Monday, December 08, 2008

My two year old Mattie!

Ryan and Matthew trick or treating!!

Mattie's dalmatian costume.


There are so many, it will take me hours maybe to think about all of it. Well, i'll start with the recent ones to save time lol.

-He now sleeps on his new twin bed complete with a disney car character bedding set. We haven't purchased the rails yet but so far(almost a month) no accident yet, then again it's only a foot high. I made sure all the pillows are on both side just in case.

-Can put two to three words together like good mornin, tomorrow morning, goodnight, i love you, love you much, watch elmo, hi and bye buddy(our cat), all done.

-Says please, tata(thank you),wekum(welcome) most of time, if not we remind him to say the word when he ask something and he happily answers. Of course not counting bunch of one word like "some" when he sees us eating something, "mess" when he spills food/drink, "home" when arriving the driveway. "Pretty" for xmas lights.

-His favorite and only junk food is "pizaaaa(as he would say pizza)" he recognizes it in every billboard, picture in the newspaper, and a passing tv commercial.

-Can speak some visayan/tagalog words like kotse, sapatos, medyas, gatas, bola, pula for pula na kotse, isda, apante(elepante), tubig. My inlaws think it's cute and they are learning the words too, to relate with him lol.

-Understand a handful of tagalog/visayan words.

-Mastered the use of fork and spoon.

-Loves animals, books and now cars.

-Into potty training, so far he only went twice in one day and once few days after. Promising but still a long way ahead. We could have done better and exert more time and effort everyday but just not possilble on some days.

-Recognizes all railroads in san antonio lol. And utters "chocho train" everytime he sees the tracks.

-Takes his shoes in and out of the storage when we tell him to. Second task he learned actually. Later on, knows how to take off his shoes/sandals/socks when inside the house, putting away his toys back to the box and his sippy cup back to the kitchen top, throw dirty diapers in the trash without assistance.

-Counts from 1-5. Up to ten is still a struggle hehe. Knows his primary colors and i think his favorite is reed for "red". Got to do with red elmo and red lightning mcqueen disney car character.

-Two days ago he climb up to the sofa where i was watchin some serious tv and told me "i luv yu". Oh melt my heart, how can i not smile with this sweet angel.

In general, i love and enjoy when i ask him to do something. He seem to understand easily what i was talking about. Love my little helper coz it makes things easier at home.

That's all i can think of right now, more updates to come!!!


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