Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Musical Play Treat

Very fortunate of me to recieve a pre-christmas treat from my inlaws to the "CATS" musical play last Tuesday.
Short History:
Cats was first shown in London's West End, at the New London Theatre, on May 11, 1981. It's the oldest/popular musical play running out there.

"Memory" was the main popular song of the production which is still to this very day recognized all over the world especially in karaoke's. I remember it was sang beautifully by Barbara Streisands' version when i was growing up. I thought she is the original but the song was actually compose for this musical show produced by Lloyd Webber(famous for the "phantom of the opera"). What do i know about musical plays at 3yrs old in a tropical island?

Anyway, it was a lovely night as my FIL described it. Started with a nice dining at his favorite place. Ended up with a decent show. There are some dull moments, truth is, MIL and I fell asleep in between acts(had a long day shopping). With one exception, everytime the melody of the song "memory" starts to play in the background i gather myself and listen closely to the singer. I can never get enough of this song i think.

I'm beginning to enjoy musical plays that next time's invitation i wouldn't think twice, as it is also another excuse to doll up, forget about the fine dining except the booze lol, coz i am really not a fan. I can indulge on occasions like this, but I can't do it too often. Too slow and formal for an island girl like me. I admit, I love the dressing up part the most lol.

Thanks Mom and Dad for tagging me along....


2 Responses to "A Musical Play Treat"
  1. ~Mheldz said...
    11:06 PM

    OHMYGOSH!!!!! You've seen CATS!!!!
    Ingit ako...sobra!!! Obviously I am a big fan of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. I can't remember how many times I've have seen The Phantom of the Opera (only on DVD ofcourse & Gerard Butler is so good!!) and I just love all of Sir Webber's work ( he's such a genious).

    You look lovely in that little black dress you wore. We have similar hairstyle now :).

  2. Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...
    8:59 PM

    Mel, yes i didn't realize i said yes to my FIL a month ago about this show, when he asked me if i want to go with them until few days before. They bought another dinner package ticket and it would be a shame if i change my mind. A little exhausted early in the day but didn't want to upset them and miss the opportunity for a social event. Nonetheless, it was worth it dressing up.

    I saw your photo, yours was a little longer but the same style like you said. I told the lady to chop/shave the back part lol.


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