Friday, April 18, 2008

Off to a good start!

Whewww, i'm really getting excited to explore the kitchen world. So, wednesday afternoon i decided to take a stroll with a friend of mine at the famous riverwalk, went straight to Rainforest Cafe which is my one and only pick because one of my filipina friend here in SA happened to be married to the executive chef, yes it helps when you know people. Taking advantage, sure, if that's what you want to call it. I came as a walk in applicant and immediately got interviewed, i forgot i'm in a different industry where there is no such thing as calling you for an interview unless it's a management job or "we'll let you know in a few days if your hired or not kind of thing" right there i get to meet the kitchen manager who at first got confused as he browse into my application form. He asked me if i really want to do this, coz based on my education and previous job he thinks this is not going to work. His referring to the salary which i'm not surprised. I told him look i wouldn't be here if that's what i'm after, he just smiled and moved on to the next question. Chef "A" came and made the decision to hire me after he spoke to the big boss(executive chef john).

Just like that quick and simple, they took my days and hours i'm available to work and start date with lots of consideration from their part. Wow am i that special? A little conflict with the training coz it has to be on the evenings approaching weekend of course when its busy. It makes sense since not a lot of things to show me during lunch time right? But i will have to wait till father in law or Richard be back in town to watch Matthew which is around second week of May. Nonetheless, i'm so energize to begin this new journey....

Looking forward to get some good training and experience from this place which i hope will eventually help me carry through to the culinary program.

Got a new haircut and color. I went mocha brown this time, hair is taking time out from highlights.


2 Responses to "Off to a good start!"
  1. geri said...
    10:21 PM

    Wow, congrats Banot! It really is a good start. Hope you enjoy your job :)

  2. ~Mheldz said...
    10:38 PM

    horray for you!!! Iba na talaga d2 sa US...everything is posible. I am happy for you and your pursuit of happiness with your career!
    God bless and keep us posted about your new career.


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