Friday, June 22, 2007

Sad and happy moments

I know there have been so much development with our little boy that i could not even remember some of it, duh.. what can i expect from myself who never make a list and type my thoughts here irregularly. Lately, has been weird, i could not explain the sadness and unpredictable mood swings. Could be emotional post partum moments. It's gone now folks so don't worry, one snap back to reality did the trick. In many ways, i am a private person(or trying to at least). Today is an exception, somehow i felt like i have to share it to mommies out there. Whatever it is that is bothering me before, I realized i have no room to feel this way, there is so much to thank and look forward for everyday that none of this drama make sense in any way. I can't even justify what is going on. First, I have a good job although boring but hey it pays very decent, a wonderful loving husband that never ceases to love me and make me feel good during bad times and a healthy silly baby who never fails to make us smile. I tried to ignore and in denial, convincing myself that this is not me, that i'm a strong person yada yada. But in the end i gave up fighting and acknowledge that i'm not a superwoman, i'm not perfect and there's nothing to be ashamed of. I can be vulnerable too and it's "OKAY". Now, i'm so much of a better person. Hubby told me that we are going to find something to do besides golf which i am going to love and enjoy on my leisure time. Perhaps, culinary/cooking classes as a start. I'm just waiting for the right time to squeeze it in to my daily routine. Maybe, switching to part time someday soon will make all my plans easier. Watch out, for i'm going to venture new endeavor. Alright, enough said from a rambling mom lol....
On a sunny side..........
Our Mattie has become a little squirming baby, as daddy would say, a little pescado(fish). A significant development indeed. He scoots all over the living room(pulling plugs) and kitchen now without using his knees. His strong shoulder and lower legs do the locomotion mostly lol. Soon i will have to put away his bouncer coz he rolls on top of it, since i don't really strap his hip to restrict him from moving. Sitting to crawling is his new found skill these past week. He loves to go after our cat buddy that she hide herself from us now and only shows up when she's hungry. Poor cat, wait till mattie can walk and run, she definitely can't outran and hide from him anymore lol. He babbles instantaneously when something interests him/or when i talk he talks back. That includes pitch variations and syllables strung together, complicated to decipher but very fun to hear. I can tell he really pays attention lol. Daycare move him to the nursery 2 room, they say he is too mobile now that he needs a bigger room to play and explore. A milestone that some other babies at the daycare older than him is not ready yet, that's what the director told us anyway. I know each child varies and deviate from one another when it comes to development, i just can't help being proud knowing that he is normal and healthy. Oh my little one is in the big boy's area now....time really flies by so fast, i'm still amaze how he has grown so much. I have to get over this now, because when he gets big and ready to move out from us it won't be such a big deal anymore.

Babyproofing the house is in our list of must do. Find fun at the same time learning toys that can amuse him at his age, coz the entertainment gym doesn't seem to last lately, i guess he gets bored fast. Also more outdoor activities especially this summertime. He sleeps on his tummy and side now, thank god there's still time to get rid of his flat head. As you can see in the picture above(taking a bath), notice the little bobo on his nose? He fell off the bed three weeks ago, it happened very fast not even a minute that i'm gone and suddenly he's on the floor already. I thought it will take a little bit of time for him to roll on his belly and scoot to the edge before he can throw himself below, boy i was so wrong. I underestimated his abilities again. Bad stupid mama. Never will i leave him unattended again.

For the second time, i was able to meet Sarah and Abe again and of course little Caleb last week. Boy he is an exact replica of his daddy. As usual Sarah remains beautiful and always smiling. Abe was playful last time we met, this time he looked very serious, i bet very exhausted from the exam. Abe and Sarah, goodluck! i hope all your prayers will all come true.....someday we will be neighbors and we can have all time to chat and eat all day long.


4 Responses to "Sad and happy moments"
  1. Sarah said...
    8:09 PM

    Ate Van,

    OMGosh ang cute cute nya sa ducky bathtub! poor mattie kisses to his boo-boo. Pinagpaplanuhan na nga namin ang pag move dyan e. Baka mag apply din sya sa St. Marys. At pag dyan na kami nakatira for sure lagi tayo mag kikita hehehe ingat miss you girl and matty too! belated happy fathers day kay Richard

  2. Lanie said...
    11:55 AM

    Vanz, how nice naman pala mag kalaro ang anak mo and Sarah. Pariho kayo ni Sarah, sexy pa rin after the baby. ~_^ Sarah is still pretty with her big smile. ^_^ Regards to everyone. I was going add you baya (bisan dili ka sugot) pero wala na jud ko space sa akung none-bravenet. Kay In-In na lang ko mo start from there to here. ^_^ I hope ok lang nimo. Heheh!

  3. Mheldz said...
    7:13 PM

    Hey Van,
    I'm glad that you've recognized this emotional problem early on & was able to deal w/ it .Many women who suffered the same kind of problems didn't have a clue why they were depressed. It's a serious matter & I'm glad that you've gotten over it.

    You're right about the things that you should be thankful for .In my case , I miss having a job , my financial independence & social life. I know someday I'll get those back in my life again but for now I'm can only be but thankful also for what I have.

    You have a wonderful husband, a healthy & handsome son , a promising career , a stable job & did I mention great looks???

    TC :)

  4. Lanie said...
    2:48 PM

    Vanz, thanks for stopping by. ^_^


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