddy. "Put your head down a little bit Matthew" his daddy told him. He happily comply. Obviously the second photo is better than the all neck view lol. Do you think he is ready for a modelling career?

P.s. he is sporting a new haircut courtesy of grandpa and his daddy. I wasn't around when they successfully trim his hair. The last two attempts has been a battle, we need two people to hold him down. He was so scared of both the clipper and scissors that i have given up hope. I could care less if he looks like a girl lol. I'm glad grandpa and hubby was able to get it done.


4 Responses to "Cheezzz!!!"
  1. Manang Kim said...
    10:24 AM

    Ay vanz pagka-cutie ba sa smile. I was looking mattie closely parang di ko na madetermined kung saan nagmana ang looks parang hati na ata.

  2. Merydith said...
    2:08 AM

    Manang nah gidala nako si Kiko sa salon uy kay mahadlok ko motupi maapil unya ang dunggan, yikes. Si Ryan utro sad hadlokan na mo ana na lang nga dad-on lang lagi sa salon. Dako naman kaayo ni Mattie uy pagka cutie ra ba.

  3. emie said...
    6:21 PM

    Salamat sa comment, ur so blessed to have a very amazing little boy. Trying to get busy bisag unsa lang ako buhatun but boring na kau i almost memorize the daily routine kaulion nku sa pinas lolz. My AOS interview will be this july 16, then i received my work permit may 1 84 days gkan sa pag apply. Hopefully everything will goes right, thanks again have a wonderful day!!!

  4. Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...
    8:50 PM

    Ate Kim,

    I thought he always looks like me heheh. He definitely got most of my gene. Enjoy pinas, diri sad arang inita nag 100 degrees mi karon diri.


    Matthew's second haircut at the salon was a disaster, he got a bald spot from moving and crying too much. It was a struggle holding him from top to bottom. Richard and I did the first it was less physical since he was only one year old at that time. Now, we just take him with us when daddy gets a haircut every month that way he gets used to it and hopefully doesn't get scared anymore. We bribe him with lollilop if he gets a haircut, but when he sees the stylist he just keeps saying "i'm scared mommy" but he still wants his candy even without his haircut. Little boy trying to fool us hahahha.


    Thanks for the comment. Keep your patience and keep writing as well. It will help with the boredom a little. Now that you have your work permit are planning of working??



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