Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yet another travel.... but a fun one!

So i did fly again afterall the mishaps last July. This time, it's nothing but a first getaway by myself. See and meet old and new friends.

First off, Windsor City in Ontario, Canada where my college buddies is now residing. It's a 25minute drive from Detroit Metropolitan airport crossing detroit-windsor border. They literally live close to the exchange tunnel.

Windsor wasn't on my original plan, i'm suppose to go directly to Clarkston, Michigan when i remember what Donna and Steve had told me about how close they live from detroit. I quickly sent them a message, telling them i'm flying to detroit, if they like i can go visit them even for just a day. Without hesitation, they invited me to stay at their humble house for the night. Filipino hospitality at it's best plus these guys are just wonderful hosts as Steve picked me up from the airport and welcomed me with lunch by his beloved wife Donna(they're both my college classmates), table packed with filipino dish. Oh what a great meal to begin the day. I'm absolutely stuffed with fish paksiw, bam-i, chicken liver adobo and chicken soup. Later on, we started the karaoke marathon. We must have sang almost 50 songs total. I hope i didn't broke their landlord's eardrum to pieces that bright nappy afternoon. Dinner came and steve's relatives came and we all chatted to our hearts delight. Tagalog and bisaya dialect all mixed up. Shortly after, we headed to the corn festival for an evening stroll. We had corn on the cob, strawberry crepe and beef and chicken kebab sandwich shared at one of the parks picnic table as we listen to the country music band featured for the night. Next stop, is the famous caesar palace and casino downtown windsor. Along the way the sights are beautiful as we can see across the lake is downtown detroit skycrapers beaming with lights from every angle. These two cities are just a lake and a border apart.

I spent maximun of $20 dollars at the casino, all five of us(all ladies) lost of course. For a change, it was indeed a fun and quick adventure, i did planned to drink alcohol(couple of shots) but my stomach is not stable and was calling for my maalox so badly that we only stayed there for less than 2hours. In bed at 2am, missing my son and hubby so badly. Biko(rice pudding) and coffee for breakfast as my last meal in canada before our trip to michigan to meet my great online friends for the first time. We stopped at a nearby mall first to check out some merchandise, some are cheap compare to U.S. price but the tax is way too high. 13%? i bought some clothes but we all agreed to shop some more in michigan coz it's only 6% tax. I shopped and again i felt guilty afterwards as i gave in to that jessica parker shoes at steve and barry's retail store. It was unneccessary that's why. Forgetful as i am, i don't have pictures to share, camera and light sweater are among the stuff i forgot to bring, but this photo below taken from my mobile phone. It's Levin buckled up and ready for our trip.

I had the best one day stop in Ontario and i'm thankful to my good ole friends for the hospitality. And to my dear godson Levin, i will miss you and your quietness. See you guys next time when you come visit, i will meet you halfway if i have to. Although i didn't mind crossing the border once again. It was a smooth pass in and out, thanks to the blue passort lol.

Michigan trip is coming up!


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  1. Lanie said...
    9:14 PM

    Vanz, may short pala na iwan si Levin dito! But anyway, ang sarap pag makita mo ang old friends, diba? Enjoy na enjoy kayo sa kay Donna! ^_^ Looking forward to our next get together. ~_^


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