Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mommy's little boy no more

Goodness he has become like a cloned weed lol. How did he grew up so fast? Richard and i were just browsing some videos when he was only 4mnths and helpless now he can almost get what he wants at his own convenience. He turned nine months last week, weight(20.2lbs) at 45% and height(29.1inches) at 80%, not too bad considering his mother is short lol. Loaded with many tricks like going down the table by scooting legs first and let gravity pulls him down is the most gutsy maneuver i've seen, i know babies are careless and doesn't know any better but he does know not to dive head first from tables, bed anymore. All i have to say is "bobu"an he knows what it means. He'll sit and wait till someone grabs him or simply would look down over and over and i guess realize how big of a fall it would be if he try. It's the repetition that made these babies smart hahaha. Newly acquired facial expression like the lemon face(i named it)after he took a sip of the lemon and squeezed his face downward was the most funny face his grandpa had ever seen in years. Silly thing is he'll ask for more and would gladly do the lemon face again. He must love sour taste like i do. Singing and dancing are few of his favorites especially when he hears me singing the twinkle twinkle. Besides the walking with me holding one hand, i could tell he really wants to walk unsuppported and reach all corners of our little house lol. What he does to get through is pull himself up by leaning towards the wall and walk sideways. If not walking he would climb the stairs if gates left open. Thank god he hasn't fell yet but we already put it on our routine to close the gates all the time coz he could sneak in behind our back. When we take him in the shower room expect him to be at the side of the tub waiting to be picked up. he would raise his arms and blabber until you grab his little butt, he loves to take shower the adult way, one time he slide into the tub while daddys taking shower i heard a big sound i thought he crack his head or something but it was daddy calling me to come over, i saw mattie sittting down next to his dads foot with an excited look on his face, he still got a diaper on soaking wet but very happy to get in there lol. How he climb there we don't know, but he did it, probably slide his heavy head over. Clever he had become. Definitely not a baby anymore.
This coming holidays we will be in the philippines. It's about time for matthew to meet the other side of the family. Hearing my family's excitement makes me want to fast forward the days, i could not wait to relax the whole month and not worry about mommy chores lol. There's going to be a lot of travelling coz were not directly flying to davao from manila, we decided to visit cebu then davao before settling at my parents hometown of mati for the holidays. This is going to be draining when it comes to loading and unloading luggages. We might go to hongkong or bangkok if cebu pacific airfares stays cheap during our trip. Right now it says less than 20dollars on their webpage(going to hongkong/bangkok). Too cheap to be true? we shall see. It would be an exciting sidetrip when that happens. This is going to be mattie's baptismal too and inlaws are flying there for the occassion and short getaway.
That's all for now folks. P.s. i haven't forgotten my long overdue tag assignment. Coming up soon!
Video of the week. Enjoy


3 Responses to "Mommy's little boy no more"
  1. ~Mheldz said...
    2:31 AM

    I was so excited w/ ur new tag board but then my message wont show *sigh*.

    Is it really your bday??
    Well, I wish you all the best!!
    Happy Happy bday to you.

  2. Sarah said...
    1:06 PM

    Ang cute ni Matt grabe ang bigat n nya ah at ang tangkad manang mana sa ama nya.

    Si Caleb nag slowdown na ang growth tsaka ang weightgain. Halos magkasing laki sila ni Matt.

    Kisses to him

  3. geri said...
    8:48 AM

    Van, the fun is has already started diay huh? Ooohhh, holidays in the Philippines, I'm so jealous. Mattie's age is the best age to go home I think. I can't imagine Evan sitting still for an hour nowadays as a toddler. Hugs to your cutie Mattie :)


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