Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Birthday Fun!

This year i decided to throw a late weekend party for our 2year old Matthew since we didn't really give him one on his first birthday last December, we had to pack and get ready for our one month Philippine trip the day after his birthday, i was still working full time then and besides that he doesn't have a lot of little friends to celebrate it with but "us". Just a half sheet cake and filipino food munch by some adult friends who came over to our friends house as it is also Brad's(golf instructor/family friend) belated birthday party so we thought of celebrating it both will be perfect before we fly for the holidays. This year it was celebrated typically like any other 2yr. old party. I wasn't up to hosting it here at home as i am not in the mood to do the preparation plus our house is too tiny for such event. Cleaning up of course is already unimaginable. Pump it up did all the work for me for a pricey fee of course but it's all worth it, because all kids and adults we invited enjoyed it. Some disadvantages with the place like for instance i cannot bring any food and what they offer inside is only pizza and juice. At least next time i can do better and it also helps when i plan it early unlike this year, i did not make reservations until a week before. What a procastinator! Never again.

To sum it up, it was fun hosting if for the first time, actually a little stressful too planning it for such a short period of time. Matthew recieved bunch of gifts and he all like it. To everyone who attended a big "Thank You".


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