Thursday, December 04, 2008


Current messy hair(no blow dry)

short hair two years ago(while pregnant with mattie)

Who needs a haircut?? hubby thinks i need a bad haircut very soon, oh well his been bugging me for the last two months to get rid of my messy long hair, i just kept ignoring him coz i am still satisfied with my hairstyle plus it cost money to get a new hairdo(colors/highlights etc.) Until suddenly it became way too long than the usual length allowed and management is almost impossible knowing that i have only 30mins max to spare in the vanity mirror before heading out for work or on special occasions. Right now the thick and long layers of hair will take even longer lol. Past month and a half i didn't even bother drying/ironing it. And i was a bit lazy lately too, with the cold weather, who doesn't. I can only keep up with too much hair you know. Especially with this thick wavy hair of mine ,who wants to spend all that time on a regular basis(2-3x a week) under the mercy of a hot dryer/iron? I have this habit that blow drying is a must after shower to constantly carry a relaxed straight hair like the ones pictured in glamour magazines. Yes, one of the girly things that makes me feel good. Very shallow but what can i do. Also, i'm one of those women that will not compromise when it comes to hair lol.

Anyway, i was thinking of getting it chopped before the year ends or early next year. Can't really decide but for sure hubby is already expecting me to get it done next weekend. He likes it better when it's short(he thinks it's sexy) Do i really want to have a short hair this winter season?


1 Response to "Haircut???"
  1. Manang Kim said...
    10:31 AM

    Hello Vanz, I had a good laugh when I read your entry here. Just last night I dream that I had a short haircut. Which days ago I told my hubby that I like to cut my hair into a very short one. But don't have the courage to go to a salon to let it chop lol!! But honestly my hair needs a good trimming I could see split ends already.


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