Friday, January 23, 2009

Not that shy anymore

Cheese mommy, him referring to the camera! He now loves to take pictures of him.

Little update on our little boy:

He just turned two last December, wheeww what a party that is.
Ms. B(his teacher) told me this morning when i drop him off that he is a "baby genius". Not that i'm very surprised of the remark, i ask her why anyway with much interest. She said, while the rest of the kids are playing, he on the other hand stays in the corner where the book shelves are stash and willingly browse with much gusto all the books and really stare at it like he was thinking or something. I told the teacher "he is indeed obsessed with books". He won't sleep till you read one or two stories. She also added that Mattie is a sweet child who loves to give hugs and kisses, he even calls all mothers "mommy" everytime he sees one dropping off and picking up their children. Never cease to smile, she said. Indeed a happy baby ha was my reply. She brought her camera and will take a picture of him later she said. Btw, Ms. B is Mattie's favorite teacher and friend coz every time i ask him who his friends are, Ms. B are among the names he utters and one of the two adult names he likes. I can tell Ms. B is a very affectionate and patient lady compare to the rest of the teachers.
Much improvement with his speaking skills. Now talking in sentences pretty clearly. One night when he and his Daddy were watching the golf channel update, he came upstairs to check me out and i asked him what his daddy is doing, he said "daddy plee golf" as he is showing me his golf swing as well. Daddy playing golf referring to Daddy watching golf. Pretty close recognition for a two year old.
He knows how to be cute and get his way when it comes to his toys and food. He literally just say "peeease(please) with a sad tone" whenever he wants something...
Still adores elmo, disney cars and animals(pictures, books and videos).
He eats on his booster chair now with us on the big table. He calls it "bee boy" coz we told him it's a big boys chair and gets excited everytime.
He knows his 1-10 numbers when we pop his cardboard with numbers on it. He can count 1-10 in tagalog too. A little awkward but really it's cute to hear it.

More updates and hopefully videos of him goofing.....


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  1. Manang Kim said...
    7:03 PM

    Hi vanz, I can see mattie on you. For now I can't figure it out where pero basta meron talaga. That is so nice of you to read a book for him before going to sleep that is why he like books. Keep warm!


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