Friday, June 29, 2007

My take on fitness

above photos:5th wedding anniversary date
Since the baby i vowed not to keep the weight i've gain the whole pregnancy. I didn't set any timeline though on when i will be back to my original size but rather i tried to slowly put myself back into my normal eating habits. Luckily, i don't have to fight the temptations anymore of whether to grab some doughnuts or pecan pie(2 cravings when i was pregnant) on my way home lol. So far it has been an easy ride, all i did was control my brain and not give in. I know it sounds crazy and difficult to do but remember your brain is your master, it dictates your system on how to function everyday. If you have the control, it's so much easier to make plans and routines on how to lose weight. I know for some women it's depressing when you know you tried so many different things but still unsuccessful, my routine may not even work for some of you. You just have to find some other ways that is manageable long term. I never believe in diet pills, diet teas and fast result, unless you can keep it up after then good luck. I think it's a matter of your body getting used to it, once it's programmed into your system it's hard to break it apart and the rest is just maintenance. I grew up watching my mom and her up and down weight loss/gain. From pills to aerobics, jogging to wearing astronaut like suit for steaming lol, all of them were seem to be useless. She reached the point of getting discouraged and eating more than her usual. Later on, she eventually gave up lol. Too frivolous for her hectic life as a teacher and mother of 4kids. Everyday she reminded me not to become like her, it's genetic so anytime i could be a jumbo size like them(mom and sister) if i want to. I guess i took it seriously with me through college when i became more feminine and insecure looking at them "slim tall ladies" on their skimpy skirts and shorts at the mall. And to make it even worse, i could not even wear these outfit coz my brothers would always tease my legs resembling a "big coconut log". I laughed with them knowing that they were only joking, but boy deep inside it was crashingly painful and embarrassing. I swear not to be fat AGAIN.....

The fact that i refer myself as an ugly duckling/unattractive(that's what i always thought) chubby girl, i'm surprised it didn't affect my confidence and cheerfulness. I go on with my day thinking that it's the least important thing i have to worry about in life, that someday it will change for i am still young and driven, that it is likely attainable with the attitude i have. So i did, starting year 2000, i established a routine. No more 2 sweet snacks a day, cut the amount of food intake to half and subsitute soda with fruit juices, lots of water and milk. I focused more on vegetable to help pump my digestion therefore aiding to good metabolism. Took time on chewing my food before swallowing, avoided eating so late at night and all other silly beliefs. Did some light excercise, mostly walking from school to my boarding house to burn some energy. It took me a year to shed all of my unwanted weight. When i had the opportunity to work in China after graduation i took advantage of the free utilities for us to use foreign employees. One is the gym, perfect timing to tone down some areas lol. Then the restaurants where i can eat a lot of vegetables, seafood, and continuous supply of green tea to our room all at no cost. Since then, it was a constant awareness to be consistent every single day. My body finally got used to it year 2001(year when i met richard). A MORE confident me has finally emerged lol.
Anyhow, i would like to share my daily routine, food picks and favorites:
Cereal at 6:55am, i pour more milk than cereal. I packed my cup with dry hot chocolate mix with peanut butter and jelly to go with it(more on peanut)to work. Half of it is what i can only eat. That would be my mid-morning snack. It's cheaper and healthier than buying croissant, scones and doughnuts from the cafeteria. Only applies when i'm at work moving around thus burning some calories. Otherwise, only cereal in the morning at home will do. Lunch at 1:30pm, then dinner at 7:30. Lunch is when i have a complete meal. Dinner can vary from soup and sandwich or just salad, bread and fruits. Every meal MUST contain less carb. Since I prefer double serving of green veggies, chicken and fish, i never had a problem filling up my stomach. I'm a happy soul when i have these three in my meal a day. When i don't, i feel guilty/weak and ends up bouncing back the next day with a big chicken salad(my favorite). Because i believe carb is the main culprit when i gain an extra pound, it is always my least favorite. I have a very good metabolism now compare to when i was a student and not so crazy about sweet stuff, that is probably the reason why i'm not a master baker lol. Occassionally, hubby would asked me to make some cookies and chocolate cake. The whole serving would last us two weeks or so lol. No sodas(i don't crave for it either) only milk and sip of juices. Pineapple orange is my favorite. No dessert after meal, a fruit(grape or banana) or fruit mix will do. Once a month craving of something chocolatey(premenstrual period) i freely give in to one bite of cake or ice cream. A bite is all i can allow coz honestly i don't have a sweet tooth to enjoy it. Cooking more at home is very healthy and cheap plus you can make whatever you want. I know it takes effort and time, especially when you don't like to cook or don't know how. Then, twice a week of stretching, sit ups and walking. My once a week golf covers the walking, so that leaves me with two that i have to do at home granted i'm not lazy.
Now, when i tend to overeat i get sick. You see, it's so lenient when your body takes good care of you. During my pregnancy, it's like a flashback of emotions. Whether i have enough to eat, or should i satisfy my cravings with sugary stuff lol, whether to exercise or be lazy due to my growing tummy? A battle i have to overcome the entire nine months. I thought, i did a good job. I kept the "eat only healthy food plan"(double size this time). Some walking twice a week and stretching which is everyday and once a week visit to the fitness trainor(courtesy of hubby). I don't think i did anything in excess except the twice a week doughnut snack, you see even that i pay attention very closely. Funny thing today, i wouldn't even pay for a single one lol. After 5 and half months, I'm down to 120lbs effortlessly. Ten more pounds to lose till im finally back to my pre pregnancy size. It's actually harder to lose the last 10 coz it's more of like toning now. It's a challenge when your day is filled with work and mommy chores. This is going to be a slow process, the same thing i did before, that way i don't have to feel like i'm punishing myself for having a baby. If it takes me a year or less to get back, i doesn't matter coz i know i'll get there. At 7months I can pretty much wear some of my tight fitting bottoms if i want to but it will require a breath in and out work to last me a day(damn hips and thighs lol). I'll give myself another month or so, when that time comes i know i can slide in pretty easy. I don't have any issue with my upper body though, so guess i can't complain too much lol. Ok to wrap it up peeps, no drastic dieting and excercising of some sort. Please don't starve yourself. Trust me it pays off later. Perseverance, consistency and discipline are the key words. To some it's a daunting task and mind boggling reminder but if you are determined you will surpass the trial and once you've reach the goal, you won't even have to consciously fight with yourself ever again.
I guess that covers all of my routine to stay fit and healthy......


