Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Spirit and styling!

Ok i don't have the real pine tree freshening my entire house, instead i got the plastic one. Next year if i get extra moolah from my dear part time work i will put up one, even if it means breaking up my bargain habit on holidays. Richard's parents are home from abroad to celebrate it so i thought of decorating my house a little bit to feel the spirit of the holiday. Can you believe, i actually curse shopping this month. I did a lot of shopping for kids birthday and xmas gifts this past three weekends that i just wish for this occassion to end soon lol. Weekend turned out to be a date with the shopping mall/retail stores grrrr which i am not fond of. Worst part about it is, don't even know what to get for each one them especially kids. Thus makes the shopping even longer. What a nightmare for my poor feet.

Above left, is my christmas tree adorned by self pick ornaments. On the right, a decor i put up together for my works exchange ornament gift.
P.S. mattie already broke two gold balls.

I finally cut my hair two fridays ago. As in real short compare to 2006 haircut. This time it didn't cost me a lot, whew what a savings actually when my good friend E's mom offered to cut my hair for less. One color and a haircut is what i want to get from my regular salon that day as i waited for the appointment time until i got a phone call from her. She just arrived from Phil on a tourist visa and vacationing at her daughters for the holidays. She did a good job that i actually modeled it at her granddaughters birthday party the next day and made her in demand for other filipinas. They all wanted to get a haircut/trim from her for less too when we told them she is a pro in PI and she knows her job very well. Can you believe even my boss at work wanted to get a home service too.

Thanks Tita Irma!

With Anne at her son's bday party.

Hubby was giggling after he saw the first part of the process(home service po eto).


3 Responses to "Holiday Spirit and styling!"
  1. geri said...
    2:38 PM

    As I found out this year, a christmas tree in any form makes the house homier for the holidays. I like your new hairstyle. Bagay sa yo either way, long or short hair :)

  2. Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...
    6:29 PM


    I believe it too, it's a joyous feeling whenever i see decorations around me.

    thanks for the compliments, these drastic cut really made richard's day lol. It's mostly for him than me, though i love change....

  3. Anonymous said...
    10:03 PM

    Vanz! Nice haircut! Dungan-dungan ta ug haircut jud! Dali lang kaayo ni tubo. ^_^ Angayn ka s aimong hair, pero nice pud an glong and layered ang style. Thank sa compliment. ~_^ Happy New Year!.. Best regards, Lanie


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