Wednesday, May 07, 2008

First Treat

cedar park
As pictured above, my 17months old Mattie happily salivating his first lollipop treat. Yes, his first. We were invited to a kid friendly picnic 3weekends ago by a nice filipina friend here in SA. Of course i didn't hesitate to go and take Mattie out since we are home alone and got no agenda for that weekend except do housechores like usual lol. After stopping him countlessly going to the volleyball area(sandy court) he finally settled in with me at the table with a candy bribe. My son loves to be with big kids than children of his age. That's what i noticed since the Philippine trip last december and he was only a year old at that time. Anyway, he didn't finished his sugar treat as he was too busy watching the children coloring books and could not wait to check them out. A very good sign that his not into sweet stuff like me or maybe because i wasn't giving him any before. Even vanilla flavored cakes and ice cream are too much for him.
This past weekend we went to a ballet recital, i made him lick a chocolate cake, he instantly spit it out and throw up big time a minute after. I should have known better that my son is not into this kind of food. Although the vomitting surprised me, normally he would just spit and gives me a sour look. I was just curious if he ever develop a taste for chocolate, that's all. Now i got the answer. He still happy with his fruits as his desert. Grapes, prunes, banana, pears, peaches, oranges are among his favorites. I seldom give him apples(fresh) since his not very good in chewing it. Unless it's mushy or sauced already he rather take the whole grape and banana uncut. Perhaps, apple is too crunchy and hard enough that it requires too much work for his little mouth.

Mattie and Mommy from left: Effy, matt and me with buster.
Will write more on mattie's development later.....


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