Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Rustom Padilla is GAY

I was doing my regular blog round ups this morning when i stumble into one of the pinoy blog i frequent. First i saw a picture of a he/she named Bebe Gandanghari. She was beautiful and tall. Looks like a supermodel until i read the comments. Bebe Gandanghari formerly known as Rustom Padilla was a total shocked. During my early college i remember having a little crush on him. He have this angelic face on tv that i always like. I don't know what to say, i'm still in complete shock and denial. What happened to the handsome Rustom???

click on this video

I was out of the pinoy showbiz circulation headlines after i graduated college. Never heard any rumors of him being gay ever since. What a loss. But if he is happy to come out i wish him all the best......


2 Responses to "Rustom Padilla is GAY"
  1. Manang Kim said...
    10:23 AM

    I heard some rumors before pa that he is gay but Carmela who was his ex-wife was denying to death about the issue. Until they got annulled but still both of them didn't say anything the reason. I guess his being a gay was the reason why they part ways. I don't know if this us funny but CArmela villaruel and rustom AKA bebe gandanghari are lookalike!!
    For me kung saan ka maligaya go!!

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    2:22 AM

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