Friday, September 21, 2007

Name behind the blog

Long overdue tag from my dear friends online. I'll make it short that way it won't be boring to read lol. I was born in the year of the horse and a meticulous, critically inclined Virgo. I was named Maria Vanessa at birth by my mother but for some reason the hospital clerk didn't do the registry very well that i end up with one name instead of two. I'm the baby of four children but i do not remember being babied a lot when i was little, i matured quiet fast that the only thing i can recall is when my father would take me out for shopping without a single complain when i pick something from the store. He would rather hand it quick to me than see my teary puppy eyes. I never leave empty handed all the time. Definitely a daddy's girl. Cooking, dancing and singing are my passion. Truth is, i made singing a career after college although it was shortlived but it was worth taking risk of going overseas(china) otherwise i would have never met my husband richard. Parents wanted me to become a doctor but my calling then wasn't in the medical field. I wanted to be a nutritionist, but i get bad feedbacks about it so i later decided to follow my parents wishes and take it from there. Initially enrolled in physical therapy for my premed in Cebu City but graduated as a medical technologist thinking that i'ts still quite close related to medicine if by chance i would pursue it later on. Along the way as i'm beginning to be more realistic and practical, i don't think it's smart to continue financial wise. Parents were struggling already and the fact that they already sent 3 kids before me i felt the demand to set it aside and venture onto something else independently. They would do everything to support me but i just could not handle the sacrifices they have to endure for another 4yrs(proper med) of school. I was stubborn enough that i went to manila after graduation to find my purpose and play with destiny. It took seven persevering months before i finally landed a good decent contract. It's very fullfilling and worth a try. That would explain why i end up here in the land of opportunity. I never knew i would meet my soulmate overseas, and since both of us couldn't handle the seperation when he left beijing he worked on the papers for us to be together. Now married and naturalized citizen with a beautiful son, i could not ask for a better life. With my only educational background printed in my job resume i'm stuck working in the field were i thought to be less exciting "the laboratory". Don't get me wrong i am very thankful to have a job like this, it's just not where i want to be. In a year or so i can see myself working in kitchen. I will be taking few classes when i come back from our philippine trip. So watch out for an aspiring chef in the making lol.
Thoroughness, hard work and conscientiousness are my hallmarks. Perfectionist to the point that i get discouraged at times when something goes wrong. Everyday i am learning to just let it go for that's what life is, no such thing as perfect. Quite successful in the process actually. I have a fastidious love for cleanliness, hygiene and good order, conventionality and aristocratic attitude of reserve. Hubby would sometimes call it a disorder but i protest, i'd say i'm not that extremely obsessed. Blame it to my mother for i grew up doing critical cleaning/chores with her next to me checking if i did it right or not. She had me do it all over again if she finds a trace of dust left behind in the corners of our little house. Until she's satisfied she won't mind spending a day with me lol. I admit, it was one of the worst days of my teenage life. But everytime i reminisce about it now gives me smile, there is actually a good reason for all of that, afterall mothers knows best. Thus no feelings of remorse when i tell her stories such as this on family reunion. We teased her and laughed about it. Yes it was a litte rough but i'm grateful for the training and discipline that were implied to me during my adolescent years. For without it who knows what kind of a woman i have become. Salamat mama, you are such a unique human being and still my source of inspiration.
I'm proactive, fan of sports like tennis and intellectually enquiring, every new things i encounter i would question the logic and purpose of it's existence. I like to learn and teacheable especially if it's something that interests me. Still loves the culture i grew up with and will be forever stay proud of my roots......


5 Responses to "Name behind the blog"
  1. ~Mheldz said...
    7:51 PM

    hi Sexy Vanessa,
    I'll come back later to read more.Have a fab weekend. Hugs & kisses to Matty :)

  2. Sarah said...
    9:44 AM

    Grabe ate Van pareho kayo ni MEl parang kambal kayo parehong singer at parehong aspiring chef! baka d nyo alam sisteret pala kayo hahaha have a great weekend

  3. geri said...
    9:22 PM

    It was fun knowing you Banot, especially on how you met your husband :)

  4. ~Mheldz said...
    11:07 PM

    Where was I??..
    Oh na nga hahhaa.
    Halos parehas tayo ng story pero you finished college & I didn't.
    We both like the same thing , dancing(I was once the barangay dance champion , can u believe that?) , singing , cooking & though I didn't go to college I still am facinated with medical mysteries ( CSI, HOUSE MD)..

    My mother & lola are both super metikulosa & strikto!! I remember hating it everytime my lola ask me to mop the floor ON MY KNEES!! She'd scream at me if I use my feet and my mom naman , you'll see her closet with neatly folded & organized clothes, parang display sa boutique store. Di ko masyado nakuha ang kaselanan nila , maybe 75% lang pero I do hate people who have bad hygene , kc nasanay na ako na pwede ka mahiga sa sahig kasi malinis.

    That's so weird na halos parehas tayo ng buhay...siguro we would really get along kung mag kapitbahay lang tayo:)

    TC :)

  5. Ate G said...
    9:16 PM

    Ness, you are a virgo to a T. Pareho tayo, I am not just a virgo, but I have a virgo ascendant as well so double whamoo! If we would go to the extreme, we will be like Monk on TV, hahaha. Workaholic ka rin ba?

    How about joining us in Michigan in August (puhon) for a cooking lesson? We can call it Aspiring Pinay Chef's Convention, hahaha


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