Thursday, April 24, 2008

Not a winner afterall

Today, i found out i got a voicemail from yesterday that says i won something from American Laser Center an entry i submitted when i went to the spa few weeks ago for a massage. That's right, i do remember putting in my entry for the raffle. I won third prize which includes 300 dollar coupon plus 200 dollar when i come in for consultation and another 25% off when i chose any laser treatment package the same day(skin,hair,cellulite laser reduction). Sounds like i won a lot isn't it?. However, as i browsed their website i had a gut feeling that this prize would only mean thousands of money to splurge even with the discounts. Hey i watch a lot of makeover shows on tv and i know it don't come cheap. It's for the rich and famous kind of thing or if you get lucky winning a makeover on tv for free. So i made an appointment for the consultation to see how ridiculously they would charge me for such luxury. None of the packages are less than two thousand dollars hmm. I knew it hahha. Otherwise they would have put approximates on their website. Yah for a cheap person like me, i need to know upfront what i'm into, hey when i become rich like Oprah i'll just walk in and hand them my debit card. No fuss. At the end of the visit, i realized i really like the three procedure done on me, do i "need it", heck "NO". Maybe when i audition for playboy magazine i will rob a bank or do something to get it lol. The hair laser removal i would somehow prefer, not for vanity but for hygiene purposes, it just feel comfy, clean and light when you don't have hair growing like weeds every 2 weeks or so. For me, i tend to itch as it starts to grow back. And I like the idea of underarm and bikini area to be hairless forever lol. Good thing about it is that it's guarantee program that if it starts growing again you can avail the package for FREE until it's totally gone.

As our conversation progresses, it turned out i'm not a qualified candidate for any laser treatment as i am kelloidal. Her fault, she could have check my health history first of and not waste her time explaining each package. She said, I will need a doctors consent if i insist to go on with the procedure. Now it's getting complicated. Skin rejuvenation and hair removal off the list thus leaves me with the celllulite reduction therapy. So fancy for my filipina ear lol. I always have the impression that mostly hollywood residents tend to get this kind of cosmetic procedure. When you live there it's almost like a lifestyle. I told myself if the cost is reasonable after discount it's probably worth it since i've been thinking about slimming my thigh area. It has been a problem of mine since high school, don't know if it's hereditary or just plain fat. That's the only thing i want to get rid off if ever i want something done on my body. Not surgically done of course. But this procedure is my least favorite. I believe, I can still try the exercise path, focus more on toning down coz right now i really don't have to lose weight. I just need that area to be a little proportion with the rest of my body. Now that i'm out of the workforce(temporarily) i can definitely put some time and attention on that. As i am a body conscious person, it will definitely gives me more pleasure knowing that i'm not only healthy but perfectly in shape as well. That's not too much to ask.

Anyhow, you want to know how much fortune will it cost me? only a whopping $2,200. Yes, that much to heat massage with infrared my chubby thighs lol. As for the laser packages that needed consent? its pricing was somewhere around $1700-$1900 with 6 sessions. All mentioned were after the discounts lol. Now did i really win something? as my dear husband would say it, another effective advertisement to lure people into spending money or at least get their foot into the door. Very wise. They did gave away 1500 dollars as first prize. With that, I won't mind adding few hundred bucks to "correct something" as the consultant describe the whole process. I wasn't not lucky enough, perhaps next time. As a matter of fact, i sent my entry form for the free hair removal promotion. Peeps, not just a coupon, it's free. If you're interested check thier web for fun.

Overall, it was an interesting one hour. I did learn something about cosmetic treatments and procedure. Too bad for them i'm not too bold and also cheap to even sign up, i could've. She even offer me 24hrs to avail all the discounts added to the prize. But wasn't too crazy about it. Besides, it's not a neccessity. I still feel confident about myself, ask me again 5-10yrs from now, my whole perception and frugality may deter as i slowly age. Who knows, i may consider breast enhancement. Really. Who wants to join me?lol.


5 Responses to "Not a winner afterall"
  1. according2whom said...
    4:58 PM

    Hay naku sis, may catch yan! Likewise, I joined some raffle about vac crap etc then they called me saying I won 1 week vacation spree sobrang naexcite nmn ako but I have to claim it in Irving then we have to attend kung anung chuva, but papa J told me na bogus daw yan bec they will send u to a cheapa$$ hotel/motel then it's not worth a dime, nakow kya mgmula ngaun I ignore those stuffs lol pero very convincing kse their offering u bunch of prices " kuno "

  2. geri said...
    9:58 AM

    Van, too bad for them they didn't get a potential customer who was dense and vain to fall for their deceptive marketing strategy. I bet a lot of women here would, even if it was way beyond their means.

  3. ~Mheldz said...
    4:32 PM

    I wanted to have liposculture ( in my dreams )..I read that it is safer and less evasive than the traditional lyposucton and the fat that was taken is permanently gone ( daw) if you have about 10 grand to spare then give me a call....and i'll be happy to listen to your success story after ou're done lols....ang mahal kaya!!!

    But the rich they don't know what to do with their money.It is so annoying to see JLo postnatal pic after giving birth to twins.insisting that its all about dieting and execercise!!! kakainis..kung may pera din ako nakuh lahat ng parte ng katawan ko ipapa sculpt ko din ehehehe.

    about jan sa mga false advertisement..madaming nadadale jan..buti na lang you are too smart to fall fot their trap.

  4. Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...
    10:22 AM

    Darl, true i knew for 300dollars prize there is still a lot of money to put in. I was just curious how much these people spend to get it done that's why i went for the consulation lol.

    Geri, new marketing style nowadays! As i've mentioned it would have been better if i won the 1500 dollars first prize. I might consider the small opportunity for a first time vanity experience.

    Mel, the cellulite laser therapy the offered is also non invasive. It's just basically a constant massage for 45mins/session with infrared that introduces heat. Saw pictures of before and after, looks promising actually. When i become rich i'll buy you one package and we can go together. For now i'll settle with regular facial scrub and massage. With that it feels equally wonderful and refreshing too. I'm getting one this week, girls day out with few pinay friends here in SA.

  5. Rhebs said...
    1:17 PM

    Vanz, permanent hair removal is what I want it done if I have the money for it...tired of plucking my eyebrows every other day!


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