Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Patiently Waiting!

It's been 2 weeks since my last post. I just want to let everyone know that i haven't given birth yet..... The waiting is definitely killing me. It's not that i'm miserable like some of my relatives would think, i just can't wait to meet him/her. The thought of having an entirely new life ahead of me is way beyond words to describe it. I'm just one of those excited parent to be you know. This coming thursday is my due date, if i won't have it by then my doctor will schedule an induction. I heard it's more painful than the normal labor?

thanksgiving photos(38weeks)

My thanksgiving was spent with Richard's family. In-laws arrived from Kuwait for vacation(they're cruising in mexico right now) at same time to be here when i give birth this week. All of us went to my sister in laws husbands family for thanksgiving lunch, i feasted too much that i could barely walk, i thought i will go on labor lol. What a sumptuous meal they had prepared, everything in the table was so tasty. I'm not fond of desserts but i end up eating two kinds(pumpkin roll cake and coconut pie). How can i resist? besides i have a good reason to pig out. I felt guilty afterwards but what the heck i'm PREGNANT! Friday was shopping day, NO we're not one of the door busters that day. I'd hang myself first before i do that. Unless it's a big ticket item purchase maybe i'll consider waking up my butt up at 5am. We started at 9am- 8pm, not too bad since we went to few other places too. Though my feet were beat up that day, we did get almost everything in our list and some good bargains.

This week is nothing but chores for the babys arrival. Crib and stroller were up and ready for use, clothes and blankets are washed and neatly folded, hospital bag was packed, house is immaculately cleaned and partly decorated with christmas ornaments. Little projects here and there to kill time while playing the waiting game lol. Admittingly, both of us just don't want to get bored, especially me that i'm on my maternity leave already. Doing nothing is just not my cup of tea. I'll go crazy. Speaking of project, instead of buying a complete nursery furniture we decided to restain our old armoire and nightstand to match with the cherry/mahogany crib that i picked out from babies r' us. A white crib would have been a good match but dark wood attracted me most. It hasn't been put into use since we moved here from florida might as well redo it and save the money for something else. Besides, it keeps us more occupied. We stripped and sanded it yesterday, hopefully we'll get it done today.

Unfortunately, Richard and i catched some bug. Cold or cold allergy of some sort . Mine started couple of days ago and his is just starting. How ironic is that, hopefully it will go away when i give birth.

That's all for now folks. On my next entry expect some baby photos/updates. Coz whether he/she decided to stay in my belly, this baby is coming out regardless. See more photos.


4 Responses to "Patiently Waiting!"
  1. ~SAB~ said...
    6:59 PM

    Hi Van, am excited to see na rin your baby, hihihi. Ilabas mo na yan! lol

  2. irene/ozzywife said...
    8:18 PM

    hey Van..ganda mo pa din kahit buntit.. congrats ha..naaaliw ako sa blog mo lalo na mga pictures ng gamit ng baby. i am the same nung first baby ko..keep us posted

  3. Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...
    9:08 AM


    I am gettin close, you'll here from it this weekend or so.


    Thanks for the nice compliment, i still can't hide the fact that im 35lbs heavier with this pregnancy lol. Doesn't look like it but hey can't complain hehe. Hugs to your little ones.

  4. Himig( Mel) said...
    10:42 AM

    Looks like u'r all set & ready. It will get even better once the baby arrives. Ang sarap mag shopping ng baby stuff...it's my most favorite part....the least is the never ending diaper change & waking up in ungodly hours , but it's all worth it.
    God Bless & I pray for your safe & easy delivery.


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