Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Almost There

goofing around with mommy and daddy before bath time. Everytime i leave his clothes on top of his head he smiles.

wearing his 6mnths suit.

As usual this entry is going to be mostly updates about our little one. For the last month i can pretty much say that things are getting better. I'm now adjusted to the morning shift at work, few bouts here and there with the alarm clock but surprisingly some mornings i just wake up ahead of time without the help of the annoying buzz, which is indicative of me heading to the right direction. Although i still like the rush and alarm free routine but with the baby, i prefer to work early and be home before sunset now and watch primetime shows on tv while doing chores. Yah right talking about unselfishness and priorities lol. Motherhood can definitely change a person tremendously, in a good way for sure.

At three and a half months(his four now) matthew have been sleeping like an angel, it would go from 4-5 nights stretch of bliss then a night that he would wake up just to eat or for instance when he had diarhhea madness he'll wake up because his soaking wet. Besides that, his sleeping like a champ while we're both loving the 6-8hrs straight of rest as well. His behaving pretty good that it scares me of the nights to come that he won't sleep and get cranky lol. But i'm ready, i just hope that it won't be long straight nights. He weighs 15.7 lbs and 25.6 inches tall. Above average for his age of four months is what his pediatrician told us. As what my co-filipina workers would say"american size jud na bata"(american size baby). He seem to enjoy his baby food. Daycare have been giving him different meal each day from pears, peas to squash. Other than the stinky poop his belly is not complaining at all. No known favorites still but i'm glad he blended easily with the new found taste. I'm quite amazed he doesn't spit out a lot of the food, actually he seems like his been eating for months already. I guess he just love food and doesn't want to waste it lol.

You see mom i can hold it now, watch me i coz i am going to fall soon.
He is starting to sit up now and was able to hold if for a good 20 seconds, i haven't seen him roll fully on his side yet(only halfway) but the caregiver at the daycare said that he rolled the other day while throwing his tantrums out coz no one was paying attention to him. Is that a trick to get him to roll?hmmm. I'm curious. He doesn't like tummy time by the way, when he is in a good mood 10-15mins is long enough, otherwise forget about it. Doctor's order I have to do it often coz if i don't he will have a flat head for the rest of his life and i get to blame for it hehe. Warm season is already here, can't wait to take him to the beach and have his first dip. Also more fun activities for us outdoors. His happy as he can be when his outside especially at the golf course with so much color and trees to stare at around, boy it won't be long he will be running around the course. I'm excited.

He loves to stare at the digital photo frame and very receptive to all his toys now, i don't have to worry about watching him coz entertaining himself is what he does whenever his not moody. Talking about tickles, Matthew is a very ticklish one, even wiping his milky neck would make him giggle and laughing so hard that he end up with hiccups, i am loving every minute of it though. Oh no not the hiccups.


2 Responses to "Almost There"
  1. Sarah said...
    6:12 PM

    Ate Van,

    Omg four months na pala si Matt! ang bilis ng panahon buti pa sya he can sit up by himself si Caleb till now he havent figured how to do it. ANg laki laki nya for his age ang haba pa mana kay Rich. Kisses to Matt

  2. juliet said...
    9:01 PM

    you got cutie baby boy! Congrats! He`s adorable baby!...i enjoyed my viewing here..lovely pics...


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