Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Weekend at 36 weeks

Not much going on lately, as usual the same work-house routine and vice versa kind of life here in the lone star state lol. Work is definitely keeping me active physically, which is a good thing. Because for some reason my body tend to crash or just plain butt lazy when i'm home although i still do regular chores except that my mobility is not that quick or should i say deprive to move more/do more than what i can. I know i still could but prefer not to for the sake of my unborn child. Stubborness kicks in every now and then, but i make sure i'm grounded and learn to refuse to do heavy stuff . Fighting hard with myself here folks. So yes, thanks for my job huh, otherwise i'll be dead bored.

Last Saturday i was invited to a birthday party. I decided to come since nothing's really planned for me and Richard that day. That's right this pregnant lady can still rock hehe. I went with some friends from work Jovita and Cruz with their friends along. Party was set in the farmland 16 miles away downtown. It's an interesting place to be for a change. You know the house in the middle of nowhere where you can run naked and fire guns all day long and no one would even care coz your next door neighbor is a mile away lol. A little chilly afternoon but a fun one. Lot's of drink too bad i can only drown myself with virgin margaritas, not my favorite drink but it has been since i got pregnant. Since we arrived early at 4pm and other invited guests were assumingly snobs to enjoy with we decided to leave before 8pm. Too bad for Jovita she only get to be there less than 2hrs. Don't you worry Jovy, next time around we'll party and do karaoke till morning(i know i owe you one). All in all it was a short exciting getaway for this pregnant lady of yours.

me in the woods

left to right; ruben, rey, jovita, me, greg and zeff the bday boy.

Anticipation for the coming of our baby is very overwhelming now as it gets closer. Mommy and Daddy is really getting excited for this little monkey.

Belly pics at 36 weeks.


11 Responses to "Weekend at 36 weeks"
  1. May said...
    4:30 PM

    Vans, your belly has really started to drop. Hapit na jud ka manganak! I'm also excited about your little monkey... boy or girl? Take care always!

  2. Sarah said...
    11:21 PM

    Ate Van,

    Your bell dropped already and it's huge I'll bet it's a boy coz it's so pointed. You still look stunning, kelan nga ulit ang duedate? Coz Abe wants to go in San Antonio first week of December. Can't wait to meet your baby.

    Ingat miss you & love you

  3. Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...
    11:34 PM

    Sarah dear,

    You bet i dropped already, his been hitting my bladder so hard that it's almost like a needle poke. Almost on his way, i can feel it. I'm due at the end of the month, most probably you'll meet him by then. Oh boy, i can't wait to see little Caleb. Hurrrryy guys!

    Muwaah, lav yah and miss you too guys.

  4. Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...
    11:39 PM

    Manang May,

    Naah we decided to leave it as a surprise nalang. I was gonna ask my doctor is we can have a peek but didn't bother since i only 3 more weeks to go. Maybe she'll do one next week to see if his down already, who knows, but i could care less now. It's actually exciting to keep everyone guessing including us lol. But i'm telling you, this is going to be a boy hehe.

  5. May said...
    2:20 PM

    Manang Vans, feel bitaw nako boy na imong baby. Sarah is right - you still look stunning despite your extremely big belly! Ma-excite man ko apil sa imo uy. Hahaha! I can remember kadtong buntis pa ko, everytime the baby kicks feeling sad nako usahay maka-ihi ko! Pero Vans, nothing beats the feeling jud of finally being able to hold your baby in your arms. It's one super special, glorious moment! God bless and please know I'm always praying for your safe delivery.

  6. Himig( Mel) said...
    6:37 PM

    3 weeks na lang?? Wow, that is soo exciting. W/ shinjo , I couldn't sleep at all when my due date was coming near.
    I'm sure u wont be around the blog scene for a while but I hope you'll let us know how the delivery went & most esp. if boy or girl as soon as u can.
    Ingat palagi.

  7. in-in said...
    12:31 PM

    Manang yes as what they said ni drop na gyud. Ka daku sa imong tiyan sa? Mao lagi na akong kahadlokan uy daku na kaayo ko ug tiyan unya wala ko nitubo ang tiyan ra. Basta ayaw palabi ayo-ayo lang diha. I was so stubborn before about doing my job lagi mao asa na ko karon. Pero I am very happy to be home anyway. Working retail and your pregnant during the holiday season is a suicide. Take Care manang.

  8. Himig( Mel) said...
    1:41 PM

    Nanganak ka na ba?? Keep us posted ok!!

  9. Anonymous said...
    2:09 PM

    hello napadaan lang ...I bet u'r excited to be a mom! congratulations! youa re a glowing mom!!!:)

  10. Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...
    10:53 PM
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  11. Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...
    10:57 PM

    Hi Irel,

    Thanks for dropping by. Indeed, the whole family is anxiously waiting for this little monkey to come out. I'm patiently waiting, although my body displays some helplessness every now and then i do believe i can make it. Also, the fact that the last two weeks before giving birth they say is the toughest, i am ready for the last stretch.

    10:53 PM


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