Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Overdue post!

I'm off today and thought it's the best time to update this page as i have no interruptions. Mattie is in daycare and hubby is in Ohio again for 4 days. I can willingly blog until it's time to pick up my little boy.
Some interesting events happened since my last post, some of it i would rather leave unspoken.

First up: Michigan trip last August(in details)

from left: Lanie, Kim, Geri, Gilda, Judy and Me

I was honored to be invited to join a filipina support group online, all are married to an American and most if not all i haven't meet in person yet. A get together was schedule in Michigan at Lanie's house. We are all warmly invited to stay at her nice abode over the weekend for her daughters birthday along with Ate Gilda's birthday celebration. Me and Mattie during the time being we're home alone as hubby is still working in Ohio, we're lucky if he gets to stay more than 2 days for a visit. So i didn't hesitate to plan a trip to join the ladies for a change and relaxation. I decided to leave Mattie with his daddy during his visiting weekend in Texas while i'm away. That was the first time i left town without either one of my men. I missed both of them terribly. Canada sidetrip came before i eventually meet with my online girlfriends in Clarkston, Michigan. A college friend of mine is only 20 minutes away from Detroit Airport crossing the canada-detroit borded so i thought of paying her a visit as well. (check my previous blog about my canada trip).

Anyway, it was a lovely meeting, nonstop eating and chitchats. You imagine being in one room with friends on your first meeting? yes pretty pretty loud and overflowing fun and smiles you can't resist. I felt like i've known them forever. Ate Gilda(ohio), Ate Kim(michigan), Geri and her wonderful son Evan(chicago), Ate Judy(chicago), most of all Lanie and her welcoming family, thank you for inviting me. You've made my weekend worth travelling. An experience that unfolds new friendship which I am truly honored to be part of. My Ate's. Other ladies that didn't come is no exception, Rhebs in florida and I already met when we were still leaving in Florida, she's the most honest and straighforward woman i've ever met online. No BS, my kind of friend btw lol. I will see you again soon.Darling(dallas), met her last September here in San Antonio. You are so much fun in person. Melody and Sandy(both from Oregon). I can't wait for our next get together so i can finally see your lovely faces. And our karaoke duo Melody is long overdue lol!

Till our next get together.........


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