Wednesday, June 06, 2007


It was nice and brief, except that i have to be there at 11am and the ceremony didn't start till two in the afternoon. I thought a long process/interrogation awaits at the entrance but it was just a matter of finding your group, which side of the auditorium we're suppose to line for smooth processing and a couple of questions before they guide you to your seat inside. Total of 877 attendees from 79 countries present that day and 100 something people didn't show up and rescheduled. Yes, what a crowd huh. At 1pm almost everyone is seated waiting for the judge to start the swearing. Auditorium was packed it was actually an overwhelming experience knowing i'm among them seeking to become naturalize citizen of this great country. It took about 15 minutes for me to get in and realized i have to get something to eat otherwise my stomach will be growling very soon. Hubby was kind enough to drop me off then came back with food, anyway it wasn't that far from the house to do multiple trip. Oh they followed(my family) right before the ceremony start, it doesn't make sense to have them wait with me that early. I had two hours to waste so i went out to eat my food and meet some asian ladies who were also eating their packed lunch. I guess they know better about the whole processing.

Not a lot of women wore a dress, if i only knew they can't send you away because you're wearing something else i would have just wear slacks and a blazer. Oh well, i guess some people refuse to follow instructions or simply just cannot comprehend(sigh). Anyhow, it was a good memorable day for all of us 877 people. I didn't quite grasp what it's like to be given such opportunity till i hear 3 testimonials from other applicants. One Jamaican immigrant, Mexican and of course a Filipina. What an emotional revelation they've shared, the trials and homesickness that we all can relate was indeed very deep and meaningful. I could not help shed a tear as i hide my face in between my fluffy hair lol.

In the end, it was happy moment when the judge finally granted the petition for us to be all naturalized, i could hear the cheering crowd waving the little american flag in the air with excitement and joy. I am one of them blessed and proud.... i will never forget such day.


8 Responses to "Naturalized"
  1. Anonymous said...
    12:05 PM

    Ate Van,

    wow naman Im happy for you congratulations again! ingat kisses to Matt.

  2. Rhebs said...
    9:34 PM

    Congrats, Vanz!!!! kana na jud ka ;-)

  3. Mheldz said...
    9:42 PM

    First of all, bonga ang outfit mo ha!!! Muknang ikaw yata ang pinaka-byuti & galmorous that afternoon!
    Secondly, Congratulations on becoming a US citizen. We are among the few who are lucky.
    I am about to start na rin my application soon. I hope you can give me some more infos later on.

    Ang laki na din ni Matty & ang pogi-pogi!!!

    Ok, till here muna.
    TC !

  4. in-in said...
    5:15 AM

    Congratulations Manang !!! Americana na jud ka hahaha!!! I am also waiting for the Oath taking. Hopefully it won't be that long of a wait. I just want to be done with it. Kisses to Matty.

  5. geri said...
    10:19 PM

    That's a lovely dress. Congrats Banot!

  6. Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...
    8:08 AM


    Salamat diha, finally i can travel anywhere without much of a hassle. Kumusta naman mo diha sa florida. Oh how i miss that place.

    Mel, it's been awhile since i heard from you. Did you change your blogsite? or just not updating lately. Thanks for the complement, yoko sanang isuot to kasi i was leaning towards the other dress that i bought, but i'm more comfortable with this, kaya i end up wearing it. Just email me anytime if you have questions.

    In, mao jud pretty soon you'll be done with all immigraton paperwork. It's a relief jud. Paspas kaayo imo processing diha no unlike here sus perte ka backlog. Congrats, oath taking is just around the corner.

    Geri, the dress was perfect, belly handle is nowhere to be found lol.

  7. Stephanie said...
    4:53 PM

    Hey congratulations! I'm happy for you... naku dami mo nang blessings and hoping for more to come for you and your family.

  8. Mheldz said...
    6:43 PM

    My new blog is at nagloko kasi ung dati kaya i had to create a new account.

    Happy Father's day to Richard.


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