Thursday, April 09, 2009

Money transfer for free

Yes, i can't believe it either. I sent a wire transfer to my mother in the Philippines via for free. Never done this before as i never get any promotion code from them. I figured, why not search for codes online and see if there's such thing. I noticed at the end of my transaction, a box that asks enter coupon codes, so maybe they are giving occasional codes for customers. Off i googled and browsee each web forums containing xoom codes and viola it came out service charged as free. Whohooo. Now i don't feel so bad sending money online instead of bank to bank transfer. Not only that it takes awhile but also it's expensive. Xoom is the only cheapest money transfer i found that will cash out in an instant for less fee. I tried westernunion and moneygram, bank to bank and they were all expensive. I'm sure there is an expiration for the codes but there is always a new one that comes out often to keep customers keep coming back.


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