Wednesday, January 03, 2007


peek a boo

We spent our holidays(xmas and new year) quietly. Attended mass(matthews first), had a delicious cornish hen for dinner at home shared with our cat buddy and matthew on our side just hanging out. Then watch some netlfix dvd's to wrap up the day. My present came early as hubby couldn't wait, such a child at heart sometimes. I wasn't gonna get one this year coz i wanted something for the house. A big purchase which he said will be consider as a xmas present as we won't be be getting it till end of last year. But he did got me something useful which is a new set of golf clubs. As he promised that when i broke 100 he would get me a new set. So gone are the beginner clubs. Can't wait to get back on track soon, but first i have to be physically fit again, 20 more pounds to shed and some muscles toned down and i'm ready.

As of yesterday, Matty turned 1 month old, wow how days goes by so fast? He had his doctors appointment last week(3weeks). His doing great healthwise. He is 2 pounds heavier and 2 inches longer. Newborn diapers doesn't fit him anymore, so his one size up now. Oh yah he can definitely eat lol. As all mothers know already, nightime feeding can be very challenging, i don't think one will ever realize such task until you experience it. On the other hand, it's wonderful, especially when your baby gives you smiles during feeding , you bet all sleepiness get tossed away.

Now i can relate to them(filipina mothers) about wanting to have yayas,(nannies) and the constant wish of having the baby back home in PI. Certainly, a round the clock extra help from relatives can do so much. Even your neighbor in the Philippines will watch your child when you ask lol. Oh wish on a star, since none of that can happen anytime soon. Here's more pictures and a video taken last xmas day. Enjoy.


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  1. in-in said...
    3:59 PM

    Manang, a month already? Daku na kaayo tan-awon si Matthew and a little cutie. Time surely fly by fast. Ryan is really worried about post-partrum depression and I told him everything will be ok. Akong mga tiya gani tag 13 or less kabuok mga anak ok ra man lagi. Then he said because they have support help round the clock in the Philippines. He was right though. Pero if you, Geri, Dauph, Sarah managed it so there is no doubt I will manage it too. Honestly, I am getting scared and excited at the same time. After Feb. everything will go downhill from there. I have 3 baby showers coming up in Feb. and March will be spent preparing for everything. Then I am due sa first week sa April. I really can't wait. I wonder what our baby would look like. Hope he will look like Ryan but if not, we will still love him equally. By the way, thanks for the suggested name. Will think about it. Kisses to little Matthew. Take Care !!!

  2. Rhebs said...
    5:47 PM


    Your little bundle of joy is so adorable and so tisoy.. daghang gyud muhilak nga chicks ana ba ;-)

  3. Himig( Mel) said...
    11:16 PM

    Hi Van,
    Ang laki na agad ni Matty. nakuh , enjoy this moments kc he is still very manageable. Pag nag start na gumapang & lumakad , nakuh ...hahhaha( sorry , don't meant to scare yah).

    Cheers! :)


  4. geri said...
    4:15 PM

    Banot, 1 month old pa lang si Matthew at may energy ka nang manood ng DVD? You are doing far better than I did :) I know things will get easier as each week passes. When Matthew hits 6 months and has more predictable disposition and schedule you won't pine for yayas too much. Ako gani I am already having second thoughts if I will hire a nanny when in the Philippines, murag kaya naman ug too attached na ko sa baby para isalig sa uban. But we'll see...

    You look great! And I can really see the pride glowing in Matthew's fathers eyes. What's more as time passes the affection will only grow and grow, for you three :)


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