Saturday, January 10, 2009

4 minute excercise???

Yes you read it right.

Rom Exercise Machine – Fast Exercise = $14,615

Rom exercise machine was first introduced in California in 1990. The Rom exercise machine covers a complete non-impact cardio, resistance and flexibility workout and that too in just four minutes’ workout.Why does a luxury, high-end piece of exercise equipment bear the name Time Machine? It certainly isn't for time travel but with a price tag of $14,615 USD you might have wondered. The ROM is not only the exercise equipment of the stars it is also a machine that promises a full-body workout in "four minutes".

Too good to be true?? Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone and Tom Robbins are among the celebrities who owned this humungus machine. Of course they also have the mega house to park this sucker so yah why not. The actual dimensions are 5 x 11 feet (152cm x 325cm) that it requires $-500-$600 shipping fees. It seems designed for high society professionals too busy to work out more than 4 minutes at a time. This is the self-described “BMW of exercise machines!” COME ON! Experts on this even claims as the "leonardo da vinci" design like of all time when it comes to excercise equipment. If i have the money like Tom Cruise? this sure is peanuts. Will i buy one for myself, "yes" just for the heck of it. Since i'm among the people who can't afford it, i'll just settle with the stairs and save my money for something really worth it.

I came across this information because a friend is interested. So intriguing not to write about it. For the price tag?? it's even crazy that i end up doing a lot of research online. There's a 30 day trial btw or you can go to selected fitness area(around 30 places nationwide) to try it for yourself. Unfortunately, no fitness gym has it here in San Antonio.

Friends, if you ever buy one let me know. I'm curious and wants to try it lol of course with your permission. Don't worry it's suppose to be only four minutes workout, i won't take a lot of your time.......


2 Responses to "4 minute excercise???"
  1. geri said...
    7:20 PM

    If Tom Cruise could afford to buy his own ultra sound machine how much more this :)

  2. Manang Kim said...
    1:46 PM

    not practical for me. because we can lose weight just by changing our eating habit. but if i have that much money i'd rather go travel around the world lol.


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