6 Responses to "My take on fitness"
  1. Sarah said...
    12:18 PM

    Ate Van,
    ako I told Abe to cancel my membership to 24hr fitness i really have no time tlg to go to the gym tapos pagod na rin ako papunta pa lng ng gym dahil kay Caleb. Sabi ko kay Abe, I'll just use the work out videos that I have pag may time ako. Anyway Im drinking soy milk feeling ko im starting to lose weight already. Kaso dpt malakas pa rin ako kumain kasi si Caleb exclusive breastmilk.
    Kisses to Matt miss ko n sya

  2. Rhebs said...
    5:09 PM

    You darn right Vanz! It's harder to lose that last 10 lbs especially if you are pretty much in good shape. I have been hitting the gym hard the last weeks but instead of losing weight I gained a pound or two!!! Pastilan nalang gyud.

  3. geri said...
    12:15 PM

    banot, thanks for sharing your weight story. I enjoyed reading it and you will be one of my inspirations. Hope I can post my story a few months from now :)

  4. Lanie said...
    9:18 PM

    Vanz, ka swerte nimo. Maayo ka da maka control when it comes to foods. Nakz, ako ani, lisod i-control. Kay mag diet lang ko ug a day or 2 days the longest! After ana, naa naman pud party or simply kainan. Hay, bisan unsa-on ug diet dili mag silbi ang diet! Hahaha! Akung tiyan purya buyag tawon kay healthy kaayo. Ehem. ^_^ Heheh! Sus, basin kung sa winter na lang pud ko mag diet kunuhay? ~_^

    Anyway, hey, sexy naka kaayo oy, di na kinahanglan pa mag diet. ~_^ Your baby is really cute!

  5. ~SAB~ said...
    8:41 AM

    Hi Van, you look so sexy talaga "J-LO" look-alike, hehe.

  6. in-in said...
    11:43 AM

    Manang believe na jud ko nimo sa imong self discipline. Unsaon man ko uy na if motambok ko mag-una man akong nawong ka lapad hahaha. Makalagot kaayo. I still weight 20 lbs. more from my pre-pregnancy weight. Na hala ayo-ayo mo diha and kisses to Mattie.


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