Saturday, April 28, 2007

Humana Jud

Immigration hurdle finally came to an end. No more paperworks, skyrocket fees and waiting time, "HUMANA JUD"(its over)is the thought that came to my mind as soon as i recieve the memo from INS in the mail about my citizenship oath taking ceremony schedule. It only took 3 months from my interview, and i still wonder why it took a little bit long? final background check perhaps? i even thought they reverse the decision. However, it is a big relief knowing that this is going to be my last immigration encounter at least for me. September 2006 is when i sent the application in the mail, initial response was 3 weeks later. I got interviewed February 2007, ceremony is next month(May). Total of almost 8months. It's about what i expected. So far, all of my immigration applications had been very smooth, no denials, returned paperwork, administrative review and other reasons for delays. Actually, i'm quite pleased with the whole experience.

Does any of the filipina ladies out there required to wear a dress at the oath taking? coz i am. It says on the memo that women should wear a dress, huh!. Well a trip to the mall is required then coz most of my dresses are for maternity if not summer beach dress. A good excuse to own one more since i really don't have alot in my closet lol. I have'nt really thought about the whole citizenship thing until i got the oath taking ceremony date, i felt somewhat sad and happy. Maybe it's the filipino pride kicking in. I'm glad there is such thing as dual citizenship otherwise i would have think twice to apply or procastinate some more. This is it "americanang hilaw na kuno ko".

I can "run away now" is what i said to tease richard. He just gave me a rolling eyeballs everytime i uttered the words lol. I'm still in amazement knowing that i will soon be a citizen of this country after 5years of living here. An opportunity given to few people, i'm sure grateful and wholeheartedly take pride and responsibility for the rights and previliges i have been given. Regardless, i'm still a proud Filipina....


4 Responses to "Humana Jud"
  1. geri said...
    7:55 AM

    Hi Banot, congratulations! I was really waiting for this news since I wanted to get an idea for the timeline of the citizenship. It's so fast jud diay no? I will be applying as soon as I get the forms printed out.

  2. Sarah said...
    10:38 PM

    congrats sister! kelan ba pwede mag apply ng citizenship dpt ba 5 yrs tlg?

    kisses to Matthew

  3. Rhebs said...
    7:30 AM

    Vanz, Congrats... humana jud!!!

    During my time we were not required to wear a dress. Lately lang man gi-require to wear dress on oath taking kay ang uban man gud sobra ka sporty kag rugged. My friend here also got her notice and it was stated in the letter that it is mandatory to wear a dress at oath taking.

    Again CONGRATS and have fun. Your little guy is growing like a weed... looks like 100% Richard man jud ;-)

  4. juliet said...
    8:54 PM

    Hi there! Am Juliet from FL..found ur blog from Rhebs site...I just became a U.S Citizen last May 1st...The Oath Taking was good! it`s now required pala to wear dress! coz on mine it was just stated to wear a proper parang ganun na Goodluck to you and Congrats na rin!..Have fun!


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