Friday, March 02, 2007

What's going on!

matthew and daddy checking out the sofa at RTG.

Recent pictures of Matthew at 3months.


Wheeew, almost a month of dormancy lol. A few things that had happened lately in my household. Some good one's and some are not.


Finally applied last september and got a reply 3 weeks after. I was scheduled for fingerprinting on October. Then the most awaited interview was 2 weeks ago February 13th. I call it a chit chat actually lol. The officer that initiate the interview was indeed very lively i felt very comfortable the whole 30mins. Informal and none of the frightening raising eyebrows questions asked. Richard stayed outside, i don't know if in other states spouses were included in the interview process but on mine it was just me. Good thing he didn't asked a lot of civic questions from the new 200 booklet. I'm not even aware that there is a revised one for 2007. I studied the old version which was handed to me by the officer at the fingerprinting office. Heard about it in the news later but even on their website it's not release yet. Anyway, five easy questions was asked, luckily got it all answered. He then told me to write and read one sentence that says "congratulations you passed the citizenship interview", which covered the reading and writing test. That was it, everything that follows we're all fun chitchats lol. He talked about marriage frauds that are happening lately, mostly filipinos/asians involve(what a shame), hmm he praised vonage btw and her dear korean wife hehehe. Before i stepped out, i told him what my husband said to my baby Matthew before the interview date. He said, "daddy is a bachelor on valentine's day" with a confuse look on my face i asked him why". It's because mommy is now an american and she can divorce me anytime and leave us(with a smile on his face). Oh you think i will leave the baby with you? heck no was my rebuttal lol! Both of us burst out laughing. Officer was laughing too with his last words saying " of course you and him were joking right? I think he knows my intentions based solely on the way i presented myself from the very start. A very candid and confident me the entire time inside that room, thus, i assume creates no suspicion on his end. To sum it up, a very easy process of four months. So guys, don't worry about it, it's not as bad as you may think.I'm just waiting for the oath taking ceremony which will happen sometime in april or may. For the meantime no more immigration paperwork. The next hurdle will be petitioning my parents in the next year or so. A tourist visa will do actuallly, since they are not going to stay here for good.

Hearts Day

I got a new Palm Treo 680 from Richard a week early. He thought i need it coz my old treo is about to die anytime soon and flowers at work (he never fails with the flower thing lol). Pretty sleek eventhough i don't need that kind of a pricey phone again but can't complain it's a gift and the thought matters most. I got him a cup, cheap of me right lol. Oh well, he likes it better when he picks his gift anyway. No fancy dinner date, just quiet time at home with the baby. On Richards birthday last week we spent the weekend window shopping for a new leather sofa(post xmas gift for both of us). Kinda late but very worth it. Not too bad since there's only 5 places to check, we end up with rooms to go because they are the only one that has an express delivery lol, we want it fast since Richard is leaving out of country anytime soon(sad me), i don't want to take a day off from work at time of the delivery.


5 Responses to "What's going on!"
  1. Sarah said...
    12:51 PM

    Ate Van,

    congrats at american citizen ka na. vote for Hilary Clinton hehehe! im eyeing for her.

    TC God bless

  2. in-in said...
    3:24 PM

    Nang, congratulations sa imong latest achievement. Citizen na jud ka. Naa diay silay bag-o na mga set of questions? Sos 200 ka daghan ana uy. Pwede naman unta ko mag apply last July pero wala mi nagdali kay ingon daw it will take 6-8 months. Unya usa pa sad, I just learned na mabdos ko ba. So nahadlok mi na basin maatol na manganak ko, i-schedule hinoon ko ug interview. So pagka Jan. pa ko ni apply. Agoy na samot man akong ka shock kay purya buyag perti man hinoong pas-pasa. Jan. something akong gi send, unya Jan 24 kay NOA then sa Jan 25 kay schedule na para finger-printing. Abi namo ba basin dugay pa ang interview. Sos nakadawat ko last Monday lang ug schedule sa interview. Sa April 11 then akong due date kay sa April 8. Na hibulong mi kay when we checked online they are servicing the applications of July 2006. Nagsuwat na sad ko to move it kay dihins jud pwede. Si Ryan ang mas concern mag-unsa nalang daw siya sa baby kung mohilak hahaha. Mag-anad, anad jud ning tawhana.

    By the way, thank you for stopping sa akong blog. Lipay lang ko kay akong step mom mo take a week off from work to help me out with the baby. Nahuwasan intawon ko. Oh yeah, I was 130 before karon lapas na sa 170 mananga ka. Which ang nitubo ang nawong ra ug tiyan. Mao na feeling nako balyena na kaayo ko karon. Sexy man kuno gihapon ingon si Ryan. Give my kisses to little Matthew. Ayo-ayo diha, ayaw palabi ha.

  3. Rhebs said...
    11:06 AM

    Vanz, puera buyag naman ng imohang baby oy...lami paakon ba hehehe

    Anyway, congrats on your citizenship... at long last the immigration hurdle finally comes to an end. After the oath taking get ka kaagad ng US passport tapos register ka to vote for the next election ;-)

  4. Lee said...
    5:25 PM

    Van, Long time no blog (Ako rin, lol!). Baby's getting bigger and bigger ah. Glad to know you're breezing through it. Congrats nga pala sa iyong successful interview. I'm playing catch up with blogs and work, so if i disappear for a few days/weeks again don't be surprised!
    Regards to the lovely familia!

  5. Lee said...
    4:38 PM

    Van, Laki na pala baby mo. Haven't been able to view my old blog links nung nagpalit ako ng puter. Nice to see you're doing great!
    Hugs to the baby!


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