Sunday, January 21, 2007

Getting big

at five weeks

Matthew is now 7 weeks and indeed growing like a weed lol. Boy this baby can eat. His still mix with formula and breastmilk, although my milk can't keep up i intend to do it till his 3 month old. Or at least till winter season is over. Little breastmilk can't go wrong you know, besides we won't ran out of formula quickly as long as i breastfeed him mostly when i'm home it sure saves us some, not much, but still. At 3 weeks he already gained 2lbs i bet on his next appointment if not double at least more. My poor arms can definitely tell. Most of his immunization shots are due this time also, i don't know what to expect. Little heel stick didn't bother me before let's see how tough i am when it comes to multiple bigger needles poking my baby's body.

I'm back to work btw, i could say it's a bit hard adjusting. Reasons are, number one i switch to morning shift which is a big deal because i really don't like waking up early and rushing(i'm not a morning person). Certainly, not with a baby that i have to feed in the middle of the night compare to working evening i can be up all night and make up for it during the day without worrying about getting late. Secondly, my system is not yet trained to do chores altogether not at least on my first day at work. It would have been a slow transition but since my supervisor put me on schedule right away instead of March i have no choice. If i only knew, i could have change our mother baby routines two weeks before to get myself ready. I'm like a walking zombie on my first day back lol. I'm sure this week will be better. I know it's just a matter of my body getting used to it and hopefully will become a routine that i don't have to curse heheh. You see, these are the few things you gave up when you enter motherhood. It's not about YOU anymore. Good thing i'm prepared for it otherwise i'll end up with postpartum blues or whatever you want to call it. Don't get me wrong i still miss working evening(esp. my coworkers) and even less cheerful doing the day shift but i have to deal with it and move on. A big deal for me but the advantages are i can be with my baby and husband at dinnertime and tuck him to bed which i cannot do if i work evening. Multitasking is surely not easy, it's hardwork but very rewarding since I have fun taking good care of Matty and missing him a lot when i'm away.

We're looking for babysitter for weeks now that can watch him at home while hubby is out of country next week or so. It is the best option i believe but it's almost impossible to get one around my area. Checked on daycare next block from my work but didn't like the environment. Hubby commented that i'm just so anal about cleanliness. Hey, you don't want to leave your child to a place that your not comfortable with, right? not for a less than a month child. I made some phone calls yesterday to several daycare within five miles 70 percent of them takes infant, we'll tour the place today after work, looking forward to find a decent one this time.

Short videos taken by Matthew's daddy.


3 Responses to "Getting big"
  1. sarah said...
    2:54 PM

    work k n pala ulit kisses to Matt. Gwapo nya hunk na hunk ah ingat!

  2. Himig( Mel) said...
    7:01 PM

    Hi vans,
    Sus ka gwapo ni Matty & blond ang hair..tisoy talaga.

    So you're back to work na pla , but atleast you & Richard can take turn on taking care of the kid. Can't help but envy you...miss ko na din ang mag work.

    I know it's very hard & it's a major adjustment but I know you will get through this all & you will be the best mommy ever.

    Take care.

  3. Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...
    9:06 AM


    thank u ha, ba proud talaga ang nanay. I don't know about his looks, hati ang mga nakukuha kung comments from work. Some don't quite agree that he all look like daddy. Let's see in the next few months.


    Hey tita mel, skin ko kay daddy talaga, yun bang parang sausage skin pagnalamigan hahaa. I'm still adjusting with work and motherhood, i never thought it would be such a deal working mornings. I'm always exhausted at the end of the day, i kept fighting it kasi di naman ako sanay matulog nang maaga but my body couldn't keep up lol. Anyway, work keeps me balance, it's like a resting place for me. I bet you feel the same way. Sige na balik na sa workforce.


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