Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still recovering!

I have been sick so badly these past week. This is the worst cold i had in years. So terrible that it lasted a week of nose blowing, weakness, headache, cough. Purely congestion so to speak. It didn't help that i'm allergic to anything in the air too once the count is heavy, you name it from pollen to weeds. It made me more miserable by the uncontrollable sneezing that is almost defeaning. Sounded like i'm exaggerating, but it did all happen whether i'm cooped here in the house or at work, honestly, i'm more sick at work as expected. Hope they can do something with the vents in my working area, i doubt if it has been cleaned recently. The air flow is definitely not working properly as i complained to my supervisor.

Anyway, i'm AlMOST better. Thank goodness, Mattie only endure 4 days of fever, cough and stuffiness while I on the other hand is still congested to this day(7th). As long as my son is doing ok i don't care if i continue to get sick, as i can handle this more than i can handle seeing him helpless and weak. It's emotionally unbearable to see as a mother.

Hopefully, i get back to write more of our recent happenings. Still catching up with much needed sleep lately. Meanwhile, let me leave you with a photo i took of my son this past week. First one, he fell asleep for the first time on his sofa. Can't handle the illness i guess. 2nd and 3rd photos, you can see he is all smiles, happy that his daddy is home for the weekend with us.

Fell asleep while watching elmo( was very sick during this time)

P.S. he woke up with his hair all brushed up(weekend and all better)


3 Responses to "Still recovering!"
  1. Lanie said...
    9:18 PM

    I hope Mattie is well now. So far, si garin lang ang may sipon dito, pero na wala rin 2 days later. Na hawa ko ata siya, ang allergy ko bumalik na naman, pero I am taking my alegra prescribe ng dr the last time i went there. hay, sana di na kailangan mag pa shots ako.:D Get well, and looking forward to our chat every now and then. ~_^

  2. Manang Kim said...
    7:43 PM

    wow vanz, nagamay ang nawong ni mattie, hope you're all doing fine now. drink lots of water.

  3. geri said...
    8:31 AM

    Mattie is so guwapo in his laughing photo. Wow, Mattie fell asleep while watching tv? Evan has never done that. My son is probably like me, we don't fall asleep that easily. Wish I could.


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